Jonathan Wooster

Special Projects

Are you still an Admissions Counselor for BJ? 

I began working as an admission counselor for BJU in 2017. I travel a few weeks each semester preaching/presenting in Christian schools in the Mideast (WV, OH, PA, NY). I also serve as a non-staff pastor at Hampton Park Baptist Church and love volunteering in the children’s ministry.  

Married? If so, to whom?

I am married to my best friend, Amy. We met in college and were married a few days after Christmas in 2010. We have 2 boys and absolutely love watching them grow.

Any dogs? Their names? 

I grew up exploring the woods and streams around my house with a Golden Retriever named Charlie. He passed away shortly after I was married and it was deeply emotional saying goodbye to my friend of 12 years. My wife grew up with a Toy Poodle named Twinkles so between the two of us we essentially had a golden doodle. We would love to add a dog to our family as soon as we are able to fence in our backyard for a better play space for our future family member.

Hobbies you enjoy? 

Lately, I’ve been wrapping up a complete kitchen/living room renovation. I enjoy home maintenance projects and playing with my two boys. We also love cheering on the Ohio State Buckeyes.