A mix between a poodle and a Labrador Retriever

Labradoodle and Mini Labradoodle Breed

Mini Labradoodles cross a mini Poodle with a Labrador Retriever or another Labradoodle (f1b mini Labradoodle pups). Standard Labradoodles are a mix of a Poodle with a Labrador Retriever.

Labradoodles and mini Labradoodles have the brains, the temperaments, and the loyalty to become excellent service dogs. Both Labrador Retrievers and Poodles are highly intelligent dogs, helping Labradoodles excel in smarts, train-ability, and a general desire to always please their owner. If you desire a family-friendly, kid loving, medium energy dog that is comfortable inside or outside, that loves the water and the land, you should definitely consider a Labradoodle or mini Labradoodle.

At Crockett Doodles, we specialize in F1b Doodles, which are first-generation Doodles that are bred with a standard poodle. This generally means there is a higher probability of a non-shedding coat—good for people who have allergic reactions near dogs. To read more about the f-factor, check out this resource: the F1b advantage. While we cannot guarantee that any of our dogs are 100% allergy-free, we can say with confidence that it is less likely to affect allergies. Check out this link to read more about whether it is appropriate to call dogs “hypoallergenic”.

Crockett Doodles wishes to ensure that families get paired with a puppy that is perfect for their needs. If you need help distinguishing the characteristics between a mini Goldendoodle and a mini Labradoodle, see Goldendoodles vs. Labradoodles.

Learn More About Labradoodle Breed Characteristics

Labradoodle Discounts

$100 puppy discount for military, veterans, firefighters, EMTs, police officers, pastors, teachers, and home school parents

$100 puppy discount for anyone who was referred by a Crockett Doodles Forever Home who adopted a puppy from us

All discounts must be requested and processed BEFORE the Puppy Adoption is completed on Adoption Day.

Advantages of Labradoodles and Mini Labradoodles

(These advantages are typically the case, but cannot be guaranteed to be true of each individual mini Labradoodle puppy.)

  1. Labradoodles and mini Labradoodles are healthier than purebred AKC Labs due to hybrid genes.
  2. Labradoodles are usually hypoallergenic because of the poodle coat.
  3. Labradoodles and mini Labradoodles are Highly Intelligent and easy to train.
  4. Labradoodles and mini Labradoodles are very Loyal family members.
  5. Labradoodles and mini Labradoodles are usually playful and very loving with children and other dogs.
  6. Labradoodles and mini Labradoodles usually adapt to new environments well.
Light Red Labradoodle from Crockett Doodles

Light Red Labradoodle from Crockett Doodles

Labradoodle and Mini Labradoodle Pricing

$1000-2000 Labradoodle Base Price (black or gray medium/standard Labradoodle male with straight coat)


+ $200 Wavy/Curly Labradoodle Coat

+ $200 Cream, Apricot, or Tan Labradoodle Coat

+ $300 Red, Chocolate, or Parti-colored Labradoodle Coat


+ $200 Medium (40-55 pounds full grown)
+ $400
Traditional Mini Labradoodle (25-40 pounds full grown)

  • When breeders initially started mini Labradoodles, the goal was to get them half the size of a standard Labradoodle. Standard Labradoodles can often be 80-90 pounds; so early “mini” Labradoodles were often 30-40 pounds full grown; we call this size “traditional mini.”

+ $600 Petite Mini Labradoodle (8-25 pounds full grown)

Labradoodle Gender

+ $100 female Labradoodle


+ $200 for a Labradoodle Christmas pup (This extra charge encourages for families to wait for a non-December mini Labradoodle puppy if they’re not set on a Christmas Labradoodle or mini Labradoodle puppy. Some families wait specifically to get a Christmas Labradoodle puppy for their kids.)

6% Sales Tax Applies to All Labradoodle puppies Picked up in the state of South Carolina.

Labradoodle Pricing Examples

Black, wavy-coated medium Labradoodle female: $1300 (1000 base + 200 wavy + 100 female)

Tan, traditional mini, straight-coated Labradoodle male: $1600 (1000 base + 200 tan + 400 mini)

Chocolate, petite, curly-coated Labradoodle male: $2100 (1000 base + 300 chocolate + 600 petite + 200 curly)

Chocolate Labradoodle from Crockett Doodles

Chocolate Labradoodle from Crockett Doodles

Labradoodle and Mini Labradoodle Sizes

Toy/Petite, Traditional Mini, Medium, Standard
Pups shown above are Goldendoodles (8 weeks old) – Sizes listed are full-grown estimates.
Red Tuxedo Labradoodle from Crockett Doodles
Red Tuxedo Labradoodle from Crockett Doodles

Labradoodle and Mini Labradoodle Colors

Labradoodle and mini Labradoodle puppy colors include chocolate, merle, red, apricot, cream, and black. Even though Chocolate Labradoodles are the most popular, the other Labradoodle colors are rising quickly.

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