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Is Crockett Doodles a Puppy Mill? Here Are 15 of the Best Reasons We Are Absolutely Not a Puppy Mill

November 2, 2022
Is Crockett Doodles a Puppy Mill?

Is Crockett Doodles a puppy mill or a trustworthy reputable breeder? This is a serious question every responsible person should ask about any breeder they are considering. Bringing a puppy into your home is a life-changing decision and one that should be made carefully and after good research.

What is a puppy mill?

A puppy mill is a breeder establishment that raises a high volume of puppies for sale in one location with filthy inhumane conditions, typically keeping their parent dogs in cages with no socialization and disregarding the basic needs of their animals for affection and health care.

Puppy mills are deplorable and should be shut down for their appalling conditions and ill-treatment of their animals. They typically are only focused on profit without consideration for their animals’ quality of life and without any commitment to the people who adopt their puppies. Please do not support a puppy mill.

Is Crockett Doodles a puppy mill?

Here are 15 reasons why Crockett Doodles is not a puppy mill:

  1. 1. We are a network of different families, not one large facility. Our parent dogs are privately owned by individual families located across the United States. Our main hubs are located in Greenville, SC, and in the New York/New Jersey areas, but we also currently have families in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Utah and California. We have received applications from people from almost every state desiring to partner with us.
  2. 2. Our families are required to provide excellent care for their pets to be part of our network including regular vet visits and annual vaccinations. We have high standards, work regularly with our veterinarians, and provide strict accountability for every home in our family network that begins with our application to join us.
  3. 3. We do not have a required breeding schedule, and each family is free to decide when/if to breed their privately owned pet each year based on the demand from our wait-list of Forever Families. We do not breed our pets if the demand for their puppies is not already present. We never encourage or condone overbreeding.
  4. 4. Our puppies are bred, born and raised in our families which means they are well-loved, well-socialized, clean and happy. Many of our families also have children and other pets which simply adds depth to our puppies’ socialization experience.
  5. 5. We do not allow our puppies to join their Forever Homes until they are 8-10 weeks of age, depending on the breed. Our larger breeds are typically ready to meet their Forever Families at 8 weeks. We want our smaller breeds to have more time with their mama and littermates, so they typically are ready when they are around 10 weeks old. We assess each litter and puppy individually.
  6. 6. Our puppies are up-to-date on all of their vaccinations, have been vet-checked, are micro-chipped and have had their deworming medications before Adoption Day. If a health issue is discovered by one of our veterinarians, we fully disclose this to our Forever Families before adoption and give them the freedom to decide whether to move forward with the adoption of that puppy.
  7. 7. Our puppies come with an excellent Health Guarantee
  8. 8. We have a required spay/neuter contract. Our puppies are meant only to be family pets and are not to be used for breeding. We ask our families to have their puppy spayed/neutered before their first birthday (or when the pup is fully grown at their vet’s recommendation) and then send us the paperwork from their licensed veterinarian in fulfillment of this contract when the procedure is complete.
  9. 9. Some of our Forever Families pick up their puppy from the private Guardian Home where the mama dog lives and can meet the mama and any remaining littermates. The main focus of our Guardian Homes is caring for their own pet and raising her healthy puppies. Each Guardian Home can choose whether to handle their own Adoption Days. If a Guardian Home prefers not to invite strangers to their private home (due to family schedules, young children in the home, COVID concerns, etc.), they can ask one of our Transition Homes to handle their Adoption Days for them. We recommend that you read about our Partner Home System that has allowed our families to prioritize the health and socialization of our puppies. You can also take a peek inside a Crockett Doodles Guardian Home in our new series.
  10. 10. We do not ship our puppies with people who do not care about them. We prefer that our Forever Families pick up their puppy from our private homes. We know this simply isn’t always possible, so we do offer our excellent delivery services. Our ground delivery drivers are personal friends who stay in contact with our Forever Families throughout their puppy’s trip providing regular stops and exercise breaks. Our Flight Nannies carry our puppies in the passenger cabin of the plane with them and personally hand-deliver our puppies to their waiting Forever Family at the airport when they land. Our puppies receive individual attention and personalized care either way. We never ship our puppies via cargo unless they are traveling internationally where cargo is the only option.
  11. 11. Our deposit is refundable (minus a small processing fee) up to 2 years from your deposit date. The balance of your puppy is not due until after you are holding the puppy in your arms.
  12. 12. Post-adoption, our Forever Families are well supported by our Client Experience Team who answer their questions and offer resources and encouragement as each family adjusts to a new puppy in their home. We also ask for feedback via our Client Survey to help us improve and are grateful for the excellent suggestions we’ve received from our Forever Families through the years.
  13. 13. We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau and have an A+ rating with them. Occasionally anti-breeder individuals leave negative comments expressing their personal opinions, but we encourage you to read reviews by our actual Forever Families to find out about their real experience.
  14. 14. We regularly give back to our communities through donations with many organizations like Make-A-Wish, Juvenile Diabetes Association, Children’s National Hospital, Greenville Humane Society and Miracle Hill. We invite you to consider giving back to these charitable organizations as well!
  15. 15. Our website is a wealth of information and resources available for dog families everywhere. We are fully committed to helping people become excellent puppy parents – whether or not they adopt their puppy from our family network.
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