best Bernedoodles is pleased to announce . . .

a gorgeous litter of standard Bernedoodles born Friday, January 5, 2018. These beautiful bi-/tri-color Bernedoodle pups seem to be intelligent and loving like both of their parents. Their dad is a 53 pound phantom male poodle and their mom is a 78 pound Bernese Mountain Dog. Our best guess is that these F1 standard Bernedoodle puppies should be 60-75 pounds full grown. Missy is our only bi-color puppy in this litter with her gorgeous black and tan coat, and both Major and Malcom have perfect tri-color markings! These puppies have been a joy to raise, and we know that they will be wonderful companions!

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Maggie is a gorgeous tri-color Bernedoodle with a wonderful, sweet personality. She loves to be with people, and her favorite spot is snuggling up to us at night! We are confident that she will be a wonderful companion.

$2600 for tri-color - $300 deposit = $2300

Price at pick-up = $2300


Molly is a sweet girl with an insatiable love for life. She is energetic and curious, and she loves playing outside with her sibling. She will be a great fit for any active family or individual!

$2300 for tri-color - $300 deposit = $2000

Price at pick-up = $2000


Missy is the only bi-colored puppy in this litter (small amounts of white on her), and she has a stunning black and tan coat. Missy is a tad quieter than her siblings, but she is super smart. She should be a breeze to train!

$2100 for black/tan - ($300 deposit) = $1800

Price at Pick-up = $1800


Mack is a strong male puppy with a confident personality. He likes to adventure on his own but is also fond of a good snuggle at night. We will miss him dearly!

$2500 for tri-color - $300 deposit = $2200

Price at pick-up = $2200


Major has perfect tri-color markings, and he certainly will receive a ton of complements. In addition to his wonderful colors, Major is sweet, gentle, and loyal.

$2900 for tri-color - $300 deposit = $2600

Price at pick-up = $2600


Malcom also has near perfect tri-color Bernedoodle markings, and he is so much fun to be around. He loves to be with us, and he makes us laugh with his cute antics. We know that he will be a wonderful addition to any forever home!

$2900 for tri-color - $300 deposit = $2600

Price at pick-up = $2600