Receiving a Delivery to Pick up my Puppy

Although we encourage families to pick up their puppies from their guardian home, we understand that there may be circumstances that make this especially challenging or even impossible for you.

For your convenience we are happy to provide our affordable Guardian Home delivery service. We have several close, trusted friends that have been trained to care for your puppy from our door to yours!  Some families ask for complete delivery and other families ask to meet part way to save some time and money.

If you wish to meet a Guardian Home driver halfway, check out our “Driving to Pick up my Puppy” page as well for some helpful tips for traveling!

It is only very rarely that we are not able to fulfill a request for a delivery. Please be aware that it can be a little challenging to fulfill all our delivery requests on holiday weekends.

If you do choose to utilize our guardian home delivery service, we want to help ensure that your experience with your new puppy is a great one! Before arranging your delivery there are still several things you may need to consider.


Finalizing Payment on Adoption Day

In regards to the payment of the final balance, we typically don’t offer PayPal because it is a little hard for us to keep track of regarding puppy balances and also because of the fees involved.  Cash or certified check is our preference.

Please note: the delivery fee will need to be paid separately to the driver.  Cash or certified check.


Sit back, Relax and Get Ready!

Check out our Puppy Shopping List where Nathan has selected his preferred puppy items. You may find it useful as it serves as a checklist of sorts as you prepare to bring your puppy home! You'll find helpful descriptions beside each item as you decide what you might need. Happy Shopping!


Differentiating between a pick-up and a delivery

The full Crockett Doodle pick-up experience is made complete by a photo shoot, gifts, and an opportunity to converse with the Guardian Home.   Typically a pick-up appointment is about 30-45 minutes.

Please note that for a delivery, a photo shoot is not provided.  Secondly, our drivers will likely have been driving since the wee hours of the morning so they will need to get back on the road and head home!  A delivery is not a lengthy time like a pick-up experience is. You can allow 10 – 15 minutes for a driver to meet you and introduce your puppy to you.  

If it has been a while since you've had a puppy (or maybe you are a first-time puppy parent!), we think you would really enjoy meeting with the Guardian Home family at their home rather than receiving a delivery.  They'll have about 30-45 minutes to go over puppy training advice, etc. Yet, if a delivery is a better option for you, we also have the resources available here:


delivery Fees

From a South Carolina pick-up location:

For a delivery coming from South Carolina, it is a standard rate fee of 70 cents per round-trip mile.  

Differentiation for a delivery from a Pennsylvania pick-up location:

For deliveries from our Pennsylvania location, it is 90/cents a mile.  This is in order to cover the significant toll fees.

Unfortunately, our delivery options from our PA location are a little limited as it is in a more rural part of the country.