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Micro Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale (This LItter Already Went To Homes)

Micro Goldendoodles born September 7, 2017. Some people refer to petite Goldendoodles as toy Goldendoodles, or micro Goldendoodles. Our petite mini Goldendoodle category spans from 10 pounds to 25 pounds. We expect these pups will be in the 20-25 pound range full grown. Their dad, Tucker is an English Cream f1b mini Goldendoodle, and their mom, Millie is a light red f1b mini Goldendoodle. Both Tucker and Millie live at our house and our great pets. We've raised these three little f1b multigen micro Goldendoodle girls in our living room. They're very sweet. We know these cute mini micro Goldendoodles will go to wonderful forever families.

Micro Goldendoodle Litter Pictures


Petite Goldendoodle Parents Tucker (white) and Millie (light red)

Snowball (Spoken For)

Snowball is an affectionate micro Goldendoodle girl. Her coloring is cream (with apricot swirls) When Snowball was born, she looked pure white (a lot like her dad Tucker). At the time the name Snowball fit her perfectly. As she has aged, she's developed apricot ears, and a few light apricot swirls. She has a gorgeous coat (the pictures don't quite do her justice). She likes cuddling, and at times can be a bit of a drama queen. With little sighs when you set her down as if she's not being sufficiently spoiled.

Snowball's adoption fee: $1,000 base + $100 female + $200 wavy + $400 micro Goldendoodle size + $200 cream/apricot = $1,900 (minus $300 deposit) equals:

$1600 due at pickup

Ruby (Spoken For)

Ruby is a very cute red micro Goldendoodle girl. From the time she's been born, Ruby has seemed elegant. We think she would make a great therapy dog as she is calm in her demeanor. She's not as quick to run and try new things as her two sisters, but she definitely loves a good cuddle session. My five year old daughter, LilyAnne loves Ruby.

Ruby's adoption fee: $1,000 base + $100 female + $200 wavy + $400 micro + $300 red = $2,000 (minus $300 deposit) equals:

$1700 due at pickup


April is a sweet, apricot petite mini (micro) Goldendoodle. Initially she was a rich apricot all over her body. Lately, we're seeing swirls of cream in the apricot. April is my son Shepherd's favorite (Shepherd is my 6 year old pictured holding the pups).

April's adoption fee: $1,000 base + $100 female + $200 wavy + $400 micro + $200 apricot = $1,900 (minus $300 deposit) equals:

$1600 due at pickup

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