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Help! I’m a brand new puppy owner!

August 26, 2022

First we want to say, “Congratulations!” We are so excited you have embarked on this new journey with a furry family member! It’s going to be amazing! The first few months can be challenging as you learn to care for and train your new puppy. It will also be challenging for your puppy as he learns to love and trust you and get acclimated to his new forever home.

We have gathered together some articles for you on grooming, socialization, potty training, vet care, nutrition, and many more. You can go to our website at and click on the Resources tab and you will see there the Puppy Start Guide and the Puppy Shopping List. You can click on those and they will give you many ideas to get started on your journey. We want you to feel as prepared as possible as you become your puppy’s new forever home.

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