Path to your Puppy


Step 06

Adoption Day!

The wait is finally over! It is time for you to meet your puppy and bring it home. We can't wait to meet you in person and share your excitement!

When you receive your congratulatory email letting you know that you've been matched with the Crockett Doodle puppy you've been waiting for, you will also receive details of when and where to pick up your puppy.

Our puppies are usually ready to be picked up by their new families between 8-12 weeks of age. Each puppy is assessed individually. We like to give our smallest puppies a chance to gain a few more pounds and develop more strength before leaving their home. 

In your email, you will be the given the address and contact information of the Guardian Home where you will pick up your new puppy. For many years, all puppies were born in and picked up at Nathan Crockett's personal home. The demand for his excellent puppies continued to grow and he approached family members and trusted friends to join him in raising in their homes beautiful dogs to parent Crockett Doodle puppies. Puppies born into these Guardian Homes were typically brought to Nathan's home before Adoption Day because Nathan wanted to meet each adoptive family personally.

As the years passed, Nathan's own family grew and his traveling responsibilities for the university increased. It simply became impossible for Nathan to meet every single family. He decided to enlist help for Adoption Day. Nathan carefully selected a few outstanding Partner Homes to be thoroughly trained to act as puppy pick-up locations for Adoption Day.  These hand-picked Partner Homes have been individually coached to meet and educate adoptive families and they thoroughly enjoy giving our Crockett Doodle families an exceptional and memorable experience when they pick up their new puppy. Our pick-up location Partner Homes network together through our Scheduling and Travel Coordinator, so when one family is out of town on vacation during an Adoption Day weekend, another trained Partner Home is available to welcome adoptive Crockett Doodle families as they meet their new puppy. 

You will be directed to one of these specially trained Partner Homes where your puppy will be picked up. Nathan typically likes to schedule new puppy parents to pick up their puppies on the weekend: Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. We also schedule puppies in the same litter to be adopted the same weekend as each other. We've found that as they all adjust to being separated from their puppy family, it's healthy for them to all bond with their forever homes at the same time. 

We want our puppies to travel with people that love them. That means you will need to come to us to pick up your puppy or arrange for one of our drivers to deliver your puppy. For puppies being picked up in Greenville, SC, it may be helpful to know that many families have found it less expensive to schedule their flights into Charlotte, NC, or Atlanta, GA, and then rent a car to drive to Greenville. Our Puppy Couriers are staff members or trusted friends of Crockett Doodles. We've had families fly into Charlotte or Atlanta who have then hired our Puppy Couriers to deliver their puppy directly to them at the airport. 

For locations further away than nearby states, you may want to take advantage of our flat rate of $395 that will deliver your puppy from our homes to you. Our Delivery Coordinators can schedule a Puppy Delivery for you once you’re matched to your puppy if you would like to take advantage of this service. Please note that if you decide to utilize our delivery service, our delivery process of selecting an available Puppy Courier and making the cross-country delivery may take up to three weeks from the scheduled Adoption Day for your puppy.

Our Partner Homes love meeting you! They want to have the opportunity to get to know the people who are taking our precious puppies home with them. To give each adoptive family an unrushed, relaxed experience to meet their new puppy, we schedule puppy adoption times on the hour (for example, 10 a.m. or 1 p.m.). Our Scheduling and Travel Coordinator will work with you to schedule the best day and time for your appointment to pick up your puppy.

When you arrive to pick up your puppy at your scheduled appointment, you will be presented with your puppy's vaccination records, valuable information about feeding and training, and other helpful material. And of course you will get to meet your new puppy! Our Guardian Homes are more than willing to answer any questions you may have. We want you to be equipped to have the best experience possible.

In addition, we take treasured pictures of you and your puppy meeting for the first time and send these pictures home with you so you can keep the memories forever. You will also receive a small gift bag filled with some treats and gifts for your puppy, along with a small plastic bag of the TLC dog food your puppy has been eating to transition to your home. 

Because each of our puppies are raised in a family environment, they should already be familiar with foreign sounds and experiences. We know some of you will be driving long distances or even flying with your puppy to your home. We have found our puppies to usually be good travelers by car or by plane! Some families traveling by car prefer to wrap their puppies in a towel, carrying their puppy in their laps all the way home while others feel more comfortable using a small travel carrier in the car. Those of you flying will need to use a small carrier. Just check with your airline for specific travel requirements. If you are traveling a long distance, it's a good idea to have a small bowl and a water bottle along to give your puppy the opportunity to get a drink when you stop for potty breaks. It's not uncommon for puppies to eat lightly the first couple of days in a new environment until they feel settled and comfortable with their new surroundings. They can feel uncertain just like people can! 

For more specific traveling tips, check out our traveling guide. Inside you'll find a checklist of things to keep in mind as you plan your trip with your new puppy (whether you're flying, driving, or receiving a delivery). 

While you're waiting for your Puppy Adoption Day to arrive, feel free to read through some of our resources, particularly how to socialize your puppy. We are constantly updating our website with new information, so don't hesitate to check back in with us every once in a while.


What's the next step?

You'll enjoy following our Facebook page for cute pictures and stories from our extended Crockett Doodle family! If you have any questions or want to keep us updated on your puppy, please don't hesitate to contact us. We love hearing from our Crockett Doodle families and seeing pictures of our growing puppies!