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Here are some resources about our family network that may be of help to you:

What is your Process?
Please read over our six-step process beginning at this link to make sure that we’re the right breeder for you as our process is unique:

Which breed is right for you?
Here’s a link to our Breed Comparison chart that lists all our breeds and sizes available from our Partner Homes that may help you narrow down which one is the best fit for you:

How much do your puppies cost?
You can click on the “Breeds” tab on our main website to find links with information and pricing for all of our breeds:

If your family deals with any allergies, we strongly encourage you to consider adopting a curly-coated F1b puppy as these are typically the most hypoallergenic and will experience the least amount of shedding as an adult. Here’s a link with more information about F1b pups:

How do I apply?
Here’s a link to apply for all of our breeds and begin the process:

What is the current wait time?
Here’s a link to an article and video from Nathan Crockett about our current wait time. At the bottom that page on our website is a chart with the historic average wait time for all of our breeds and sizes of puppies that is updated weekly:

Where are your puppies available currently?
Most of our puppies are currently available from our families around Greenville, SC, Corning, NY, Harrisburg, PA, and Ankeny, IA. We have a few litters available from other locations occasionally.

Do you have Delivery Services?
Yes! We offer both ground delivery and flight nanny services. Here is a link with information and pricing for both depending on the size of your puppy and your location:

Do you have any puppies available immediately?
Maybe! If you’re interested in adopting an immediately available puppy, check out our Available page and if there is a puppy posted there, just fill out the application naming that puppy. Those applications go to a different email address where a team member will be glad to answer your questions about that puppy. Those puppies are typically already matched puppies whose families had to back out of their adoption at the last minute. We post those puppies there to help them be adopted at the same time as their siblings. Families on our deposit list are given priority for those puppies.

Do you have a waitlist for Christmas puppies?
Our 2021 Christmas List is now open and has limited availability. If you would like to reserve a spot on our Christmas List, simply apply for our regular waitlist and click the “Christmas List” box on your application indicating your interest. If you’re approved you’ll be given access to your personal account that will indicate if you’re on the Christmas List or the Waiting List to join the Christmas List if a spot becomes available. Being on the Christmas List does not guarantee that you’ll adopt a December puppy. For more information please read about our Christmas list at this link:

Do you sell older dogs?
Occasionally we do have Crockett Doodles’ families that need to ReHome their pet and we offer them a service to help them find a new family for their pet. We do not have a waitlist for these as we never know when a family will need to ReHome their pet. If we have a pet that is looking for a new home, their family will post them on our Available Page (scroll down the page):

Can you call me?
We’re truly sorry, but we’re just not able to return the many daily requests for phone calls. My team would love to help answer your questions via email, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to them!

Please email your questions to [email protected]


NATHAN CROCKETT, PhD | Owner, Crockett Doodles | Director of Ministry Training, School of Religion Faculty, Bob Jones University
[email protected]

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Reviews: Feedback from amazing families who’ve adopted our pups:

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