Chocolate Labradoodle Puppies is pleased to announce...

a litter of one puppy, Oliver, born Sunday, January 26, 2018. We expect Oliver to be very gentle like his Labradoodle mom, Willow, and incredibly smart like his poodle dad, Charlie. We expect Oliver will be 35-50 pounds full grown.

Oliver is very gentle; great with kids, and not very vocal at all. We wouldn't be at all surprised to see him doing therapy work. Oliver enjoys running, playing with toys, and exploring outside, but he seems most content cuddling with someone. We are excited to match his with a forever homes!

Enjoy the pictures below!


Oliver is a cute puppy that is super friendly. He loves to be with people, and nothing ever seems to get under his skin. Oliver is super smart and very gentle, and we know that he will be very easy to train!

$1000 base price + $200 for wavy/curly + $300 for chocolate = $1500 - ($300 deposit)

$1200 due at pickup