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English Cream GD vs
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Compare English Cream Goldendoodle with American Goldendoodle

English Cream Goldendoodles vs American Goldendoodles

Apricot and Cream Medium Goldendoodle

American Goldendoodles vs. English Cream Goldendoodles

Goldendoodles are a gorgeous breed, but what’s the difference between an English Cream Goldendoodle and an American Goldendoodle? While there are a few distinctions between the two, most of the differences are aesthetic.

English Cream Goldendoodles are a more specific breed of Goldendoodle as they are bred from an English Cream Golden Retriever. Yes, this means that one of their ancestors is actually from England! English Cream Retrievers are a more established breed than their American cousins and thus they have a longer lineage than most American Golden Retrievers.

English Cream Goldendoodles are known for their sturdy body type and more blocky heads. These attributes have given English Cream Goldendoodles the nickname of “Teddy Bear Goldendoodles.” English Cream Goldendoodles are well known for their gentle dispositions, Teddy Bear look and gorgeous, lighter coats.

We have found that many Goldendoodle breeders use the term “English cream” to refer to any Goldendoodle that is lighter colored than normal. More accurately, the term “English Cream” should be used to refer specifically to a Goldendoodle whose Retriever ancestor was actually an English Cream Golden Retriever.

American Goldendoodles differ from English Cream Goldendoodles mostly in looks. American or Regular Goldendoodles have a much larger variety of colors and sizes. Goldendoodles are not restricted to the lighter end of the color spectrum as English Goldendoodles are and can range anywhere in color from white to black and just about every color in between!  Some also have a slimmer build and are a bit more light on their feet. Many normal Goldendoodles can also have the “Teddy Bear” look. Goldendoodles are known for their lovable dispositions, athletic build and the large variety of sizes and colors they are born with.

At Crockett Doodles, we charge the same adoption fees for American Goldendoodles and English Cream Goldendoodles. We have some gorgeous champion bloodline English Cream Golden Retrievers in our program. One of our English Cream Golden Retriever moms comes from a pedigree from the Netherlands of one of the most awarded English Cream Golden Retrievers of all time. Most of our Goldendoodles are from American Golden Retrievers. We’ve been able to cultivate the blocky head “Teddy Bear” look into our American Goldendoodles as well as our English Cream Goldendoodles.

Most of our Goldendoodles are American Goldendoodles
Most of our Goldendoodles are American Goldendoodles

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