Bernedoodles Litter Announcement!

We are pleased to announce a gorgeous litter of 6 Bernedoodles born February 16th. Based on Tracy their 102 pound Bernese mom and Sherman their 60 pound Standard Poodle dad, we expect this litter of puppies to be 70-90 pounds full grown (see our partner site bestBernedoodles for several pictures and description of Tracy and Sherman the parents).

These roly poly Bernedoodles are loving, kind and always fun to be with. These beautiful puppies have been a joy to watch grow and we are sure they will make great companions for any Forever home! We offer delivery to anywhere in the continental U.S. at a flat rate of $345.

Pricing for Bernedoodle Puppies:

Base Price:

  • $800 — Black (We charge additional for white markings)

  • $1100-$2000 — Bi-Color (Black/white, choc/white, or black/tan)

  • $2100 — Red/White (The most desirable color besides the tri-color, hence the additional cost.)

  • $2000-$2900 — Tri-color (vary in price depending on the desirability of tri-color markings)


  • + $400 — Medium (35 to 50 pound range)

  • + $800 — Mini (18 to 35 pound range)

*We reserve the right to adjust pricing for specific markings.

6% Sales Tax Applies to All Puppies Picked up from Crockett Doodles in the State of South Carolina. Pups delivered outside the state of SC do not incur a sales tax.



Ellen has a beautiful tri-color, soft and curly coat. Her loving eyes and warm personality make her the perfect friend. She not only is a beautiful puppy, but she also is fun to be with and quick to learn. She loves to be with people and would love to be adopted by a family with a heart as big as hers!

$2,100 Tri-Color Bernedoodle - ($300 deposit)

Price at Pick-up = $1,800


Ember is such a fun, sweet puppy! Her coat is super shaggy and perfect for cuddling! This pretty lady is laid back and well mannered. She is happy and loves people and would make a great new friend for any family!

$2,000 Bi-Color Bernedoodle - ($300 deposit)

Price at Pick-up = $1,700


Echo is a great example of a handsome Bernedoodle. His tri-color coat and booted feet make him a stunning puppy. This good boy is sweet as can be. He has a gentle demeanor and will love to cozy up with you!

$2,100 Tri-Color Bernedoodle - ($300 deposit)

Price at Pick-up = $1,800


Eddy has a gorgeous black coat with a brilliant streak of white on his chest and brown on his paws. His kind face matches his sweet personality. This happy pup loves people and having fun and will undoubtedly bring joy to any family that chooses to love him!

$2,100 Tri-Color Bernedoodle - ($300 deposit)

Price at Pick-up = $1,800


Elm has gorgeous markings that stand out against his dark black and curly coat. This charmer is always cheerful. He plays politely and is always up for a cuddle!

$2,100 Tri-Color Bernedoodle - ($300 deposit)

Price at Pick-up = $1,800


Enzo is such a happy, fun puppy! His tri-color coat has a beautiful pattern that especially draws you to his captivating eyes. This handsome boy is easy going and truly man’s best friend. He loves long naps and mini tennis balls!

$2,200 Tri-Color Bernedoodle - ($300 deposit)

Price at Pick-up = $1,900