We are pleased to announce…

Pepper, the sweet mini Labradoodle girl. Pepper was the smallest pup from a gorgeous litter of 9 Mini Labradoodles born July 27, 2018. Based on her parents, we expect Pepper the mini Labradoodle to be 20-30 pounds when fully grown. At CrockettDoodles.com we breed for pups of outstanding health, temperament, and looks. Pepper’s littermates were gorgeous, but she did not get the good looks of her gorgeous littermates. Pepper is predominantly white with small chocolate spots and has more of the poodle face than the Labrador face. What she lacks in looks Pepper makes up for in health and temperament. She’s incredibly loving and will make a wonderful pet for someone; though she may shed somewhat, since her coat is not as curly as her littermates.

Based on our normal pricing scheme her adoption fee would be $1800, but we have decided to try something we’ve never done before. We’re going to give Pepper to a family completely free. You can participate at our Facebook page, or fill in the form below. Tell us why you would love to have Pepper. We plan to use a random number generator to randomly select one of the comments (you can enter up to three). We’d like to call the person who wins and make sure they are a suitable home for our sweet little Pepper.

UPDATE (11/7/18):

Pepper has found the perfect home and we couldn't be happier for her new owner!  Last night we randomly selected the number 140 and counted from the last comment up.  The name came to Mrs. Jenny Kerr. 

When we called Mrs. Kerr, she told us that her husband had passed away three months ago today. She said the news that she would be receiving a new puppy had helped to brighten her day.  We are thrilled that Mrs. Kerr will be able to provide Pepper with a wonderful forever home.

Keep checking our Facebook page in the coming days for a video of when Mrs. Kerr meets Pepper for the first time!

29 pound Labradoodle Mom, Oreo

29 pound Labradoodle Mom, Oreo

22 pound Mini Poodle Dad, Jackson

22 pound Mini Poodle Dad, Jackson


Pictures of Pepper’s LitterMates

pepper - girl

Pepper is our small bundle of love and affection. She is a little gal with a happy tail-wagging personality. What she lacks in the looks department, she makes up for with her great personality. Her coat is not as curly as her littermates, so she has less of the teddybear look. She can’t wait to meet the perfect forever family!