Free Mini Labradoodle Puppy for Valentine’s DAy

Perfect Match

For the thousands of people who voted, we wanted to give an update. Here is from our good friends (Philo’s guardian home) who described the pick up.

Hello! I thought I would give our perspective of the Valentine pup pick up if you wanted to post a follow up. It was dark out, so the photos aren't great, but I think people might like to get a glimpse of the prize.

Tina, her son Edward, and his granddad drove up from Georgia tonight after Tina got off work to pick up the prize pup Philo, and you've never seen such sheer joy. Edward (7) is autistic, and he had a traumatic experience with a dog when he was three, so it has taken him years to get over that (which is why his interaction with Meagan's dog in the nomination post was so special).

Edward came in tonight, and it took him just a bit to comprehend that this puppy belonged to him. Before long, however, they were making the beautiful connection made possible by all those who voted for this very special and deserving family. 

Philo was the perfect pup for this prize. He has been an absolute love in our home. He preferred to be hugged by us than even to go play with his siblings, and I truly believe he and Edward will have a very special friendship.

Tina wrote, “Good afternoon! Tina and Edward here just wanted to let you guys know that Philo is home and doing ok. I’ve ordered the tlc food and he has a vet appt next week. He’s an adorable puppy and loved by our whole house! Thanks again for your giveaway! We’re so excited about this journey!”

Announcing THE WINNER

After thousands of Crockett Doodles fans voted, we’re pleased to announce the winner of Philo, the free mini Labradoodle.

Receiving 758 votes, the winner is Meagan Myra (recommending her friend Tina Ledford).

Congratulations Meagan and Tina!

We encourage you to look below and read the touching stories of our dozen finalists. And we want to say a big THANK YOU to the thousands of fans who voted. We know that any of the top 12 families would have provided a wonderful home for Philo.


Top 12 Families for the Free Mini Labradoodle at Valentine’s Day

Renae Murphy (Stockbridge, GA)

We lost our beloved chocolate beagle, Lucky, almost a year ago to a horrible cancer called Hemangiosarcoma. We fought this terrible disease as hard as we could. He had a splenectomy on the very day that we finally knew what was wrong, even though the vet had done ultrasounds and exams. Lucky was a chocolate dog with a brown nose like Philo. As soon as I saw the picture of Philo, I was in love. We miss Lucky so much and would absolutely love to open our home up to Philo. I have been telling my family that I wanted a puppy for over 6 months. We couldn’t afford one at Christmas, and since our daughter is in her first year of college, money was already kind of tight. We have a ton of love to give a sweet little puppy. This would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for me. I would always pick a puppy over chocolates or roses. I grew up with a poodle that lived to 18 years old. My other dogs made it to 10 and 12 years old. I wish dogs lived as long as people because I can’t imagine life without a dog. I hope you pick me for Philo, but if you don’t, I will pray that Philo finds the perfect family to give him the loving home that he deserves.

Leslie Fischetti (Simpsonville, SC)

Our family would love Philo forever!
Our oldest daughter, Abby, has special needs due to having the majority of the left side of her brain removed when she was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer at 7 mths old. She also suffered a stroke during that surgery.
Abby loves to throw balls & play with puppies; she would be thrilled to have her very on companion.

This is a wonderful thing you are doing and I pray that Philo is placed in the perfect home!

Karen Sterett (Niceville, FL)

We are a family of 4. My husband and I have 2 very active boys. I work for our local Chick-fil-A and my husband is in the Airforce Reserves. I have been looking for a great addition to our family, unfortunately, the price tags are too high for us right now. My boys need a loving playmate plus I want to give them responsibility with a new pup. This little fella would also serve as company for me while my husband deploys. Thanks for listening!

Gary Thompson (Orangeburg, SC)

We are a loving family here in S.C., we have 12 children, nine who still live at home. We have so much fun together singing and dancing. We have a son who is 3 named Asa who has speech delays. Asa loves animals as much as we do. We live on an acre, and we homeschool our children and we work from home. Our kids talk about having a dog, a doodle; we recently adopted a 6 month old labradoodle named Dixie. They adore her! Every day they talk about Dixie needing a little brother. The smiles on their faces are priceless. We would take Philo and Dixie everywhere! We love going to the park, having campfires, camping, going to the beach, jumping on our trampoline, dancing, having family movie night, and we are just missing Philo!
Our family would love Philo so much and he would get so much love because there are so many of us!

Melanie Peterson, (Midland, MI)

I would be a great fit for Philo because I think I have a lot of love to offer. My son, who had disabilities who I lived with and cared for, passed away and now I find myself very lonely. I do have a 12 year cat, but he isn't bouncy or frisky anymore. I have so much love to give and all of my time to devote to a puppy. I own my own home and have a big fenced backyard. I have an established relation at a local veterinary practice due to owning my cat. I'm retired so Philo wouldn't be left alone in the house. I truly need the happiness having a puppy in the house would bring and have a lot of love to give. It would also help me get some exercise caring for a dog and going on walks, doggy playmates with some of my friends and to the dog parks. I know thousands of people always apply for your contests as I do, so my chances are slim, but I truly hope you'll take the time to consider my application. It is wondeful that you give people the opportunity to welcome this happy goodness through your contests. Thank-you for giving people the hope of welcoming Philo into their home. I would LOVE this happy goodness. My daughter lives in Bluffton South Carolina. Maybe somehow I could even come down and get Philo and fly Philo home with me. Thank-you for the contest and the hope

Renee Veltri (Simpsonville, SC)

We would be a great fit for philo because our home could give him so much love! After a traumatic health scare with me, we lost our lab about two years ago. My children leaned on their animals so much during the transitional period of me being in and out of the hospital and recovering. Unfortunately, our rescued lab (Java) was only able to stay with us until I made a complete recovery before she passed away. To this day, my children consistently pray and ask God to keep watch over Java and to send us another doggy friend for our family.
We have three children and a 2 year old labradoodle (Molly). We are very familiar with the maintenance required for doodles and will not only give philo the love and attention he needs but will ensure he will get properly groomed. He will even have a huge fenced in backyard to run and play in. Please help us answers our children’s prayers and gift us Philo!!

Casey Beardon (Madison, GA)

My family would be a great fit for Philo because we LOVE animals. My son just turned 11 and has been begging for a dog since he was tiny. He wants a dog to be his best friend. My 8 yr old daughter has some allergies and so we have to have a low shed to non shedding dog. My husband is a youth pastor and I am a stay at home mom, so buying the kind of pup we need is difficult on a one income youth pastors salary. We would love Philo as if he was our fourth child. Having a dog would complete our family. We have always said once we purchased our own home and were no longer renting we would try to get a dog. Well we purchased our first home last Christmas so now getting a puppy is all our kids talk about. If you picked our family we would be SO grateful!! I believe my son would just start crying bc he wants one so bad!!! Thank you for considering!

Mimi Daves (Belmont, NC)

Where do I even begin! My 3 daughters, husband, and I have always been obsessed with Labradoodles, and even more so since someone told me about you guys!

We sit and look at the new ones that are born and posted on your site and laugh, giggle about how adorable and cute they are. So, we do have another family member and his name is Bailey. Bailey is 14 years old and is the most precious and loving dog ever. I think he is a human being because he understands our commands and is so respectful to us and strangers. You couldn't ask for a better loving dog as Bailey!

Bailey, however, is sick with a mass lump on his lung and not sure how much longer he will be around. As much as this breaks our hearts, we know he has had an awesome life with us surrounded with love by all! Anytime we go camping, which is a lot, he is always there with us! Even trips to the store, and my husbands job every day, Bailey is always there!

So we found the news out about Bailey about 3 weeks prior to Christmas 2018, so I have a friend that posted on FB that he does pencil drawings of animals and that he was offering his services to raise money for his Church to help kids to have have a Christmas. So I sent a picture of Bailey on our Wedding Day back in 2012, of him wearing a bowtie. Least to say, the extra money I gave for the drawing was well worth the cause and the pencil drawing picture! I gave it to my husband for Christmas with the intention of having a memory of Bailey!

We have also noticed that when another puppy or dog comes around, that Bailey gets energized and seems to pep up his step, being very playful to have another around.

So with this said, we would be a perfect fit for Philo, not just for our benefit but for Bailey as well!

Doggie Hugs & Love,
Mimi, Joe, Lexi, Victoria, Kailee & Bailey Daves

Meagan Myra, recommending her friend (Resaca, GA)

I recently got a mini golden doodle puppy from Crockett Doodles, and his name is Kirby. A lifelong friend of mine, Tina Ledford came over with her autistic son, Edward to meet Kirby. Edward usually doesn't do well around dogs, but he loved Kirby. Edward wanted to pet him and love on him. Tina is a single mom who devotes most of her time to her son's special needs which can be costly. Philo would make a wonderful addition to their family and an awesome Valentin's present for Edward. I know Philo would be cared for and loved by both Tina and Edward. Philo would have a big yard to run and play with Edward in.

Courtney Stinnette (Travelers Rest, SC)

Oh, how I would love to have Philo to be apart of my family. A mini labradoodle is the dog that I have been wishing for. I live out in the country and have large fenced in back yard for him to run and play. I love being outside, planting flowers and working in the garden, walking the Swamp Rabbit trail and being out on the local lakes. I am currently working on my masters degree in social work and dream of one day having a therapy dog to use in counseling sessions. I currently work in a middle school and work with youth who have experienced trauma. I would love having him to come home to after stressful day at work. I have witnessed children and therapy dogs interacting before and realize how comforting and safe they can make a child feel. I have been looking for the perfect companion in a dog for myself as well as to help others and I believe that Philo might just be the perfect fit.
Thank you for the opportunity to win this bundle of joy!

Lori Axelson (Rockford, MI)

Hello, I am so excited that you are doing this for families like us that would really love to provide a home to a a sweet pet like Philo, but are finding it difficult to come up with the money.
My husband and I have been married for 14 years and have 4 children. Our oldest is almost 10 and youngest just turned 4. Our kids have been asking us to have a puppy for the past year. We hoped to have one for them close to Christmas but we weren’t able to because we had a couple unexpected home repairs that took prescience. Our family has been looking at Labradoodles for the past year. I grew up having Labs and have always wanted my children to have the same experience. Our Children even have a “snickers” jar for saving up money for their puppy(they have saved about $65 so far);)

Danielle Derkink Detlefs (Brookhaven, GA)

We have been searching for the perfect family dog for our chronically ill daughter with arthritis and our genetically challenged special needs daughter and I am a firm believer in “what is meant to be will happen”, so I will throwing our name in the hat to be the potential family for Philo. We live in a ranch home in Brookhaven with a fenced in backyard and plenty of neighbors with children and other dogs, so he would be welcomed into a loving community where we play together after school and would go for walks to see our neighbors. Is Philo our destiny? We will let the world decide if it was meant to be for us for Valentines Day. ❤️

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We’ve left the previous announcement below so you can understand the full context.

Free Mini Labradoodle ANNouncement

We had thousands of participants in our Christmas giveaway of a sweet Newfiedoodle puppy, and many requests for us to consider giving away another puppy in the future. As we get closer to Valentine’s Day, hundreds of families contact Crockett Doodles wanting a Valentine’s Day Doodle puppy. We love making these wishes come true. Even though our adoption prices are considerably lower than most of our competitors, we recognize that there are many wonderful families who are not in a position to afford several hundred dollars for a wonderful doodle family member.

Philo, is a sweet natured mini Labradoodle puppy. His guardian home loves him, and we’re so excited to see which fortunate family will receive this wonderful puppy for Valentine’s Day. You can tell us why your family would be a great home or recommend another family, and then let our Facebook followers vote for the winner.

This February we’ve decided to give away a fabulous doodle puppy for completely FREE to a great home. There are no strings attached. We will screen the family to be sure that they will provide a wonderful environment for the home, but there will be no adoption fees.

You can read more about the affectionate disposition, loyalty, and hypoallergenic coats of our f1b mini Labradoodles at our partner site

Through the years, families who have adopted mini Labradoodles from us, talk about their funny antics and kind dispositions. We thought that a mini Labradoodle would be a perfect choice to give to one very fortunate family (or individual) this Valentine’s Day.


How The Contest Works

Please tell us why your family would be a good fit for sweet little Philo, the mini Labradoodle. He’s at our partner home in Greenville, SC, but we will accept entries from anywhere in the United States. In addition to suggesting your own family, we will also take suggestions of other families that you think would love this amazing Valentine’s Day present of a mini Labradoodle.

Be sure to like, comment, and share our Facebook page, and then tell us why you would provide Philo the parti-colored mini Labradoodle with a wonderful home. Your entry can either be a comment on our Facebook post, or using the form below.

After 7-10 days of entries, the Crockett Doodles team plans to choose ten of the families, and we’ll let our thousands and thousands of fans vote on their favorite family (of the 10 selected) to receive sweet Philo. You’re welcomed to read more about Crockett Doodles’ history, our philosophy, or even apply for one of our puppies. It will be exciting to see what wonderful home gets Philo, the free mini Labradoodle puppy this Valentine’s Day.

Read about the ways that Crockett Doodles Gives Back to the Community

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