f1b Mini Cockapoo Litter

We are pleased to announce a gorgeous litter of 3 mini Cockapoos born March 7th. Based on Lacey their 9 pound Cockapoo mom and Rudy their 8 pound Poodle dad, we expect this litter of puppies to be 5-10 pounds full grown. Rudy and Lacey’s previous litter of mini Cockapoos had absolutely outstanding personalities and we feel that these are just the same. These gorgeous f1b mini Cockapoo pups have such fun and sweet personalities! We believe they will make outstanding family members for a few fortunate forever homes.

Lacey, the Cockapoo mom

Lacey, the Cockapoo mom

Rudy, the mini Poodle dad

Rudy, the mini Poodle dad

 *We reserve the right to adjust pricing for specific markings.

6% Sales Tax Applies to All Puppies Picked up from Crockett Doodles in the State of South Carolina. Pups delivered outside the state of SC do not incur a sales tax.



Charlie is a sweet little boy. He is reddish brown all over with a few little spots of white on his chest. He is a beautiful color with wavy to curly fur. He has the sweetest eyes and loves to play!

$1,500 Red Cockapoo + $200 Mini = $1,700 - ($300 deposit)

Price at Pick-up = $1,400

With 6% Sales Tax for SC pickup: $1,502


Buddy is a precious little boy. He seems to be laid-back and sweet. He will be a delightful little pet! He is reddish brown with beautiful white markings on the tips of his paws - especially his back paws. He also has a touch of white on his head and a white chest that makes him look very handsome. The very tip of his tail is white too - looks like it was dipped in paint. He is very photogenic and seemed to enjoy his photo session.

$1,500 Red Cockapoo + $200 Mini + $100 White Markings = $1,800 - ($300 deposit)

Price at Pick-up = $1,500

With 6% Sales Tax for SC pickup: $1,608


Honey is a sweet little girl. She is mostly white with some sections of fur that are creamy. Her cute little ears are a reddish brown and frame out her face so beautifully. She loves to play and she also loves to cuddle. She's a good eater too!

$1,300 Light Blenheim Cockapoo + $200 mini = $1,500 - ($300 deposit)

Price at Pick-up = $1200

With 6% Sales Tax for SC pickup: $1290