Free Christmas Puppy

Dec. 25 Announcement

After thousands and thousands of votes, we wanted to announce the winner of Audrey, the Newfiedoodle puppy. Here are the top five families as far as number of votes

For those of you who voted for another family, you could consider getting them a Crockett Doodles gift certificate.

Crockett Doodles would be happy to give a $200 friends and family discount to any of the other 9 families who were selected as finalists. We’d love to see each of them able to get a puppy.

  1. Tina Schwebach (for Julie Kiser). (605 votes)

  2. Phyllis West (597 votes)

  3. Michelle Plonk (532 votes)

  4. Kayla Crockett (423 votes)

  5. Stacy Lee (355 votes)

Vote for the Winner

We had more than 10,400 people visit this page interested in the free Christmas puppy, and 1,481 filled out the application on this page. That’s in addition to the thousands of likes, comments, and shares to the Facebook post.

It was nearly impossible for our team to choose ten, but we tried to choose different types of entries from different areas of the country. We got teary eyed as we read many of the applications and wish that we could afford to give a free puppy to each of you.

We want to leave the final decision up to you (our devoted fans). We think any of these ten families would provide a wonderful home for Audrey, the Newfiedoodle. Below you will see their entry and then have a chance to vote. We ask that each person vote only once (though multiple family members can vote), and we’re not setting an age restriction on the voting.

Please vote for which family you think should get the free Christmas puppy.

We had several close family friends apply, but we tried not to bias our selections towards our friends. We wanted to give everyone an equal chance. In no particular order, the families are:

Christianna Novakovic

from Greenville, South Carolina

Hi Crocketts! I’m writing to you to nominate my mom and dad for your sweet Audrey’s forever home. My parents live in Florida, but last year, my dad lost his job. The only job that he could find for what his skills are was in Atlanta. He started commuting to Atlanta for the week and driving home on the weekends while planning to sell the house and move to be closer to work. But then, my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and moved into a home. My mom is the only one left to take care of her. They made the temporary decision that she would stay in Florida and my dad would continue commuting until something changed. Unfortunately, that has become their permanent situation as my grandma is deteriorating and they have been unable to sell the house. My mom is home alone five days a week and takes care of my grandma while my dad works in Atlanta and commutes home on the weekends. It’s really hard on them both, particularly my mom. My mom had four kids but she’s an empty nester now, and I know she gets lonely. She’s always loved animals. She knows how to take care of and handle big dogs, as we had a rescue Great Pyrenees growing up. She also had goats, chickens, and rabbits for years as they live on five acres. My parents have sacrificed so much for others over the years and I think this would be such a blessing to them. I think a dog like Audrey would be the perfect companion for them as they’re going through this tough time.

Kim Carter

from Russellville, Kentucky

We have been looking for a loving friend for our Daughter. She’s 10 and Autistic, she has sensory processing and auditory processing disorders. She LOVES animals especially Dogs. We would love to have a emotional support dog for her but could never could afford one. We would love to welcome this sweetie into our home and hearts. Thanks for the opportunity. 
The Carters

Laura Somerville

from Nashville, Tennessee

Five years ago in January, my boyfriend died in a military training helicopter accident. We were six weeks away from getting engaged. We were the couple you dream to become when you’re a little girl - you’re truly in love and equally yoked. My career tanked due to grief and I’m exceptionally proud to say that I’ve rebuilt it. I’m proud of where I am and I know he would be proud of me as well. Where I’m lacking is my personal life. That tanked as well. I have developed mild anxiety which keeps me from doing things that I know are beneficial - excercising. Adding a dog to my life would give me purpose and responsibility as opposed to just focusing on me. Financially, I can afford a puppy so please don’t choose me based on need. What caught my eye was that you said this sweet pup is a good therapy assist and a bright spot in your lives. I could use a bright spot. 

Thank you for considering me. 

Sincerely, Laura

Michelle Plonk

Schaumburg, Illinois

We are a family of 7. My husband Josh LOVES dogs and has begged me for a puppy since we got married almost 15 years ago. We have 5 little boys who love dogs. Daddy often takes the boys to the pet store so they can play with and meet the puppies. How special it would be for all of my men to have one of there very own to love. (I could use another female around the house. Audrey could help me balance the numbers.😊) Knowing that Audrey's breed is gentle is wonderful since there are children in the home. Audrey would be loved on and played with for hours on end!

[disclaimer: Nathan and Abigail Crockett know Josh and Michelle, but Nathan and Abigail were not the Crockett Doodles team members who selected this entry.]

Valerie Mcdougle

Severn, Maryland

My baby sitter Sara Perkins is a wonderful person. She came into my life and added joy in all aspects. My son is autistic and Deaf. Sara has learned ASL and knows the quirks that occasionally come with autism. Sara also cares for my other fur babies Lilly and Liam. She loves dogs and would make a great fur mommy!

Tina Schwebach

Greenville, SC

I would love to recommend my friend, Julie Kiser, and her family to win this beautiful puppy. Julie and her husband Rus live in Greenville with their 2 daughters, Lena and Cara. 

Both girls LOVE animals and want a dog so badly, but with Lena and Rus’s allergies, they can only adopt certain breeds. These breeds are not cheap and with Rus being laid off recently, they can’t justify the cost right now. The family wants a dog so badly that they’ve tried fostering a few different dogs just to see if maybe their allergies wouldn’t bother them. Lena even tried hiding her allergy symptoms in hopes that they could keep the dog(s). 

The Kiser family would be a perfect fit for Audrey! They would provide SO much love to her. Audrey would truly be an answer to prayer and the best Christmas gift this family could receive.

Kayla Crockett (not related to the Crocketts of Crockett Doodles)

Stillwater, Oklahoma

I work as a teacher’s assistant with special needs kiddos. I absolutely love my job. It is so hard but so rewarding. In the years past, we’ve had a therapy dog in our classroom and our students benefited greatly from having her in the room. Unfortunately (for us at least) our team member that owned the therapy dog finished her certification as a behavioral therapist and is no longer working at our school so we no longer have a therapy dog with us every day. I’ve been dreaming of getting a doodle puppy to train to have in our classroom and to be able to volunteer other places that need therapy dogs (hospitals, nursing homes, etc). Audrey would be very well loved and serve an amazing purpose for her whole life as I work as an educator.

Phyllis West

Kinston, North Carolina

I lost my only son Brent in April he was waiting for a lung transplant at Duke, he died from cystic Fibrosis before he got his new lungs, I am beyond devastated, I feel Audrey would be a wonderful companion to me with my grief I need something in my life to give me hope again, I have applied with your company but haven’t received an answer I have begun saving my money so that I could adopt one of your precious puppies. I really hope I am chosen for Audrey I believe she is just for me I would love her and she would feel the void I have in my heart from the lost of my son he was my whole world .

Jaime Rowe

Columbia, South Carolina

My ten year old daughter, Maryn has prayed and prayed for a companion. We suffered a house fire two years ago and have since purchased a home (with a fenced yard). I think that this would absolutely make every Christmas wish come true. She is an only child and is still afraid to sleep in her bed after the fire. She is responsible and would make an amazing sister to Audrey. She has more love than words can describe.

Stacy Lee

Marshfield, Missouri

I am a kindergarten teacher at Hubble elementary. I have thought for years a doodle would be the perfect school therapy dog however the purchase price has stopped me. If I was blessed with Audrey she would bless our school !!!

Vote Below for the family that you think should receive Audrey, the free Newfypoo from Crockett Doodles

Our Earlier Announcement:

We wanted to provide back story for those of you who missed our announcement earlier in December.

Christmas Puppy Giveaway!

As we get closer to Christmas Day, hundreds of families contact Crockett Doodles wanting a Christmas puppy. We love making Christmas wishes come true. Even though our adoption prices are lower than most of our competitors, we recognize that there are many wonderful families who are not in a position to afford several hundred dollars for a wonderful doodle family member.

Audrey, the Newfiedoodle sweetheart

Audrey, the Newfiedoodle sweetheart

So this year we’ve decided to give away a fabulous doodle puppy for completely FREE to a great home. There are no strings attached. We will screen the family to be sure that they will provide a wonderful environment for the home, but there will be no adoption fees.

We chose Audrey as the sweet girl that we are going to give away to a VERY blessed family this Christmas. Audrey is a landseer Newfiedoodle (aka Newfypoos), a cross between a standard Poodle and a Newfoundland. We love the gentle giant mentality of Newfiedoodles, and Audrey is no exception. Her partner home family has fallen in love with her, and we’re so excited to see what forever home gets to call Audrey their own. You can read more about the calm disposition, water loving habits of our Newfiedoodles at our partner site

Through the years, families who have adopted Newfiedoodles from us, rave about their mild dispositions and great therapy temperament. They’re perhaps the calmest doodle breed of all, and we thought a Newfypoo would be a perfect choice to give to one very fortunate family.


How It Works

We’d like for you to tell us why your family would be a good fit for sweet, mild-mannered Audrey. She’s at our partner home in Greenville, SC, but we will accept entries from all over the United States. In addition to suggesting your own family, we will also take suggestions of other families that you think would love this amazing Christmas present of Audrey.

Be sure to like, comment, and share our Facebook page, and then tell us why you would provide Audrey with a wonderful home. Your entry can either be a comment on our Facebook post, or using the form below.

After one week of entries, the Crockett Doodles team plans to choose ten of the families, and we’ll let our thousands and thousands of fans vote on their favorite family (of the 10 selected) to receive sweet Audrey. You’re welcomed to read more about Crockett Doodles’ history, our philosophy, or even apply for one of our puppies. We’re excited to see Audrey the gentle Newfypoo go to a fabulous forever home this Christmas!

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