we are pleased to announce…

a gorgeous litter of 6 mini Labradoodles born November 4th. Based on their 51 pound Labradoodle mom (Frisky) and their 9 pound mini Poodle dad (Raymond), we expect this litter of puppies to be 20-35 pounds fully grown. These mini Labradoodle puppies have been a joy to raise and we believe they will make outstanding family members for a few fortunate forever homes.

Frisky, 51 pound Labradoodle Mom

Frisky, 51 pound Labradoodle Mom

Raymond, 9 pound Mini Poodle

Raymond, 9 pound Mini Poodle


stella Rose - girl

Stella Rose is a beautiful girl with a sweet personality. She loves to stay close by our side and will love being with you too! She is a gorgeous girl who is loving and loyal, we think she will make a lucky family or individual very happy!

sissy - girl

Sissy is a gorgeous white and chocolate Labradoodle who loves her family and snuggles. She is a fun little puppy who loves playing with both us and her siblings any chance she gets. She also loves to settle in for some well-deserved cuddles at the end of the day! Sissy will make a fantastic furry family member!

suzie - girl

Suzie is a beautiful little girl who loves to bound through the yard and cuddle in the house. We believe that her white and chocolate, curly coat will receive almost as many compliments as her personality.  Suzie will be a wonderful companion for years to come!

sammy - boy

Sammy is a happy puppy with a love for people! He loves to hang out with us, and he follows us everywhere. We love Sammy’s handsome chocolate and white markings and believe that he will receive many compliments! Sammy is kind, loving, and gentle, and he will be will be a great furry companion!

silver - boy

Silver is a lovable little guy with very handsome parti-color markings!  He is so cute and it's so much fun watching him run around the yard playing with his siblings!  Silver will be a fun, wonderful addition to any family!

sebastian - boy