George the Newfiedoodle

George, the one year old Newfiedoodle

George, the one year old Newfiedoodle


Meet George…

George is a gorgeous, 76 pound Newfiedoodle (Newfypoo) who turned one year old on May 27, 2018. He is a gentle giant. George has been fabulous with kids and other dogs. He's house trained and crate trained. George was adopted from Crockett Doodles as a gorgeous 8 week old puppy. He went to an outstanding family who provided him with excellent training and veterinary care.

In the recent weeks, some big family issues (including a huge home remodel project, and a pregnancy with twins) have made things particularly busy at this household. Out of fairness to George, they have decided to bring him back to us and let us find him a new home. This was a very difficult decision for the family as George has been a model dog with the perfect temperament and a constant companion to their two year old. A lot of tears were shed with this decision. 

For the past several days, George has been at Nathan Crockett's house as we have evaluated him to be sure that he is ready for a new home. He has been outstanding (no accidents in the house), plays great with our kids and our other dogs. He seems to have the gentle giant personality. He does have a summer haircut (so he looks quite a bit different than the pictures, as he's shaved down for the summer).

George's adoption/rehoming fee is $1,200. Typically if we are adopting out an already trained adult dog, we would charge more than a puppy, since they already have all their vaccinations, are already trained, etc. Normally the fee for George as a well-trained one year-old would be $2,400.

We've cut it in half for the following reason: When George was five months old, he had some growing pains (common for large breed dogs), his new family was particularly concerned about hip dysplasia because their previous large breed dog (not a doodle), had hip issues. They took George in for x-rays, and the vet let them know that George had somewhat shallow acetabulums. This could lead to hip dysplasia in the future. George's family started giving the recommended Adroitin supplement.

At the time, his family let us know this was a possibility, and we let them know that we would give a full refund of George's purchase price if he had dysplasia (we've been blessed through the years to only have a couple dogs who have developed dysplasia). As George grew, he seemed to outgrow any growing pains, and now he shows no visible signs at all of any issues. Both we and his family were relieved. As several family issues came up later (particularly the pregnancy with twins), they decided to re-home George out of fairness to him, and we want to be perfectly honest with his new adopting home.  The fact that George had somewhat shallow acetabulums has made us decided to re-home him for half the normal price. We've included the original x-ray below as well as a link so you can read about the potential issue. Not being vets ourselves, the x-ray looks in the normal range to us, and George is not demonstrating any sign of discomfort whatsoever. We have the entire vet's records, which we will plan to give to George's new home.


George's x-ray taken in October of 2017

George's x-ray taken in October of 2017

Here's a link that explains what a shallow acetabulum is:

We realize that we will likely get flooded with families wanting to adopt George. He's currently in Greenville, SC. If interested in adopting George the Newfiedoodle for $1200, please email