Cockapoos Litter Announcement!

We are pleased to announce a gorgeous litter of 3 Cockapoos born April 29th. Their mom, Nike, is a 6 lb merle Cockapoo and their dad, Rudy, is an 8 lb red Poodle.  Based on their parents, we expect this litter of puppies to be 5-10 lb full grown. They are tiny, but have such playful spirits and are full of love! We believe they will make outstanding family members for a few fortunate forever homes.

 Nike and Rudy

Nike and Rudy


Pricing for Cockapoo Puppies:

Base Price:

  • $1400 — Black
  • $1700 — Other solid color (white, cream, blonde, apricot, gray, tan)
  • $1900 — Solid chocolate, solid Red, or Parti colored
  • $2100 — Merle or Phantom

*We reserve the right to adjust pricing for specific markings.

6% Sales Tax Applies to All Puppies Picked up from Crockett Doodles in the State of South Carolina



Sebastian is an adorable Cockapoo boy with curly white fur accented by apricot spots on his hears and around his eyes.  His coat will likely receive as many compliments as his loveable personality!  He is a happy little guy who is always on the search for a playmate.  Sebastian will be such a fun little furry family member!  

$1,900 White and Apricot Cockapo - ($300 deposit)

Price at Pick-up = $1,600

With 6% Sales Tax for SC pickup: $1,714


Spot is a beautiful little Cockapoo girl with a very affectionate disposition. As the only girl in the group, she does a sweet job of balancing her brothers out.  She has a contagious love for life and everyone around her.  We are confident that she will be a wonderful companion!

$1,800 Predominantly White Cockapoo - ($300 deposit)

Price at Pick-up = $1,500

With 6% Sales Tax for SC pickup: $1,608


Squirt is a handsome black and chocolate Cockapoo with a great personality.  He is very laid-back and intelligent and loves nothing more than to be petted or to snuggle in for some love.  Squirt has been such a sweet puppy to raise.  We cannot wait for him to bring as much joy to his new family as he has to ours!

$2100 merle/phantom Cockapoo  - ($300 deposit)

Price at Pick-up = $1,800

With 6% Sales Tax for SC pickup: $1,926