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5 Incredible Reasons to Consider Having More than One Doodle in Your Home

February 9, 2023
More than one Doodle

What are some things you should consider about having more than one Doodle in your home?

When you come home after a long day, or even a short trip to the store, there is nothing like being greeted with a sweet face, a wagging tail, and excited kisses. Your fur baby brings you so much companionship and joy! Can you imagine having another precious Doodle companion to love? There are so many good reasons to have more than one Doodle in your home – not only for your family, but also for your current Doodle.

5 Benefits To Having More than one Doodle

Here are 5 fabulous benefits to having more than one Doodle in your home:

  1. Calming your Dog’s Environment
    Dogs are pack animals and love being with their own kind. When you leave home, they can feel lonely and suffer separation anxiety. With another furry friend in the home, they always have part of their pack with them when you leave and are more likely to feel calm and relaxed while you are away from home.
  2. Enhancing Exercise and Entertainment
    Much like brothers and sisters in a human family, dogs love to entertain each other by playing together – with lots of teasing, chasing, and wrestling. A dog is never bored with another furry buddy! You will find your dog’s exercise needs are better met with a dog sibling to run and chase around the yard! Dogs love to play together, and many times, will exert a lot more energy in escapades together than in a game of fetch with their owners.
  3. Easing Socialization and Training
    Dogs learn from each other. This is especially true when a puppy enters the home of an older dog. Everything from potty training to the rules of the home are learned more easily as the puppy naturally follows the lead of the older, experienced dog.
  4. Increasing Companionship
    Dogs connect differently with different members of their families. In my family, our Cavapoo knows who to go to for a game of chase, a walk outside, or cuddles on the couch – our cutie has bonded to each family member differently. Bringing another dog in your home provides even more multi-faceted companionship (including more wagging tails and kisses!) and offers more bonding opportunities for your family.
  5. Bettering your Physical and Mental Health
    There are numerous scientifically proven benefits to owning dogs including reducing stress and anxiety, providing emotional support, helping us interact socially, and providing more opportunities for exercise. Caring for dogs truly is good for our health!

We know that bringing a furry family member into your home is a big deal, and certainly considering two dogs requires careful thought and planning. We think you’ll find two truly are better than one!

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