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Goldendoodle vs
Golden Retriever

Compare Goldendoodle with Golden Retriever

Goldendoodle vs Golden Retriever

Mini Goldendoodle from Crockett Doodles
Mini Goldendoodle from Crockett Doodles

Goldendoodles VErsus Golden Retrievers

What are the differences between a Goldendoodle and a Golden Retriever? Golden Retrievers are one of the most iconic dog breeds in American history. In the past few years, Goldens have typically ranked number three on the AKC list of most popular dogs. Golden Retrievers have long been popular because of their gorgeous flowing coats, sweet and happy dispositions, and loyal nature. It is hard to imagine a breed better with children then the tail-wagging Golden Retriever.

Although the AKC does not track Doodles, several breeders have argued that the Goldendoodle has become America’s most popular dog. Many would argue that Goldendoodles are the new “gold standard” for the world’s best dog. Goldendoodles have quickly risen in popularity because they share many of the lovable traits of the Golden Retriever, while adding their own unique traits that cause families to seek them out. In evaluating Goldendoodles vs Golden Retrievers, we seek to distinguish the similarities and differences between these two extraordinarily “Golden” breeds.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers originated in the 1800’s and were originally bred to be hunting dogs. They are known to be one of the most happy and outgoing dog breeds. Golden Retrievers make an excellent dog choice for families and individuals alike. Goldens have a very gentle disposition and have a visible love for their families. Golden Retrievers are also very obedient and trainable, which has made them increasingly popular to be used as service dogs or therapy dogs.

Golden Retrievers typically have very long and flowing coats in colors such as gold (yellow), apricot, and English Cream. While their coats are eye-catchingly gorgeous, they are also high shedding dogs whose coats are prone to cause allergic reactions for those with dog allergies. Golden Retriever females are typically in the 55-65 pound range while Golden males are in the 65-75 pound range. Golden Retriever males are usually 22-24 inches at the withers, and females usually stand 20-22 inches at the withers. Golden Retrievers usually have a life span of 9 to 12 years.


Goldendoodles originated in the 1990’s and were bred to have the endearing nature of the Golden Retriever, the intelligence of a Retriever and the hypoallergenic properties of the Poodle. Additionally, Goldendoodles have hybrid vigor and tend to be healthier than Golden Retrievers. Goldendoodles usually have a longer lifespan than purebred Retrievers. This hybrid of Poodle and Golden Retriever is the perfect mix for many families. Goldendoodles are also known for their cheerful, outgoing, trainable nature. They make excellent service dogs as well as wonderful family pets.
Mini Goldendoodle from Crockett Doodles
Mini Goldendoodle from Crockett Doodles
Goldendoodles have a range of wavy to curly coats that do not shed nearly as much as their Golden Retriever ancestors. Goldendoodle coats come in many of the same colors as Retrievers but can also come in colors such as dark red, chocolate, black, merle, Parti-Color, Phantom, and Tuxedo patterns. Goldendoodles come in a larger variety of sizes ranging from petite minis (toy Goldendoodles) at 5-20 pounds to standards at 65-80 pounds.

Goldendoodles vs Golden Retrievers: Bottom Line

Both the Golden Retriever and Goldendoodle breeds are excellent choices for families. We believe the Goldendoodle breed has a few distinguishing factors that set them apart from Golden Retrievers. Goldendoodles tend to be a much safer choice for those families with allergies. Another Goldendoodle advantage is they can be bred to come in more color and sizing options. Goldendoodles typically live longer lives and have fewer health issues due to hybrid vigor. Finally, Goldendoodles have the intelligence of the Poodle and the friendly loyalty of the Retriever all wrapped up into their genetic make-up to give you an amazing family dog.

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