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Post A Picture of Your Dog Dressed Up for Halloween
October 31, 2018

Contest Details

Happy Halloween! We would love to see how your dog dressed up for Halloween! Please like and share this post, and post a picture in the comments.  At the end of the week, we will choose our top ten favorite pictures, and you will vote for the winner.

In order to enter the contest, you must:

  1. Like our facebook post announcing the contest
  2. Comment on the post with a picture of your dog all dressed up
  3. Share the facebook contest post on your facebook wall

These $100 giveaways are payable by check, PayPal, or Venmo to the winner.

To learn more about our $100 giveaways, click here.

Winner Announcement

November 7th update: We received several dozen entries for this week’s contest! After posting the top 10 favorites, close to 700 of you voted for your top pick! With the voting now closed, we wanted to announce this week’s winner:

Congratulations to Stacie Szymanski (Option 6) with 276 votes!

We will be sending her $100 via PayPal.

Be sure to like/follow our Crockett Doodles Facebook page to be informed of each contest.

Our Top Favorites (in No Particular Order)

Option 1:

Puppy Costume Contest Option-1

Melissa Scriber Benedict

Option 2:

Puppy Costume Contest Option-2

Ashley Badgett Oden

Option 3:

Puppy Costume Contest Option-3

Kathie Aponte

Option 4:

Puppy Costume Contest Option-4

Kim Lee

Option 5:

Puppy Costume Contest Option-5

Alexandra Marriggi

Option 6:

Puppy Costume Contest Option-6

Stacie Szymanski

Option 7:

Puppy Costume Contest Option-7

Julie Shannon Steele

Option 8:

Puppy Costume Contest Option-8

Josh and Jen Weiss

Option 9:

Puppy Costume Contest Option-9

Maddy Alexandar

Option 10:

Puppy Costume Contest Option-10

Jessica Caminita

Vote for Your Favorite Picture!

Voting is now closed. See beginning of page for the winner. Thank you for participating!

To learn more about our $100 giveaways, click here.

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