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What’s Trending for Doodle Gift Ideas?

December 19, 2022
Doodle Gift Ideas

Doodle Gift Ideas for the Holidays

If you are like most of us here at Crockett Doodles, your beloved Doodle gets as many gifts as the kids! Here are a few helpful gift-giving tips to make sure your pooch is arriving in style for 2023 and has all this year’s most popular pet items.


  • Sweaters with fun trim, words or phrases are all the rage this year.
  • A plaid harness in bright colors will tell everyone your Doodle is ready for the holidays. The harness (instead of the traditional collar) continues to be the choice more and more pet owners make as their pup grows since it means less stress on your pup’s neck.
  • Don’t forget your Doodle when planning the Christmas Pajama family photo! Many companies are catching on that we want our Doodles in the pictures too and are offering matching bandanas, shirts, bows and accessories to coordinate with the human pajama sets.


  • The biggest trend in toys this year is buying from companies that give back. Look for toys that will give part of the purchase price back to local shelters or animal hospitals.
  • Invest in durable toys that last and don’t tear apart, possibly causing a hazard for your pet. We love the KONG and Nylabone brand toys. You can see our favorite ones on our Puppy Shopping List under the “Resources” tab of our website. Most dogs love toys that light up, make noise or move.
  • The 2-in-1 toy. More and more pet toys are a soft, cuddly toy on the outside that can be unzipped or pulled off for a fun ball or chew toy on the inside once they are tired of the first layer.


  • Dogs are pack animals, and most do very well bringing in another furry family member. Doodles in particular love playmates! Be sure to email us about monthly specials for different breeds.
  • A second Doodle is a great option if you find that you are leaving the first one home alone more than you anticipated.
  • A second Doodle is also a great way to try a new breed if you were on the fence about your first breed. Check out our Breed Comparison Chart for ideas!

You might be interested in our Shopping List as you consider Christmas Shopping for your Doodle or another furry friend.

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