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Best Caption for Bernedoodle Puppy
May 14, 2018

Contest Details

This week’s contest is to write the best caption for the picture above of one of our Bernedoodle pups. You can add up to 5 entries, either on our facebook post or in the comments section below.

At the end of the week, we will pick our favorite captions and list them here for you to vote. Check back later to see the best captions and vote for your favorites!

These $100 giveaways are payable by check, PayPal, or Venmo to the winner.

To learn more about our $100 giveaways, click here.

Winner Announcement

May 20th update: We received several suggestions for a caption for this adorable Bernedoodle. After selecting the top 10 captions, we let you vote on your favorites. Several hundred of you voted on your favorite choices. With the voting now ended, we wanted to announce this week’s winner:

Congratulations to Rachel Tolomeo with her caption: What? …They told me to sit. 

We will be sending her $100 via PayPal.

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Our Top 10 Favorites (in No Particular Order)

  1. Cindy Mincer – Who took the remote, time to watch Animal Planet.
  2. Nancy Alford – Room service please!
  3. Angela Walsh – What?? Didn’t you say make yourself at home?
  4. Josh Jen Weiss – it’s been a “ruff” day.
  5. Christine Scherr – The face when mom comes home from the grocery store and you see her carry in the chicken liver dog food instead of the grain-free buffalo..
  6. Angela Ward – Make sure you get my good side
  7. Cathy Homner – Being so cute is hard work but someone’s got to do it
  8. Gale Ulrich – Being this cute is exhausting
  9. Mandy Mahaffey – Just call me adorbadoodle!
  10. Rachel Tolomeo – What? …They told me to sit.

Vote for Your Favorite Captions!

Voting is now closed. See beginning of page for the winner. Thank you for participating!

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