Crockett Doodles History

Dr. Nathan Crockett grew up in a home that always had a dog. His wife Abigail grew up always having a yellow Labrador Retriever. After marriage, the Crocketts had a purebred with health issues (and major shedding), and a friend told them about Goldendoodles. The Goldendoodle's non-shedding coat, friendly personality and hybrid vigor were huge draws. 


After a long search to get a Goldendoodle from a reputable breeder, they welcomed a champion bloodline beautiful Goldendoodle into their family. The Crocketts decided to become the kind of breeder they had such a hard time finding (family raised pups from a responsible breeder).


They bought a gorgeous apricot poodle and planned to do one litter a year of home-raised pups. After creating the website, the Crocketts had numerous emails of people wanting one of the f1b Goldendoodle puppies from their first litter.

When their pet Goldendoodle had her first litter of pups; within a couple minutes, the Crocketts had deposits on all 12 Goldendoodle pups, and had to send an email saying the deposits were now closed. They realized they could never keep up with the demand for quality home-raised pups from a quality breeder.


Not wanting to start a kennel, they worked with close friends of theirs to become partner homes. The Crocketts bought outstanding Goldendoodles for several of their friends, provided the poodle stud, and connected the puppies to wonderful forever homes.

These partner homes became an ideal way to have truly family raised pups, yet provide more than one litter a year. They added Labradoodles the second year (specializing in chocolate). For many years now, Crockett Doodles has become known as a premier breeder of Goldendoodles and Labradoodles.


Over the past few years, they've had requests from numerous other families who believe in home-raised pups. Several of these family friends had a desire to do a doodle breed other than Labradoodles or Goldendoodles. Crockett Doodles strategically partnered with the Dion family to do family-raised Aussiedoodles, the Arnolds to raise Springerdoodles, the Hamblens with Sheepadoodles, the Weiers with Bernedoodles, the Houtzs with Newfiedoodles, the Taylors with Saint Berdoodles, the Crouchs with Swissdoodles, the Andersons, with Cockapoos, Nathan's brother Isaac Crockett with Irishdoodles, and Josh Crockett with Cavapoos.

Because each family has one or two dogs, it allows them to be true family pets. Crockett Doodles is able to devote resources to fully vetting all puppy applicants, marketing each new doodle breed, working through health tests, etc. with the partner families.


We have found it to be a wonderful arrangement to provide outstanding family-raised doodle puppies to great families. One huge advantage to the Crockett Doodles program is that a deposit for one kind of doodle can be transferred to any other doodle in our network.

We have such high demand (and can accept only a fraction of deposits), that we are thrilled for a mini Goldendoodle deposit to be transferred to a mini Sheepadoodle or mini Bernedoodle or mini Labradoodle. Our program allows a great amount of flexibility to those who have placed a deposit with Crockett Doodles. We also are one of the only breeders to offer a fully REFUNDABLE deposit. Your deposit can be refunded at any time, for any reason.



Crockett Doodles is a partnership of several close families in an effort to provide your family with genuine home-raised doodles. If your application is accepted, and you place a deposit, you can use your deposit for any family breeder within the Crockett Doodles network. You're never locked into a particular breed or a particular litter, and your deposit is fully refundable--any time for any reason.

Want to find out more about specific doodle breeds?


Nathan Crockett

Dr. Nathan Crockett has a PhD in Theology and teaches at Bob Jones University, where he also serves on administration. Nathan helps lead the young adult ministry at Morningside Baptist Church; speaks regularly at churches, camps, youth retreats, Christian School leadership conferences, and oversees the children's program at the TTD homeschool conventions. Nathan and his family started Crockett Doodles, and he continues to oversee the operations. The Crocketts (Nathan, Abigail, and 4 kids) love their medium Goldendoodle, mini Goldendoodle and mini Labradoodle. Nathan carefully screens all potential guardian homes and partner homes and loves meeting the families who adopt pups from Crockett Doodles.



Amy Johnson is a classically trained musician with a world class voice and her own sacred CD. A natural interior designer, who also knows how to wield a sledge hammer, Amy has helped their family completely remodel several homes (think combination of Chip and Joanna Gaines). Amy also has incredible managerial skills with an eye for detail. She works with Nathan in overseeing the day-to-day operations of Crockett Doodles.

Amy's in charge of all communication, and is passionate about providing the best possible experience for every partner home, guardian home, and forever family. Amy is a highly sought women's speaker and regularly speaks for churches and women's retreats. Amy and her husband Pearson have two children and two mini Labradoodles (Luna and Chewy). 



David is highly driven and has achieved success in school, athletics, and the workplace. Captain of the Bruins' intercollegiate soccer team, David excelled in scientific study in undergrad, received a master's degree in communications, and married his sweetheart Anna. In grad school David worked with Nathan in planning conferences and events, so it was a natural fit for him to come on board with Crockett Doodles, helping with communication, forever family experience, and social media. 


Anna Coleman

Anna and her husband Miles live in Columbia, SC, where he is a successful attorney and she's a stay-at-home mom for their two wonderful children. In Anna's spare time she helps Crockett Doodles by assisting in the application acceptance process. Each day Anna scrutinizes numerous applications evaluating who would be the best candidates to adopt a doodle. She passes along the best candidates. Anna and Miles also serve as a pickup location for puppies at their beautiful home in Columbia.


cienna stuhl

Cienna, recently graduated from college, and is happy to assist Crockett Doodles with social media. Cienna's mom is an artist and her dad is a project manager. She inherited the organizational skills of her dad and artistic ability of her mom. Cienna writes regularly for The Odyssey Online. She enjoys cooking, hiking, and hanging out with friends and family. Cienna is constantly smiling and loves getting to interact with dogs and people.  


sean houtz

Sean proudly served in the United States Army (Charlie Company 391st Eng. Bn). Sean is happily married to Amanda (a nurse) and they have a son and daughter. An experienced landscaper, Sean is also an animal lover (especially cows and dogs). Sean manages some of the day-to-day work for Crockett Doodles. Sean frequently is transferring a male poodle from one family's home to the home of another family, so the stud can have a "date" with a female. Sean helps take dogs to the vet for any particular genetic testing that they need. He oversees the artificial insemination process for some of the mini doodles. Sean also keeps track of partner homes to be sure they work with their veterinarian to have all the proper de-wormings and vaccinations. He enjoys getting to spend so much of his day working with dogs and puppies and visiting the wonderful families and beautiful homes of our various partner families and guardian families.



Lindsay Bullock is the lead graphic designer / web designer for Crockett Doodles. A recent graduate from college, Lindsay is currently residing in Greenville, SC. Often found with a donut in one hand and her beloved MacBook in another, she strives to solve problems by blending function with design. She’s obsessed with all things colors and typography. When she's not working, she's spending time with her family and her boyfriend, Jack. And of course, she loves to cuddle with doodle puppies. 

Claudia-Batichon copy.jpg

Claudia Batichon

Claudia Batichon is the owner of Simply Claudia Portraits, located in Reidville, SC.  She is also a High School Teacher / Athletic Academic Coach at James F. Byrnes High School.  Claudia has a Bachelor's of Science in Recreation Management, Master's of Science in Sports Management, and Educational Specialist degree in Athletic Administration.  She is currently wrapping up her doctoral degree by writing her dissertation.  She spends her personal time educating high school student-athletes about the importance of academics / life-skills, volunteering by photographing children in foster care, and eating lots of sweets. Last but not least, she is a mother of five who married her high school sweetheart, a football coach's wife, and an advocate for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Feel free to contact Claudia at


Crockett Doodles Pricing


Crockett Doodles Pricing

Our average price range for adopting a doodle puppy is $1,000-$1,900

  • Some are less expensive (like black Aussiedoodles)
  • Some are more expensive (like tri-color Bernedoodles)

Discounts for all Crockett Doodles

  • $100 discount for military, veterans, police, firefighters, EMTs, pastors, teachers, and home school parents

  • $100 discount for anyone who was referred by another family who adopted a puppy from us

  • $200 discount for friends and family

Specific Pricing

Click on the individual doodle breed to see the website explaining the exact pricing for that breed.

small doodles: Cavapoos, CockapoosAussiedoodles, Swiss Doodles

medium doodles:  Sheepadoodles, Irish DoodlesGoldendoodles, Labradoodles, and Springerdoodles

large doodles: Bernedoodles, Newfiedoodles, Saint Berdoodles, Pyredoodles


Apply for a Crockett Doodles puppy


Years ago, we announced doodle litters to hundreds of people who had placed their name on a list. Within the first minute or two, the entire Goldendoodle (or Labradoodle) litter would be spoken for, and those who got a pup felt like they had won the lottery. If a family checked their email more than 4 or 5 minutes after we sent it, the pups would already be spoken for.

For the past several years, here at Crockett Doodles we've learned to use a thorough application process to take deposits ahead of time, accepting only the best qualified forever homes. 

Best-Aussiedoodle-Breeders (2).JPG

Please do not place a PayPal deposit unless your doodle puppy application is accepted. We will try to thoroughly and fairly evaluate your doodle application within four to five days. We will respond with a detailed answer that will essentially be "yes," "no," or "wait." We're presently able to accept deposits from almost 30% of those who want a doodle puppy from us. Each year it seems like we have to be more picky in which applications we can accept as we are continually bombarded with doodle puppy applications.

Completing the application below in NO WAY obligates you to place a deposit or to get a doodle puppy from Crockett Doodles, it's merely the initial step to show interest and explore if your family would be a good fit.


If we accept your doodle application, you would have the option of placing a fully refundable $300 deposit, which would apply to the final price of your doodle puppy. Once you place the deposit, you will receive litter announcements to choose which doodle pup you want from a given litter as they're available. You also have the option to pass on as many litters as you want.

Your doodle deposit can be refunded at any time for any reason. We don't understand why almost every other breeder requires non-refundable deposits. To us, the application helps us evaluate if you would be a great forever home. The deposit shows us that you're serious, but we have no desire to keep your deposit if you find a dog somewhere else or for some other reason decide not to get a puppy from Crockett Doodles.

Apply today for a chance to be selected for a future puppy from Crockett Doodles!
Name *
(You can select more than one) Greenville, SC is our headquarters. Occasionally we have puppies available in Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA. Our partner families in Detroit, MI, and Pennsylvania (Allentown and State College) have occasional litters available, and California should be up and going in 2018.
If your favorite spot does not work out for a pickup, what would your second choice be.
If you have any additional comments, please add them here. For example some families in Baltimore, are closest to State Line, PA, but they want us to know if we have a litter ready sooner in Greenville, SC (where we have more guardian homes), they still want to know about the announcement, because they'd rather get a pup a month earlier, even if it means driving further. Others prefer to wait until a pup is available at the closest pickup location.
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Which Doodle Breed(s) would you like to Receive Announcements About? *
You're not locked into your selection, merely expressing interest. The Crockett family personally raises Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, and Springerdoodles at their home. They've partnered with close friends who family raise each of the other doodle varieties shown below.
Preferred Size *
check all that apply; the size divisions are for our most basic doodles (Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Aussiedoodles). We recognize that all cavapoos would fit in the petite category, and a standard Newfiedoodle will be much larger than a standard Goldendoodle for example.
Thanks in advance for your thoroughness
Thanks in advance for your thoroughness
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