Best Bernedoodles is pleased to announce . . .

a gorgeous litter of 4 standard Bernedoodles born February 11, 2018. These beautiful pups seem to be intelligent and loving like their parents. These standard Bernedoodle puppies have beautiful black and white markings, and we expect that their coats will continue to become more wavy and curly as they grow. Based on parents, we think these puppies will be 50-65 pounds fully grown.

These gorgeous standard Bernedoodle puppies have been a joy for us to raise, and we know that they will make wonderful companions!

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Miranda is a phantom tri-color Bernedoodle with a beautiful tan and black face and white marking down her chest. She is very loyal and super loving, and we know that she will be a wonderful companion!

$2300 for tri-color - $300 (deposit) = $2000

Price at Pick-up = $2000


Meredith is a tri-color Bernedoodle like her sisters and brothers, and she is super smart! Maredith has already started to learn the basic puppy skills, and we are confident that she will be a breeze to train!

$2400 for tri-color - $300 (deposit) = $2100

Price at Pick-up = $2100


Mimi is a friendly puppy with a wonderful, sweet personality. She knows no stranger, and she loves hanging out with us. Mimi is loving, compassionate, and very loyal!

$2300 for tri-color - $300 (deposit) = $2000

Price at Pick-up = $2000


Mark is a gorgeous tri-color puppy with a wonderful personality to match his beautiful coat. He is more laid-back and nothing seems to get under his skin. Mark is gentle, sweet, and smart, and we know he will be a great furry family member!

$2100 for tri-color - $300 (deposit) = $1800

Price at Pick-up = $1800