Best Cockapoos is pleased to announce . . .

a litter of toy Cockapoos born on February 26, 2018. Based on their 7 pound red toy poodle dad and 6 pound mini Cockapoo mom, we expect this litter of f1b Cockapoos to be in the 5-10 pound range full grown. They are tiny, but so full of spunk and love. We think they are going to make some homes very, very happy!



At Best Cockapoos, we've tried to establish a straightforward pricing scheme, but we've also included the famous Crockett Doodles discounts. 

Black Cockapoos: $1200

Other solid color (white, cream, blonde, apricot, gray, tan): $1700

Solid chocolate, solid Red, or Parti colored Cockapoos: $1900

Merle or Phantom Cockapoos: $2100


“Pete” was the second born in a litter of three and the only boy of the three. He was born at 11pm on Sunday, February 25, 2018. We named him Pete just because we liked the name and it seemed to fit this handsome boy. He has been super sweet and more laid back and easy going with his sisters. He loves to be held! Sometimes we referred to him as “Sweet Pete” because of his precious personality. He is very alert and pays attention to every noise. He is the smaller puppy and seems built more like his dad who is a mini poodle with short legs and a sweet little face. He is light reddish brown. It certain lighting he looks like a soft apricot color. He does have some white markings throughout. So cute!

$1700 for apricot - $300 deposit = $1400

Price at Pick-up = $1400


“Bailey” was the third to be born in a litter of three. She was born at 1am on Monday, February 26, 2018. She was noticeably larger than her siblings at birth. She has consistently stayed an ounce or two larger than the other two. She has a bigger build which is prominent especially in her face. She was very light colored when she was born with a mix of white and buff colors. Her fur has gotten a bit darker as it has filled in and gotten thicker. She has a gorgeous coat of white and light creamy caramel reddish colors throughout. She has a few white markings too. She loves to play, be held, and eat!

$1700 for apricot - $300 deposit = $1400

Price at Pick-up = $1400


“Penny” was the first born in a litter of three. She was born at 10pm on Sunday, February 25, 2018. We called her Penny because she was small and had a distinct brownish circle on top of her head. As she has grown and her thick white fur on her head has filled in, the “penny” marking has blended in to the point that it isn’t really noticeable anymore. She's still a pretty penny, though. She is a beautiful parti mix of mostly white with patches of buff colored fur on her back and around her eyes. She is a little taller than the other two and seems to have more of the build of her mom who is a white/buff mini cockapoo. Her dark eyes really stand out against her light thick coat of fur. She is sweet and curious. She loves to be with people. She also loves exploring and playing with puppy toys. She keeps play time exciting with her brother and sister. She is quite entertaining and tries things the other two haven't even thought of yet! She is spunky and full of energy!

$1900 for parti-colored - $300 deposit = $1600

Price at Pick-up = $1600