BestCavapoos is pleased to announce . . .

a litter of 6 precious Cavapoo puppies born on March 2, 2018. Each of these puppies embodies the Cavapoo personality and is sweet, loving, loyal, and compassionate. We have had so much fun raising them, and we are excited to see them matched with wonderful forever homes. Based on their parents, we expect these puppies to be 10-20 pounds fully grown.

Enjoy the pictures below!


Nilo is an adorable puppy with a sweet temperament. He is super loving, and his favorite spot is curling up next to us on the couch at nights. Carter will be a wonderful furry companion!

$900 for black + $400 for white markings - $300 (deposit) = $1000

Price at Pick-up = $1000


Niko is a cute little guy with a huge heart! He loves hanging out with people, and he follows us around wherever we go. Niko is loving, loyal, and very sweet, and we know he will be a great addition to any family!

$1800 for apricot/blenheim - $300 (deposit) = $1500

Price at Pick-up = $1500


Nova has a mellow personality, and he enjoys sleeping in our laps. Nova is a little bit more laid-back than some of his siblings, and he is very easy-going. He is compassionate, gentle, and smart!

$1800 for red - $300 (deposit) = $1500

Price at Pick-up = $1500


Noah loves a good belly rub! He is very trusting, and he loves to be near us. Noah plays super well with his siblings, and he will be great for any active family or individual.

$1800 for apricot - $300 (deposit) = $1500

Price at Pick-up = $1500


Nana is a sweet girl who loves to adventure and explore. She can regularly be found looking around the house at new things, and she is pretty confident on her own. Nana is loving, loyal, and very smart!

$1800 for red - $300 (deposit) = $1500

Price at Pick-up = $1500


Nadia is a smart little puppy! She has already started to learn the basic puppy skills, and we know that she will be a breeze to train. Nadia is loving, friendly, curious, and loyal.

$900 for black + $400 (white markings) - $300 (deposit) = $1000

Price at Pick-up = $1000