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Nathan C.

Dr. Nathan Crockett


Dr. Nathan Crockett has a PhD in Theology and teaches at Bob Jones University, where he also serves on administration. A natural entrepreneur, Nathan has started several businesses and owns several rental properties and land investments. He and Abigail help lead the young adult ministry at Morningside Baptist Church; speaks regularly at churches, camps, youth retreatsChristian School leadership conferences, and oversees the children’s program at the TTD homeschool conventions. Nathan and his family started Crockett Doodles, and he continues to oversee the operations. The Crocketts (Nathan, Abigail and five children—Shepherd, LilyAnne, Christian, Avi, and Genesis) love their toy Poodle and Sheepadoodle. Nathan works with Barry to set a vision for Crockett Doodles. He also oversees social media and carefully screens all potential partner homes. Nathan greatly enjoys hearing from so many happy families who adopt pups from Crockett Doodles.

Nathan Crockett Family Photo
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