Why Doodles?

  1. Hypoallergenic:

  2. Healthy:

    • Poodles have fewer health issues than many other AKC breeds. Additionally the hybrid vigor which results from out-cross breeding means that Doodles are typically healthy dogs.

  3. Intelligent:

    • Poodles are one of the smartest (and easiest to train) dog breeds. Crossing a Poodle with another breed almost always makes a smarter puppy.

  4. Cute:

    • Many families like the teddy-bear look of Doodle Puppies. We often get the comment that Crockett Doodles pups look “too cute to be real.”

  5. Friendly:

    • At Crockett Doodles, we specialize in Doodle varieties that are usually great with kids and other people. Families looking for a Loving Companion, often find Doodles to be a great fit. Research has proven that Dog Ownership can be a great blessing for children.


Why Crockett Doodles?

  1. Reputation:

    • Crockett Doodles has spent the past seven years developing a stellar reputation as a network of family-raised Doodle puppies. We leave comments and guest posts completely open on our Facebook page, and 99% of the comments are positive. If you scour the internet looking for anyone with something negative to say about us, the strong chance is that they’re someone who never adopted a pup from us. We have a very loyal following from those who’ve had the privilege of adopting a puppy from Crockett Doodles.

  2. Refundable Deposit:

    • We’re one of the only breeders (of any dog breed) who offers a refundable deposit (minus 5% processing fee). We want you to get a dog that is the best fit for your family, and we recognize that may well be through a Humane Society or another breeder. We understand that your plans may change after you’ve placed a deposit. So we’re happy to refund a deposit at any time for any reason.

  3. Reasonable Adoption Rates:

    • Our Adoption Pricing is typically about half that of our doodle competitors who offer a similar quality family-raised puppy. Many hands make light work; because we harness the power of a network of dozens of families (each raising a litter at their home), we are able to cut costs significantly and pass the savings to you.

  4. Outstanding 3 Year Health Warranty:

    • All of our Crockett Doodles pups come with an outstanding one year health warranty. If you feed TLC dog food which we recommend, it extends to three years.

  5. Family-Raised Doodle Puppies:

    • We believe that puppies are healthier and better socialized when raised by a family, rather than a “professional” kennel.

  6. Flexibility:

    • If your application is accepted, and your deposit is placed, you’re not locked into a particular litter. You have the option to pass on litters as they become available. This allows you to get the exact Doodle puppy that you want in the timing that works best for you.

  7. Convenience:

    • Most families prefer to pick their puppy up at one of our partner homes. We have partner homes at various locations throughout the U.S. which helps shorten your trip. If you are unable to make the trip, one of our puppy nannies can personally drive (hand deliver) a puppy to you—from our house to yours. Families love the convenience our network offers them to get a puppy without having it shipped to them.

  8. Giving Back:


Our process


Apply Online

Fill out the application at to show interest and explore if your family would be a good fit for a doodle puppy from us.


Choose your puppy

If your application has been approved and you're interested, place a $300 refundable deposit (minus a 5% processing fee) in order to be placed on a waiting list. In time (1-3 months for most breeds), you'll start to receive email updates where you can choose a puppy from a new litter.

Create memories

After you've been paired with a puppy you've chosen, you can pick up your puppy at one of our partner homes, have us drive your pup from our door to your location. Let the fun times begin!


Our History

Crockett Doodles started as an idea. Dr. Nathan Crockett grew up in a home that always had a dog. His wife Abigail grew up always having a yellow Labrador Retriever. After marriage, the Crocketts had a purebred with health issues (and major shedding), and a friend told them about mini Goldendoodles. The Goldendoodle's non-shedding coat, friendly personality and hybrid vigor were huge draws. 

Baby mini golden doodle puppies

After a long search to get a Goldendoodle from a reputable breeder, they welcomed a champion bloodline beautiful Goldendoodle into their family. The Crocketts decided to become the kind of breeder they had such a hard time finding (family raised pups from a responsible breeder).

mini goldendoodle puppy with boy

They bought a gorgeous apricot poodle and planned to do one litter a year of home-raised doodle pups. After creating the website, the Crocketts had hundreds of emails from people wanting one of the f1b Goldendoodle puppies from their first litter.

When their pet Goldendoodle had her first litter of pups, the Crocketts had deposits on all 12 Goldendoodle puppies in a matter of minutes and had to send an email saying the deposits were now closed. They realized they could never keep up with the demand for quality home-raised Goldendoodle puppies for sale from a quality doodle breeder.

Mini white and brown labradoodle surprise

Not wanting to start a kennel, they worked with close friends of theirs to become partner homes. The Crocketts bought outstanding Goldendoodles for several of their friends, provided the poodle stud, and connected the Goldendoodle (and mini Goldendoodle) puppies to wonderful forever homes.

These partner homes became an ideal way to have truly home raised doodle puppies, yet provide more than one litter for sale a year. The Crocketts added Labradoodles the second year (specializing in chocolate Labradoodles and mini Labradoodles). For many years now, Crockett Doodles has become known as a premier breeder of f1b standard and mini Goldendoodles as well as f1b standard and mini Labradoodles.

mini bernedoodle aussiedoodle cross

Over the past several years, Crockett Doodles has received requests from numerous other families who believe in home-raised doodle pups. Several of these family friends had a desire to do a doodle breed other than mini Labradoodles or mini Goldendoodles. Crockett Doodles strategically partnered with the Dion family to do family-raised mini Aussiedoodles, the Arnolds to raise Springerdoodles, the Weiers with Bernedoodles, the Houtzs with Newfiedoodles, the Taylors with Saint Berdoodles, the Crouchs with Swissdoodles, the Andersons with Cockapoos, Nathan's brother Isaac Crockett with Irishdoodles, Josh Crockett with Cavapoos, and several friends with mini Sheepadoodles and standard Sheepadoodles.

Cream goldendoodle puppy with boy

Because each family has just a few doodles, it allows these guardian home dogs to be true family pets. Crockett Doodles is able to devote resources to fully vetting all puppy applicants, marketing each new doodle breed, working through health tests, etc. with the partner families. Each year our partner home network grows. What started 7 years as ago as our closest friends and family, has expanded into a few dozen partner homes in several states. Because of our excellent reputation and generous arrangement with partner homes, nearly every week we get requests from families wanting to be a partner home. We’re able to accept only about 5% of these requests as we always desire quality above quantity in seeking to deliver the best family-raised doodle puppies.

Cute mini golden doodle puppies

Our doodle guardian homes and partner homes have been a wonderful way to provide outstanding family-raised doodle puppies to great families. One huge advantage to the Crockett Doodles program is that a deposit for one kind of doodle can be transferred to any other doodle in our network.

We have such high demand (and can accept only a fraction of deposits), that we are thrilled for a mini Goldendoodle deposit to be transferred to a mini Sheepadoodle or mini Bernedoodle or mini Labradoodle. Our program allows a great amount of flexibility to those who have placed a deposit with Crockett Doodles. We also are one of the only doodle breeders to offer a REFUNDABLE deposit (minus a 5% processing fee). Your doodle puppy deposit can be refunded at any time, for any reason.


Our Partners

Crockett Doodles is a partnership of several close families in an effort to provide your family with healthy, happy family-raised doodles. If your application is accepted and you place a deposit, your deposit can be used for any family doodle breeder within the Crockett Doodles network (Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, Aussiedoodle, Bernedoodle, Sheepadoodle, etc). You're never locked into a particular doodle breed or a particular doodle litter, and your deposit is refundable at any time for any reason (minus a 5% processing fee).

To help you find the right doodle breed for your family, check out our breed comparison chart.


Nathan Crockett


Dr. Nathan Crockett is the Director of Ministry Training at Bob Jones University as well as a theology professor. Nathan is the founder, owner, and president of Crockett Doodles. He’s involved in everything from raising puppies in his living room, taking puppy pictures, designing websites, and overseeing social media, to the careful selection and management of Guardian and Partner Homes. Nathan finds great joy in uniting beautiful healthy puppies with their forever homes. Nathan and Abigail have a large family, with five children and four beloved doodles.  Read more about Nathan >


Abigail Crockett

Chief Culture Officer

Abigail Crockett is a huge help to Crockett Doodles by doing all the behind-the-scenes things to free up Nathan’s time to run the company. Abigail is gifted musically with a degree in piano performance and a Master’s degree in piano and flute. Abigail is adept at handling 5 little kids, 4 great dogs, and regular litters of puppies being raised in the living room. She uses her background as an Executive Events Coordinator to plan events for guardian homes and partner homes. Her contagious smile and frequent laughter help make the Crockett house a fun place to be.


Josh Crockett

growth Consultant

Josh Crockett (Nathan’s older brother) serves as the Senior Pastor at Morningside Baptist Church in Greenville, SC. Josh has a Master of Divinity and is pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry, but it is his degrees in business and communications and his natural understanding of marketing that continue to strengthen the Crockett Doodles team. Pastoring is his primary focus, but occasionally he uses his talents to work on projects for Crockett Doodles. He and his wife, Karie, have four children and a Cavapoo named Lady.  Read more about Josh >


Karie Crockett


Karie Crockett is a trained musician, but spends most of her time doing Mommy-things. Karie juggles the responsibilities of being a mom to four kids, wife to the pastor of a fast-growing church, and leader of one of the teams at Crockett Doodles. Karie oversees our puppy announcements. As families on our deposit list wait with baited breath for when they will see the pictures and descriptions of their new puppy, Karie is working to be sure the announcement is perfect. She enjoys her family’s red Cavapoo, Lady.

Isaac & Jill Crockett-min.JPG

Isaac Crockett

Branch Supervisor & Social Media Manager

Isaac (Nathan’s younger brother) and Jill Crockett live in beautiful Corning, NY. Isaac helps lead a national Christian radio network, and is the point person for the Pennsylvania branch of Crockett Doodles. He works closely with veterinarians and local Partner Homes in NY, NY, MD, PA, and VA. Read more about Isaac >

Isaac & Jill Crockett-min.JPG

Jill Crockett

Application Manager

Jill (Isaac’s wife) works closely with Nathan using her gifts of organization and perception to scrutinize numerous applications sent to Crockett Doodles daily from all over North America, evaluating and then suggesting the best candidates to become a future forever home for one of our exceptional puppies. Isaac and Jill have three children, a Standard Poodle named Yankee, and two Irishdoodles named Doodle and Dandy.  Read more about Jill >


Cienna Stuhl

Information Specialist

Cienna Stuhl is a writer who enjoys cooking, hiking, coffee and playing the ukulele. She possesses both artistic ability and excellent organizational skills which are valuable assets to the Crockett Doodle team. Cienna ensures accurate records and helps manage and systematize the daily information we receive from clients hoping to become forever homes of a Crockett Doodle. Cienna loves spending time with her Bernese Mountain Dog, Nova who has fathered some gorgeous Bernedoodles.  Read more about Cienna >


pearson-johnson (2)-min.jpg

Pearson Johnson

Client Experience

Dr. Pearson Johnson is the Director of Student Care and Discipleship at Bob Jones University. Pastoring, counseling and educating are his primary passions, but he also contributes his gifts and time to Crockett Doodles by completing special projects to improve our overall client experience.  Pearson and his wife, Amy, have two children and two mini Labradoodles, Luna and Chewy.  Read more about Pearson >


Anna Coleman

Lead Social Media Strategist

Anna Coleman and her husband, Miles, moved from Columbia to Greenville, SC. Anna teaches sixth grade science online and stays busy as a mom to their two young children. Anna's outgoing and friendly personality make her an excellent team member to lead our social media efforts. After school hours, she works closely with Nathan in overseeing Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Anna runs the weekly $100 cash giveaways on social media and loves taking pictures of cute pups. Anna and Miles have two Great Danes, Sawyer and Sophia, as well as one Bernese Mountain Dog, Stella.


Lindsay Bullock Ramler

Graphic Web Designer & Marketing

Lindsay Ramler graduated with degrees in graphic design and computer science. Lindsay assists the Crockett Doodles team as our graphic and web designer and enjoys blending function, color and design to give our clients a straightforward, informative and rewarding experience on our websites. Lindsay’s family includes two Yorkipoos (Einstein and Raylee) and a Cavapoo (Jemma).  Read more about Lindsay >


Robin Wood


Robin Wood is an author, counselor, editor and educator. Degrees in education and counseling have given her many opportunities to serve people in a variety of settings. Her personal writing experience, appreciation for details, and love for both people and dogs contribute significantly to her role at Crockett Doodles.  Robin answers email correspondence from clients and occasionally writes content for our Crockett Doodles website. Robin and her husband, Bobby, have three teenagers, one Labrador (Packer) and one Bernedoodle (Kona).  Read more about Robin >


Stefanie Goyak

Matching Team

Stefanie serves Crockett Doodles on the Matching Team, corresponding with our families about upcoming litters and available puppies. Stefanie describes herself as a lady who is crazy in love with her husband, grateful for the gift of her children and grandchildren, and humbled by the vastness of relationships God has so graciously bestowed.  Stefanie graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration and has spent most of her adult life teaching in business/technology areas at both the college and high school levels as well as serving as an administrative assistant in the areas of HR, accounting, and office organization/procedures.  Her hobbies and personal interests include coaching basketball, cooking/baking, music, and of course caring for her lovable Lily -- a black miniature Yorkie-Poo. 


Kelly Boyle

Matching Facilitator

Kelly is a former Diabetes Educator and Registered Dietician who recently became a stay-at-home mom. She and her family are long time partner homes for the Crockett Doodles network. Kelly loves meeting new families and connecting puppies with their forever homes. Her flexibility and organization make her a vital leader in the Crockett Doodles team as she oversees various steps of the matching process. She manages the Available tab on our website and schedules last-minute pick-up changes for families traveling to adopt their puppies, as well as the occasional need to re-home a puppy when families who are matched experience extenuating circumstances.  Kelly and her husband, David, have two teenage sons and two Goldendoodles, Lana and Judy.  Read more about Kelly


Katie Plumb

Matching Team

Katie serves the Crockett Doodle Communication’s Team in correspondence, matching and scheduling. Katie’s past work experience for the government and Greenville County in customer service, as a property tax specialist and as a liaison for non-profit organizations to gain on-the-job work experience opportunities serves her well on the Crockett Doodle Team. Katie and her husband, Ben, own a small hobby farm that includes chickens, ducks, rabbits, a cat and a vegetable garden. They enjoy hiking, kayaking and traveling together with their dogs, a Poodle named Winston, and a Bernese Mountain Dog named Brigitte.


Fleur Weathers


Fleur and her husband Matthew live in Greenville, SC and they have a young son named Joni. Originally from New Zealand, Fleur loves traveling internationally, reading, drinking coffee, and taking family walks. She and Matthew spent the first year of their marriage in China after getting engaged on top of Fleur's ancestral castle in Dunedin, New Zealand. They continue to trot the globe and have managed to take their son Joni to a dozen countries before he turned two. Fleur previously taught Spanish and ESL to high school students and worked for Delta Airlines.  Read more about Fleur >


Marjorie Elliot

Social Media Strategist & Scheduling

Marjorie graduated with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She has a passion for sports and the great outdoors. She assists on the Crockett Doodles Social Media development and management team while using her video skills to help tell the Crockett Doodles story. Marjorie also works to help schedule families traveling for Adoption Day. She looks forward to starting her own dog family at some point in the future.



Daniel Herr

Assistant to the CEO

Daniel Herr graduated with his Master’s Degree in Communication. Offering versatile experience in communication, organization, event coordination, and leadership, he assists Nathan directly with various projects, initiatives, and everyday communications of the Crockett Doodles team. Daniel oversees the Crockett Doodles re-homing process. Soccer and playing the guitar have long been his passions. He also loves the outdoors and the opportunities to bike, camp, and hike the mountains with his wife, Miranda, just minutes from their Greenville, South Carolina home. He and his wife have always been true dog lovers and they couldn’t be more excited to adopt a doodle of their own soon!



Doug Sprunger

Client Experience

Dr. Doug Sprunger helps the clients of Crockett Doodles by improving their overall client experience. He serves the broader Greenville community as a real estate agent with Keller Williams. He worked at Bob Jones University as a Bible faculty member and division chair for the division of Christian Ministries for 15 years, and as a pastor and school administrator in northern Indiana and central Illinois for twenty years. He is married to Gina Sprunger who teaches on the BJU piano faculty and has published a number of Christian hymn arrangement books. Doug and Gina enjoy biking, hiking, and spending time with their two married children and grandson.


Sean Houtz

Health, Wellness & Breeding Supervisor

Sean Houtz proudly served in the United States Army (Charlie Company 391st Eng. Bn) and is an experienced landscaper. He describes himself as an animal lover, with a special heart for dogs and cows. Sean’s familiarity with animals makes him an essential team member at Crockett Doodles where he works closely with our Guardian and Partner Homes to ensure our Doodles’ health and wellness meet high veterinary standards. He also oversees our breeding process and genetic testing schedule. Sean and his wife, Amanda, have two children, a Goldendoodle (Sadie), Cockapoo (Toffy) and a Newfoundland (Bella).  Read more about Sean >


Jonathan Wooster

Special Projects

Jonathan Wooster is an admissions counselor for Bob Jones University who enjoys traveling and speaking in schools and churches in the Mideast. He also works with the children’s ministries in his church. He enjoys a variety of activities and possesses a wide range of talents making him the perfect individual to tackle special projects for Crockett Doodles. Jonathan and his wife, Amy, have two sons. They are looking forward to the addition of a new Crockett Doodles puppy to their family soon! Read more about Jonathan >


Claudia Batichon

Professional Photographer

Claudia Batichon is the owner of Simply Claudia Portraits, located in Reidville, SC. She is a professional educator, avid volunteer, football coach’s wife, mother of five, and an advocate for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). As one of our photographers, Claudia’s creativity and remarkable talent provide Crockett Doodles with expressive puppy pictures.  Read more about Claudia >


Crockett Doodles Pricing


Our average price range for adopting a doodle puppy is $1,000-$1,900

Some doodle puppies are less expensive (like black Aussiedoodles)

Some doodle puppies are more expensive (like tri-color Bernedoodles)

Mini doodles are usually a little bit pricier than standards, since minis usually have smaller litters.

6% Sales Tax Applies to All puppies Picked up in the state of South Carolina. The sales tax does not apply to puppies hand-delivered outside the state of SC, or flown by our puppy nanny service to another state.

Detailed Pricing by Doodle Breed

Small Doodle Pricing: Cavapoos, Cockapoos, Springerdoodles

Medium Doodle Pricing: Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Aussiedoodles, Swiss Doodles

Large Doodle Pricing: Bernedoodles, Irishdoodles, Sheepadoodles

X-Large Doodle Pricing: Newfiedoodles, Pyredoodles, Saint Berdoodles

*Several of our medium, large, and extra large doodle breeds have the option of miniature sizing. For example we offer mini Goldendoodles, mini Labradoodles, mini Aussiedoodles, mini Bernedoodles, mini Sheepadoodles, mini Irishdoodles, mini Saint Berdoodles, and mini Newfiedoodles. See the respective websites for further clarification of the sizing of minis. For example, a mini Saint Berdoodle (30-45 pounds full grown) is considerably bigger than a mini Aussiedoodle (8-15 pounds full grown). 

Discounts for all Crockett Doodles

  • $100 doodle puppy discount for military, veterans, police, firefighters, EMTs, pastors, pre-K through 12th grade teachers, and home school parents

  • $100 doodle puppy discount for anyone who was referred by another family who adopted a puppy from us

  • $200 doodle puppy discount for friends and family

  • We offer only one discount per puppy.

    Because of the amount of time our Matching and Scheduling Team invests into matching each family with the right puppy, we kindly ask that no changes be made after you have chosen your forever puppy and received the email confirming you have been matched to your puppy. A Cancellation Fee of $100 will be subtracted from your deposit to cover our costs of re-matching and re-scheduling your puppy with a new forever home if you back out of your matched puppy. If you back out, you may of course stay on our wait list and wait for another available puppy, but will now have a $200 deposit on record towards your puppy (rather than the initial $300).



Apply for a Crockett Doodles Puppy


Years ago, we announced doodle litters to hundreds of people who had placed their name on a list. Within the first minute or two, the entire Goldendoodle (or Labradoodle) litter would be spoken for, and those who got a pup felt like they had won the lottery. If a family checked their email more than 4 or 5 minutes after we sent it, the pups would already be spoken for.


For the past several years, here at Crockett Doodles we've learned to use a thorough application process to take deposits ahead of time, accepting only the best qualified forever homes. 

cute black and white newfiedoodle/newfiepoo
multi-colored aussiedoodle puppies

Please do not place a PayPal deposit unless your doodle puppy application is accepted. We will try to thoroughly and fairly evaluate your doodle application within four to five days. We will respond with a detailed answer that will essentially be "yes," "no," or "wait." We're presently able to accept deposits from almost 30% of those who want a doodle puppy from us. Each year it seems like we have to be more picky in which applications we can accept as we are continually flooded with doodle puppy applications.

Completing the application below in NO WAY obligates you to place a deposit or to get a doodle puppy from Crockett Doodles, it's merely the initial step to show interest and explore if your family would be a good fit.

Brown and white springerdoodle puppies playing on grass
phantom brown bernedoodle puppy

If we accept your doodle application, you would have the option of placing a refundable $300 deposit (minus a 5% processing fee if you request a refund), which would apply to the final price of your doodle puppy. Once you place the deposit, you will receive litter announcements to choose which doodle pup you want from a given litter as they're available. You also have the option to pass on as many litters as you want.


Your doodle deposit can be refunded at any time for any reason (minus a 5% processing fee). We don't understand why almost every other breeder requires non-refundable deposits. To us, the application helps us evaluate if you would be a great forever home.

The deposit shows us that you're serious, but we have no desire to keep your deposit if you find a dog somewhere else or for some other reason decide not to get a puppy from Crockett Doodles.


Before you fill out an application, we highly recommend reading through our entire step-by-step process from start to finish.


#1 Choice
#2 Choice
#3 Choice
#4 Choice
Preferred Size *
Preferred gender *
Preferred Color *
check all that apply
Preferred Coat Type *
check all that apply
Greenville, SC is our headquarters. Occasionally our partner families in Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York have litters available, and California should be launched by late 2019.
If your favorite location is not available, what would your second choice be?
Other pets at your house?
Children at your house? *
Fenced in yard? *
Thanks in advance for your thoroughness
Thanks in advance for your thoroughness

Path to Your Puppy

Here is a step-by-step overview of the whole process to get a Crockett Doodle puppy. Click on a particular dot to learn more about that step.

Petite red golden doodle puppy