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vs Saint Berdoodle
Compare Bernedoodle and Saint Berdoodle

Compare Bernedoodle vs Saint Berdoodle

Bernedoodle vs Saint Berdoodle
Bernedoodle vs Saint Berdoodle

Saint Berdoodle vs Bernedoodle

Many families seeking a large Doodle are drawn to the Bernedoodle and the Saint Berdoodle. Bernedoodles are playful, loyal, social, and gorgeous; they make excellent companions and family pets! Saint Berdoodles are big, gentle, and affectionate and are wonderful dogs when you have children. We will break down their characteristics more in-depth in the article below to help you choose which breed is right for you!

Bernedoodle Characteristics

Bernedoodles are a newer dog breed but have skyrocketed in popularity because of their affectionate, intelligent nature and their variety in looks. Our Bernedoodles range in size from Toy/Petite Bernedoodles at 5-24 pounds, Traditional Mini Bernedoodles at 25-40 pounds, Medium Bernedoodles at 41-55 pounds, and Standard Bernedoodles growing to over 55 pounds. They are born with a variety of colors, but the most typical is the tri-color pattern that looks much like the purebred Bernese Mountain Dog. Bernedoodle coats are wavy to very curly depending on the generation of the Doodle, and this added curl from the Poodle greatly reduces the shedding and allergy causing qualities of the Bernese coat.

Bernedoodles require more exercise than Saint Berdoodles and require daily exercise for optimal health as they are descendants from the hard-working Bernese Mountain breed. They are playful pups who thrive when having fun with their families! One of the most popular traits of the Bernedoodle though is that while they love to have fun, they are usually laid back and love to cuddle as much as they love to play. Bernedoodles have a healthy amount of hybrid vigor from the Poodle genes in their lineage as they are less prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, and their typical lifespan is noticeably longer. One other benefit of the Bernedoodle is that they are a dry mouth dog and do not drool nearly as much as a purebred Bernese.

Bernedoodles are affectionate, playful, and intelligent. They make excellent companions, furry family members, and service dogs. Bernedoodles are not as high energy as some other Doodle breeds but are known for their playful nature.

Saint Berdoodle Characteristics

Saint Berdoodles are a hybrid mix of Saint Bernards and Poodles. Saint Berdoodles are known for their affectionate, social, and calm nature. These gorgeous Doodles are large but gentle and make excellent family pets. The Saint Bernard breed has a reputation for being understanding and compassionate while having a gentle giant personality that is similar to Newfiedoodles. Due to their affectionate and loving temperament, Saint Berdoodles thrive on getting involved in all family activities.

Saint Berdoodles can grow up to 110 pounds, making them one of the largest breeds we offer. Our Traditional Mini Saint Berdoodles fall into the 25-40 pound weight category, and our Standard Saint Berdoodles grow to over 55 pounds. Saint Berdoodles are born in a variety of colors but are most often black, chocolate, black and white, or chocolate and white. They have very soft, thick coats that are usually wavy to curly and very shaggy.

The benefits of breeding the Saint Bernard with a Poodle are significant. The Poodle genes drastically reduce the amount of shedding, drooling, and health complications that families with pure Saint Bernards struggle with. Saint Berdoodles also have a healthy amount of hybrid vigor that allows them to have longer, healthier lives than their Saint Bernard ancestors.

Families who have adopted our Saint Berdoodles absolutely adore their gentle giants!

In Conclusion

While both breeds make good choices for families or individuals of all ages, we would recommend each breed for a different forever home. We would recommend Bernedoodles for homes looking for a slightly more social and playful pup. Bernedoodles have a larger range in size and color patterns, so we would also recommend Bernedoodles for families seeking a specific color of coat and a smaller dog. We would recommend Saint Berdoodles for families wanting a large Doodle that will be their calm companion. Saint Berdoodles are the perfect fit for homes that are laid back, like to go on walks, and like to cuddle with their pup.

We hope this helps you on your journey to decide which Doodle is right for you!

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