is pleased to announce . . . 

a litter of beautiful puppies born November 26th, 2017. These puppies embody the Pyredoodle temperament and personality and display unconditional love, loyalty, and the desire to protect their family. Based on their parents, we expect Brenda, Gary, and Trisha to be about 60-85 pounds fully grown. We are confident that these puppies will be wonderful additions to any forever home.

Enjoy the pictures below!!


Brenda is a beautiful black female Pyredoodle with an isatiable love for life. She has a wavy coat that we think is going to get curlier, and she is very intelligent. We will be sad to see her go, but she will make a wonderful addition to any family!

$1600 for female - $300 (deposit) = $1300

Price at Pick-up = $1300


Trisha is a beautiful white female Pyredoodle with a wonderful personality. She is protective of those she loves and is super loyal to her siblings and family. She will make a wonderful furry family member!

$1600 for female - $300 (deposit) = $1300

Price at Pick-up = $1300


Gary is the only male Pyredoodle puppy in this litter. He is super smart and loving, while being a protector. He has been a joy to raise, and I know that he will be a breeze to train.

$1500 for male - $300 (deposit) = $1200

Price at Pick-up = $1200