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Bernedoodle vs
Compare Bernedoodle and Pyredoodle

Bernedoodle vs Pyredoodle

Bernedoodle vs Pyredoodle Breed Comparison
Bernedoodle vs Pyredoodle

Pyredoodle vs Bernedoodle

When families are looking for a large, affectionate Doodle, the Bernedoodle and Pyredoodle stand out as excellent choices. Bernedoodles are colorful, fun, and very loving. Pyredoodles are large, loving, and soft. While it’s hard to choose between the two, we hope that by detailing the characteristics of these two breeds we can help you make the decision on which breed is right for you!

Bernedoodle Characteristics

Bernedoodles are a mix between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. They are a newer breed but have skyrocketed in popularity because of their affectionate, intelligent nature and their variety in looks. Our Bernedoodles range in size from Toy/Petite Bernedoodles at 5-24 pounds, Traditional Mini Bernedoodles at 25-40 pounds, Medium Bernedoodles at 41-55 pounds, and Standard Bernedoodles growing to over 55 pounds.

They are born with a variety of colors, but the most typical is the tri-color pattern that looks much like the purebred Bernese Mountain Dog. Bernedoodle coats are typically wavy to very curly depending on the generation of the Doodle, and this added curl from the Poodle greatly reduces the shedding and allergy-causing qualities of the Bernese coat.

Bernedoodles require daily exercise for optimal health as they are descendants from the hard-working Bernese Mountain Dog breed. They are playful pups who thrive when having fun with their families! One of the most popular traits of the Bernedoodle is that while they love to have fun, they are also usually laid back and love to cuddle as much as they love to play.

Bernedoodles have a healthy amount of hybrid vigor from the Poodle genes in their lineage as they are less prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, and their typical lifespan is noticeably longer. One other benefit of the Bernedoodle is that they are a dry mouth dog and do not drool like a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog.

Bernedoodles are affectionate, playful, and intelligent. They make excellent companions, furry family members, and service dogs. Bernedoodles are not as high energy as some other Doodle breeds but are known for their playful nature.

Pyredoodle Characteristics

Pyredoodles are a mix between a Poodle and a Great Pyrenees (also known as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog). We do not have this breed very often anymore since most of our mamas have retired. When we do have a litter, our Pyredoodles range in the standard size from 60-85 pounds. They are typically born in color patterns of white, black and white, red, chocolate, and Parti-color. Their coats are very thick and soft and are usually wavy to curly in texture.

Known for their unconditional love for family, guardian instincts against intruders, and elegant thick white coats, Pyrenees are well-known as livestock protectors as well as wonderful family dogs. Great Pyrenees typically rank as being excellent family dogs – very friendly with their family and great with kids. Pyredoodles are the only Crockett Doodles breed of Doodle that might work as a type of guard dog. All of our other Doodles tend to be very friendly to strangers. Pyredoodles are typically very loyal, loving, and protective of their families, but can be a bit wary of strangers.

When breeding the Great Pyrenees with a Poodle, the mix adds a great deal of hybrid vigor to the Pyredoodle breed. The Poodle genes add hypoallergenic qualities and decrease the likelihood of many of the health complications that are typical of the Great Pyrenees. The Poodle genes also lower the amount of shedding and drooling that are usual for the purebred Pyrenees.

Pyredoodles are known for their love and loyalty. If you are looking for a big Doodle that will be your family’s constant companion, look no further than the Pyredoodle!

In Conclusion

Both the Bernedoodle and Pyredoodle breeds are devoted to their families, but we would recommend each breed for a slightly different forever home. We recommend Bernedoodles to forever homes seeking a puppy who will be more social, colorful, and typically a bit smaller than a Pyredoodle. We recommend Pyredoodles for families wanting a puppy who will be their family’s loyal, loving, and playful companion as well as a forever friend who will protect their home.

We hope this helps you in your search to find which Doodle is right for you!

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