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Theme These Bernedoodle Puppies’ Names
November 12, 2022

What Theme Should We Use To Name These Doodles? Famous Athletes? European Queens? You Pick! Remember all the puppies are females!

Today we check in with the Bernedoodle pups at Week 3! Watch all the way through to hear additional details about our giveaway as well! We’ll contact the winners by the 21st of November!


1st: A $150 Amazon gift card and personally selected by the guardian home as the winning theme to name the puppies around!

2nd: A $50 Amazon gift card and $300 off an available Crockett Doodles Puppy of your choosing!

3rd: A $25 Amazon gift card and a Premium Quality Crockett Doodles Hoodie.

Drop your comment below with the theme you think they should be named for!

Theme These Puppies' Names
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