is thrilled to announce...

a gorgeous litter of medium tri-color Bernedoodles born February 26, 2018.  These pups have been a delight to raise!! Their 48 pound Bernese Mountain Dog mom and 46 pound Poodle dad both have outstanding temperaments and looks. These puppies were weighing 4-6 pounds at 5 weeks of age, and we expect them to be 35-50 pounds full grown. Some breeders would call these mini Bernedoodles, but we put them in our medium category. For us, we breed our minis to 20-35 pounds. Many families love the medium size considering these tri color Bernedoodles to be "not to small" and "not too big."  


Frank is a gorgeous red, chocolate and white tri-color Bernedoodle. Frank loves his naps, and like his littermates has a terrific temperament. We think any of the pups in this litter would make good therapy dogs.

Adoption Fee: $2900 tri-color + $400 medium = $3400 (minus $300 deposit)

$3100 due at pickup


Fritz is a tricolor medium Bernedoodle that looks very similar to Frank. His red, chocolate and white markings are gorgeous, and he has a little bit of white. You won't find a pup with a sweeter personality than Fritz.

Adoption Fee: $2500 tricolor + $400 medium = $2900 (minus $300 deposit)

$2,600 due at pickup


Freddie is an absolutely stunning tri color medium Bernedoodle boy. Freddie is confident and curious. He loves to be loved, and he seems to have a loyal and devoted nature.

Adoption Fee: $2900 gorgeous tri-color + $400 medium = $3300 (minus $300 deposit)

$3,000 due at pickup


Finley is a black, white, and tan tri-color medium Bernedoodle boy. Finley is a sweetheart and a great cuddler. His markings look like the most gorgeous Bernese you can imagine. Having the added benefit of the poodle coat, smarts, and better overall health mixed in--a pup like Finley is a great reminder of why people love our medium Bernedoodles.

Adoption Fee: $2900 tri-color + $400 medium = $3300 (minus $300 deposit)

$3000 due at pickup


Fern is a tri color medium Bernedoodle girl. The red markings on Fern's eyebrows and on her legs are quite faint. We can't predict if they will continue to get stronger or stay the same, but typically they get more distinct. From a distance she almost looks like a bi-color. Although Fern's tri-color markings are not as strong as her litter mates, we think she is one of the cutest puppies in the litter. Fern is gorgeous and has a wonderful personality to match.

Adoption Fee: $2500 tri-color + $400 medium = $2900 (minus $300 deposit)

$2,600 due at pickup