Available Dogs for Rehome adoption


As a dog or puppy becomes available for re-homing, we will that list information below and also share it on our Crockett Doodles Facebook page.

Crockett Doodles Pups/Dogs Available for Rehoming


Occasionally a member of the Crockett Doodles family needs to re-home their beloved doodle puppy or doodle adult dog. As responsible doodle breeders, Crockett Doodles wants to facilitate the re-homing of any doodle puppy (or adult doodle dog) who is no longer a fit in his/her family. We want each of our Crockett Doodles puppies to find the ideal forever family.

We have a thorough application process, and seek the very best fit in forever homes for each of our puppies. By our records, more than 99% of the puppies we place in homes are an ideal fit and find their forever home from the very beginning. In rare instances, a doodle puppy needs to find a new home—often the situation is no fault of the puppy at all. Here are some of the reasons in the past occasional families have sought to re-home their doodle puppy:

  1. An Unexpected Family Emergency: Sometimes the dog’s primary caregiver finds out that she or he has a terminal illness. One time a family was dealing with a serious illness with a loved one, and found out that they were expecting twins (unexpectedly). They realized the best thing for their dog was to find a new loving home for him. Here’s an example of a previous dog that needed to be re-homed.

  2. A Challenge that Prevents Adequate Care: A very kind couple who adopted a puppy from Crockett Doodles emailed us a few weeks after adoption, saying that their doodle puppy was amazing, but the wife (who was home with the pup during the day) had suffered a major injury to her foot. No longer able to get around, it was increasingly difficult to house train the puppy. This family realized the best thing for the puppy would be to find a new home, so the wife could focus on her foot healing, and they could later adopt a doodle puppy from Crockett Doodles.

  3. Not an Ideal Fit: Occasionally a family with little kids find that their children are scared of a puppy due to the puppy’s energy. Sometimes a family with extreme allergies may be allergic to dog saliva, or may find that even minimal shedding sets off their allergies. A home like this may realize that it’s in the dog’s best interest to go to a home without severe allergies.

Below we’ve tried to be as accurate as possible regarding the reason the dog is listed for adoption, whether or not he dog is house trained, etc. The adoption fee is set by the current family who has the doodle. This fee is not set by Crockett Doodles. As responsible breeders, we are merely trying to facilitate the re-home process by connecting you with an adult dog or older puppy that was not a perfect fit for their current home, or for some reason outside of the dog’s control, needs to find a new home.


Breed: Swissdoodle

Age: 7 months on April 9th

Gender: Male

Weight: 45 lbs.

Location: Morganton, NC

Why should someone adopt Jax?:  Jax is a super loving and playful puppy. He loves being near his family and loves being around and playing with other dogs. Everyone who meets him loves him! (vet, doggie day care, neighborhood people) He is a tricolor Swissdoodle with super soft, wavy hair. He has been fed nothing but TLC puppy food since we've Had him. He will come with a crate, play pin, food bin, and treat bin.

What kind of home would be a good fit? : A good home for jax would be one that has a nice yard, kids, other dogs, and people who have a little more time to spend with him and love on him.

Reason for re-homing:  We have loved having Jax in our home. However, my wife and I are both Employed at The same church and our senior pastor has recently moved to take another Position. This dynamic has presented us with an increased workload and less time to nuture and provide the time and care we wish we could offer to Jax.

What training has Jax completed? : He is house trained, crate trained, and has completed an in home obedience training course with a local dog trainer valued at $500. He can sit, lay, come, heel, and walks well on a leash.

Is he current on vaccinations? :  Yes and he is currently taking Interceptor Plus and NewGuard.

Any health issues? :  No

Is he neutered? :  No

Is he micro-chipped? : No

Price: $1500

Adoption Status: Pending adoption


Breed: Sheepadoodle

Age: Born in November 2018 (6 months)

Gender: Female

Weight: 42 lbs.

Location: Bluffton, SC

Why should someone adopt Panda? Panda is a bright, energetic, happy puppy that loves to play and run with other dogs. She is a good watch dog and loves to be with her family. she is also very cute and enjoys meeting people and other dogs. She was just spayed and microchipped.

What kind of home would be a good fit? A home with children, another dog would be a plus, and a fenced yard where she can run. she really loves to go to the dog park. she is bright, so a family that can devote time to train and socialize her would be great.

Reason for re-homing: Although we are both retired, we're not able to give her the attention she deserves. because she is a puppy, now is the time she needs more attention than we can provide.

What training has Panda completed? She Is House Broken, Has Learned Sit, Lie Down, And Shake, And Walks Well In A Harness With Treats At The Ready. we are working on roll-over and she has the idea. She Is Crate Trained And Sleeps Through The Night In Her Kennel.

Is she current on vaccinations? :  Yes, including kennel cough.

Any health issues? :  No

Is she spayed? :  Yes

Is she micro-chipped? : Yes, on april 30, 2019, but we have not activated it yet.

Price: $1300

Adoption Status: Accepting Applications

All puppies and dogs posted here have been living in loving Crockett Doodles families that were originally approved through our stringent application process. These families have provided loving and protective homes for their dogs and in most cases are heartbroken about the need to find their beloved pet a new forever home. They have chosen to reach out to other families through our network who have similar high standards of caring for and loving their pets.

From our experience, it has become obvious that finding a quality older Doodle to adopt is actually very difficult to do as Doodles typically not re-homed. We receive daily emails from families looking to adopt an older Doodle, so we’re thrilled to be able to offer you this platform of outstanding Doodles from our outstanding Crockett Doodles family.

If you are interested in adopting a puppy or older dog listed on THIS ReHome page, you are welcomed to fill out the application below and submit it to us. Please answer thoughtfully. We will take the time to review all applications submitted for each posted dog. We will carefully select the home that best fits the dog’s needs and personality and the original homes’ wishes, and will contact you directly if you are chosen to adopt.

When you receive your approved adoption email, you’ll be asked to submit a $300 ReHome Adoption Charge to us at that time to help cover our costs for reviewing and evaluating the applications. This charge does not go toward the final payment of your ReHomed puppy. We will also connect you directly to the family seeking to ReHome their dog. We sincerely respect our Crockett Doodles family’s privacy and will only share your contact information with the owner’s family if you are chosen to adopt. You and the adoptive family will work out payment and adoption details directly with each other and have the freedom to make the arrangements that work mutually for you both.

ReHome Adoption Application

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The Crockett Doodles Health Guarantee extends only to puppies adopted directly from our partner homes and is non-transferable. We cannot guarantee the health or longevity of any puppy or dog listed on this page as the animal has been out of our care for a period of time. While our Health Guarantee does not extend to any puppies that have been purchased using our ReHome service, Crockett Doodles’ Spay/Neuter contract does extend to any owner of a Crockett Doodle at any time.

You must be over 18 years of age to apply.

While we certainly have no reason to doubt the verity of our Crockett Doodles families, we cannot guarantee the actions of a family that posts their Crockett Doodles’ dog for purchase using our ReHome Service or who wants to adopt a dog using our service. All details of payment, adoption location and process will be arranged between the seller and buyer and Crockett Doodles cannot be held responsible for the private arrangements or any disparities between those parties. After the seller and buyer are connected through our ReHome Service, Crockett Doodles is released from all responsibilities and liabilities related to the further transactions between the parties.