BestCockapoos is pleased to announce . . .

a litter of 5 precious f1b Cockapoo puppies born on February 19, 2018. These puppies are cute, curly, and inquisitive. They have sweet personalities. We have had so much fun raising them, and we are excited to see them matched with wonderful forever homes. Based on their Cockapoo mom mini poodle dad, we expect these puppies to be 8-20 pounds fully grown.

Cockapoo Pricing

Cockapoo Pricing

Black Cockapoos: $1400

Other solid color (white, cream, blonde, apricot, gray, tan): $1700

Solid chocolate, solid Red, or Parti colored Cockapoos: $1900

Merle or Phantom Cockapoos: $2100


Splash is a cute red Cockapoo, and he has been a super easy to raise. Splash (like all puppies) loves to run and play, and he is very intelligent. He has already started to learn the basic puppy skills, and he will be a breeze to train.

$1900 for red - $300 deposit = $1600

Price for Pick-up = $1600


Freddie is a gorgeous puppy who is super friendly. He loves a good belly scratch at nights, and he regularly can be found snoozing underneath our couch or table. Freddie is kind, gentle, and loving!

$1700 for apricot - $300 deposit = $1400

Price at Pick-up = $1400


Lamar is a strong puppy with a love for people! He loves to hang out with us, and he follows us everywhere. Lamar is kind, loving, and gentle, and he will be great for any active family/individual.

$1900 for red + $100 for white markings = $2000 - ($300 deposit)

Price at Pick-up = $1700


Debbie is a lovable little girl with a wavy coat and a friendly personality. She is super smart as well, and we know that she will be a breeze to train. Debbie will be a great furry companion!

$1900 for red - $300 deposit = $1600

Price at Pick-up = $1600


Sandy is super cheerful and very friendly! Nothing seems to get under her skin, and she goes with the flow. Sandy is kind, loving, and very gentle. We will miss her dearly!

$1900 for red - $300 deposit = $1600

Price at Pick-up = $1600