We are pleased to announce…

a gorgeous litter of 5 Permapuppies born November 21. We coined the term Permapuppy to refer to a mini Goldendoodle intentionally bred with a Cockapoo. Most of our families that have adopted permapuppies in the past have just referred to them as petite mini Goldendoodles (or toy Goldendoodles). They look so similar to mini Goldendoodles, but usually with bigger eyes and bigger ears (from the cockapoo). The idea behind Dr. Nathan Crockett’s use of the term “permapuppy” is that they often retain their puppy-look through adult hood. (Round head, huge eyes, big ears). Based on their 29 pound red mini Goldendoodle dad (Blue) and 20 pound Cockapoo mom (Flo), we expect this litter of puppies to be 20-30 pounds fully grown. These puppies have been a joy to raise, and they have loved playing around the house with the children. We think that they will make outstanding family members for a few fortunate forever homes.

20 pound Cockapoo mom (Flo)

20 pound Cockapoo mom (Flo)

30 pound red mini Goldendoodle dad (Blue)

30 pound red mini Goldendoodle dad (Blue)


Pricing for permaPuppies:

Base Price:

  • $1,000 (black or gray medium/standard male with straight coat)

Add for Coat/Color:

  • + $200 — Wavy/Curly Coat

  • + $200 — Cream, Apricot, or Tan Coat

  • + $300 — Red, Chocolate, or Parti-colored Coat

Add for Size:

  • + $400 — Petite Mini (8-25 pounds full grown)

Add for Gender:

  • + $100 — female

*We reserve the right to adjust pricing for specific markings

6% Sales Tax Applies to All Puppies Picked up from Crockett Doodles in the State of South Carolina



With just one girl in the mix she really has gotten the royal princess treatment. (She is the sleeping beauty in the front on the right in the group photo!) Pocahontas comes with a special need. Best the vet can tell, she was born with a birth defect in her right eye. She has limited or perhaps no vision out of that eye and it has a blue hazy look to it. You can see it in the one picture of her --it looks blue. The other picture is just of her good eye side. She was hard to pose as she kept coming over to be held!! This has not seemed to affect her activity at all. We have caught her pouncing on her brothers and carrying on with them just as any other pup would. She does have a really sweet look to her with a beautiful wavy reddish coat. She too is doing fine with potty training and loves to be held. I feel like she would be a great choice for the perfect someone who understands that her hazy eye makes her less than perfect. 

$1000 + $200 Wavy + $300 Red + $300 Petite Mini + $100 Female = $1900 

[minus $900 for hazy eye] = $1,000 - ($300 deposit)

Price at Pick-up = $700

With 6% Sales Tax for SC pickup: $760



Pilgrim got his name because he is one of the two puppies with lighter coats -- his is a beautiful, curly caramel coat. (In the group picture he is the one in the center back.) Pilgrim charms everyone with his looks and has the tail-wagging personality to keep us entertained. He does his business in his litter box or outside and is very good with our children and other pet dogs.

$1000 + $200 Wavy + $200 Caramel + $300 Petite Mini = $1700 - ($300 deposit)

Price at Pick-up = $1400

With 6% Sales Tax for SC pickup: $1502


Brewster is the other puppy with a lighter coat -- his is a little bit more apricot than cream and wavy instead of curly. (Front left in the group photo peering down over the side of the basket. They were all going to sleep by this point!!) He is a roly poly fella and makes us laugh!! He has a wider face with a white chest and chin. Very soft and handsome. :) He does well using the litter box and gets along fine with children and our other dogs.

$1000 + $200 Wavy + $200 Apricot + $300 Petite Mini + $100 White Markings = $1800 - ($300 deposit)

Price at Pick-up = $1500

With 6% Sales Tax for SC pickup: $1608


Chief is the one that looks like he has a little white feather on his head (back right in group picture), but perhaps more noticeable is his white dipped nose and markings on his chest and chin. He is also red and curly--very similar to Squanto. With those big dark eyes and button nose, he is hard to resist! Very playful and full of energy, he would make a great companion. His potty training is well underway and has had no problems with children or our pets.

$1000 + $200 Wavy/Curly + $300 Red + $300 Petite Mini + $100 White Markings = $1900 - ($300 deposit)

Price at Pick-up = $1600

With 6% Sales Tax for SC pickup: $1714


Squanto has a lovely red, curly coat with some white markings on his chest. (He is on the left in the back of the group photo.) He loves to play and explore and greet any visitors that happen to pop in. Of course, he gives his share of kisses but has also lately been testing out his own little bark. I think it scares him! Too cute. He also is doing well potty training and getting along fine with children and other pet dogs! 

$1000 + $200 Wavy/Curly + $300 Red + $300 Petite Mini + $100 White Markings = $1900 - ($300 deposit)

Price at Pick-up = $1600

With 6% Sales Tax for SC pickup: $1714