Crockett Doodles Reviews

We've listed Crockett Doodles reviews of our Goldendoodles and Labradoodles as well as reviews of other doodles from our partner families (Aussiedoodles, Springerdoodles, Newfiedoodles, Sheepadoodles, Irishdoodles, Bernedoodles, Saint Berdoodles, Pyredoodles, Cockapoos and Cavapoos). We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and have very, very few complaints during the years. The very rare complaints through the years, we've tried to address fairly. We feel privileged to have received so many incredibly positive testimonials through the years. Every day we get a couple emails from very appreciative families. It helps us love what we do. Below is a sampling of what people are saying about Crockett Doodles. We would also encourage you to follow our Crockett Doodles Facebook page to see daily testimonials of families who are thrilled with their doodle puppy from us.

Good afternoon, I wanted to let you know that Moose is settling in nicely. Specifically, I thought you’d want to know that at the vet this morning, she said that he is one of the chunkiest, healthiest puppies she has ever seen! She (and multiple others) asked where we got him and I gave her the name of BestGoldendoodles. She said she will refer you to some clients who are looking for a doodle as their second dog! He is just beautiful and we already adore him. Here’s a photo.
— Claire H. (Irmo, SC) Goldendoodle review

I just wanted to let you know what a blessing our puppy has been to us! Baron, the mini Goldendoodle, is now Snuffy. (My son renamed him) He is happy and is one of our family members. He is so adorable! Everyone that sees him, wants him. I’ve had someone even offer to buy him from me. I can tell you that will not happen! My son that is autistic had never been around dogs very much and was a little frightened. But he is starting to play with him a little more. I look forward to watching their relationship blossom. Snuffy is such a delight! Thank you again for working with me so that he could join our family.
— Deborah G. (Williamston, SC) review

Our red Labradoodle George Washington is doing great! Here he is today pictured with our youngest son Callen. Thank you for working with us. He’s everything we hoped for.

2 WEEKS LATER: Nathan - here are two more George pictures. I won’t overload you but I love these two. Thanks! Have a great week.

3 MONTHS LATER: Here is a picture of George from last night. He’s getting much bigger! He recently completed two weeks of obedience training and his trainer fell in love with him. He told us it was clear that George was extremely well bred and that he’s incredibly smart. He said he was “a once in a lifetime kind of dog.”

I thought you would enjoy hearing that. Have a great weekend.
— Chad and Steffanie S. (Sweetwater, TN) Labradoodle review

Good evening Nathan, I wanted to send a quick note about “Annie” aka Wynnie.

She is a wonderful puppy... Your family has done a great job with her. She is smart, sweet, loves other dogs and people. She is well behaved and doing very well with house training.

Thank you again for a great puppy. We are really enjoying her!!!
— Dr. Chuck G. (Raleigh, NC) Goldendoodle review

Nathan, good afternoon. I thought you might be interested in seeing how our Goldendoodle Brody (formerly Diesel) has adapted to his new home. He is doing extremely well in our home. Very bright, good pup. Brody had his first vet visit and all went well. He has a follow up for shots in 2 weeks. Your guardian home in Columbia (Anna) was so pleasant and helpful. Thanks again and I’ll send you some pictures as he gets older.
— Anthony F. (Freeport, NY) F1 Goldendoodle review
F1 Goldendoodle

Pictures of our mini Goldendoodle Sadie (or as I call her, my sweet puppy love). On the top is April 18. the pic below is dinnertime yesterday after she got a summer haircut. She’s up to about eighteen pounds now and is healthy and happy! I couldn’t love her more!
— Melanie M. (Charlotte, NC) mini Goldendoodle review

Thanks for everything. This was a great experience. If there is anywhere I can write a review I would love to share how great of an experience it has been working with you.

[three weeks later] Just wanted to say thank you for everything with getting us this puppy. He is awesome and gets along great with our other dog. Thanks again! We named him Bodie; here Bodie is pictured with our Golden, Asher.
— Anthony M. (Lewiston, NY) mini Goldendoodle review

Hi! our Newfiedoodle Tucker is now known as Scout. And he is the most wonderful puppy ever!!!! We are all totally and completely in love with him! He is super smart. And so loving! He is growing so fast! ❤️ We are so thankful to have him in our family. We will continue to send you updates and pictures for future families to see what your puppies look like!
— Michelle J. (Vestavia, AL) review
chocolate Newfypoo

English cream mini Goldendoodle
Dr. Crockett,

Here is a great picture I got of Daisy while she was watching my four-year-old ride his four wheeler push toy.
— Brandon and Holli L. (Shiloh, IL) BestGoldendoodles review

Dr. Crockett,
I hope this email finds you well. I promised I would send a few pics at some point so you can see how our mini Labradoodle pup is doing. Attached you will find a couple of current pictures of Frodo (formally known as Olaf). He loves playing with his doggie sisters Cookie (the boxer mix) and Sophie (Portuguese Podengo mix). Frodo is about 6 ½ pounds and packed with a mischievous personality! He is, as you mentioned, a really friendly pup and loves everyone. Thanks.
— Jude O. (Wilkesboro, NC) review


Here is a recent picture of our traditional mini Goldendoodle Lola from Crockett Doodles. She is adorable!

We are thankful for you and your genuine, dependable dealings with puppy families.

We have been very happy with the entire experience and your prompt responsiveness and attention to detail.

Thanks again for letting us have her in time for Rhea’s birthday surprise.

I hope we can have many more of your puppies for friends and families around us in NC.

[2 months later]
Lola is gorgeous and growing!
— Priya K. (Asheville, NC) mini Goldendoodle review
mini Goldendoodle
Mini Goldendoodle

Springerdoodle puppy
Dixie (formerly Brynna), our Springerdoodle from Crockett Doodles, is doing so well. Very smart. Sits, gives a paw, lays down, barks when she hungry, wants water and when she has to out.

She has doubled her weight. She has be in the middle of everything. She is a terrible at landscaping. Everything we have planted, she has taken out of the ground. Her favorite spot is in the middle of the hostas.
— Mike G. (Hillsborough, NJ) review


Bella, our Goldendoodle, is very loving and smart. Starts obedience school today.
— Bill S. (Paris Mtn, Greenville, SC) mini Goldendoodle review

Hi Nathan!

I know how many emails you get but I wanted to take a second to thank ya’ll for our sweet puppy. We have absolutely adored having him in our family. He has so much personality and is absolutely adorable!! Training has been a learning curve for us but he is so smart and definitely made things easier than we expected. I wanted to send ya’ll a picture. He just turned 5 months and is getting so big!

Hope ya’ll are well! Have a blessed week.
— Alex and Cole M. (Raleigh, NC) Goldendoodle review

Our Newfiedoodle, Hershey is wonderful and making himself at home. Thank you!
— Leslie H. (Anderson, SC) Newfypoo review

Goldendoodle boy
Astro Goldendoodle
Wanted to drop you a quick note - our Goldendoodle Astro (our name for Gilbert - to go with our present dog Cosmos) is doing well. Our vet did Astro’s evaluation and everything looks good (no worms or the like), so we are good there. He is doing really well on your recommended TLC food and we are going to leave him on it (we are going to try and swing Cosmos over to the adult food when Astro changes to it).

We wanted to thank you for the great information in the binder (even though this is our second puppy, we picked up quite a few useful tips reading through it), the nice pictures, the book of Psalms, leash, collar, Nylabones, whole bag of food, and the other bits.

Astro and Cosmos are progressing along the expected line of older dog introduced to a new puppy. Today they’ve settled things out enough to play quite a bit with each other.

Finally, attached is a picture of Astro chilling out in his new home. Thanks again for doing a fantastic job with this puppy! We are so happy to have him as part of our family.

This has been a great experience.
— Trish & Andrew G. (Tucker, GA) Best Goldendoodles review


Our first generation Goldendoodle, Danni, whose name is now CharliGirl has got to be the sweetest and cutest dog ever. So Smart! :-)
— Patricia K. (Simpsonville, SC) First Generation Goldendoodle review
f1 Goldendoodle
red f1 Goldendoodle
F1 Red Goldendoodle

Nathan and Amy, I wanted to send you a note to pass along an update on our Labradoodle, Charlie. She has been a total pleasure since she joined us less than 2 weeks ago. She is a wonderful, healthy and playful puppy. She has had minimal accidents and continues to sleep through the night with not one accident in her crate. Today she walked over to the door and sat down to let us know that she needed to go out and then did both businesses in a very timely manner. Our daughter, Millie, is loving on Charlie and has really stepped up with many of the daily care items. Charlie loves “hunting” big leaves in the back yard and has started to pick up on the retrieving of her LambChop. Finally, she does enjoy her naps as she goes full throttle and then crashes. A great little girl that is smart and playful.

On a process note, I wanted to let you know that everything went extremely well and I would definitely recommend people contacting you if they are interested in labradoodles or goldendoodles. Let us know if you need anything from us.

We are so happy that she has joined our family and hope you both have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks!

[later Michael and Alison sent Charlie’s 6-month-old picture]
— Michael and Alison F. (Charlotte, NC) Labradoodle review
mini Labradoodle
black mini Labradoodle

Dr. Crockett, Rita is 5 months old today and weighed 23 pounds today. See how nice she posed for her 5 month old photos with her tongue hanging out after our 35 minute walk this morning.

I thought you might like to see these photos of Rita. She has been taking puppy classes at Petsmart. The instructor keeps saying how smart she is. Lots of people stop and ask what kind of dog, when they see her. We think she is the perfect size. Now we hope she doesn’t get to the 30-35 pound range that we requested and that you estimated she would be. Hope all is great with you, your family and all the dogs.
— Peggy L. (Columbia, SC) mini Goldendoodle review

Hi Nathan,
I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new puppy! We love her so much and ended up naming her Poppy Annabell! :)

My husband takes her out and she goes potty, and then will come right back in and go right back to sleep till about 6:30am. She doesn’t whine at all. She has been a DREAM!

Thank you so much!
— Jacquie N. (Charlotte, NC) Goldendoodle review

Nathan, Hope you are doing well. Attached you will find the spay invoice for Abby. She is 10 months old, doing fine, and full of energy. She keeps my husband and I busy. I am also sending a picture of her right before her recent clip-job. She is such a sweet puppy and we love her dearly (“Dear Abby”). Take care and tell Amy and her family hello for us. Thanks again,
— Belinda and Jerry H. (Simpsonville, SC) Goldendoodle Review

Nathan, We are enjoying our Aussiedoodle puppy Charlie so much. The kids are over the moon. It was the best family surprise ever. We will never forget it!

Matt and Amy were so gracious and wonderful.

Thank you for the manual and all the info. Your description of the litter was very helpful and accurate as we are 40+ hours into being his new owners.

He is so happy to play and also let us take the lead.

I’m so new at this but it has been very enjoyable so far!
— Mandy R. (Marietta, GA; review)

Hi Nathan! We are the parents of Waffles (born and named Charlotte when we visited you), and we love her so much! She’s doing so great, and I doubt there is a dog more adored in the world.

Thanks, Nathan, I hope you’re well, and who knows, maybe we’ll be getting another dog from you some day.

[3 months later] Hi Nathan! We bought Waffles (Charlotte) from you about 18 months ago and we are thinking about getting another doodle for her to have a friend. Do you have any litters coming up this year? Hope you’re well!

[4 months later] Thanks!!! And now of course we’re talking ourselves into another doodle puppy since that’s really the only dog we want. If you have puppies let us know that too :) We would likely only get one from you. Thanks again!

[3 months later] Here’s our Goldendoodle Waffles on Easter, we had an Easter egg hunt for her. We hid dog treats in eggs around the yard. ;)
— Mary Piper H. (Durham, NC) Goldendoodle Review
standard goldendoodle

Dr. Crockett,

Ava Grace is very sweet and family oriented. She barks a little when playing with the kids but other than that hardly ever barks. She’s very Friendly and doesn’t meet any strangers. Thank you.
— Jackie S. (Lyman, SC) Goldendoodle review

red Labradoodle
Perfect, thanks again for everything Nathan. The entire process has been so informative and clear. We really are so grateful to be adding a little Labradoodle pup to our family!

We’ll see the Weiers on Saturday!
— Carla R. (Cornelius, NC) Crockett Doodles review

Hi Dr. Crockett,

I can’t remember exactly how I was supposed to do this, but I have attached the paperwork from the Vet showing that The Judge has been neutered. He is not a fan of me right now haha! I also attached a picture of him in his cone because he is still the cutest dog in the whole world!

Thanks for pairing me with the very best dog I could have ever wished for!! We love him so very much! :)
— Allison and Matt T. (Greenville, SC) Goldendoodle review

Dr. Crockett and Beth,

Quick update regarding our beautiful new Cockapoo puppy Charlotte.

She is doing great. She was a trooper on the trip back to Florida and managed to make it to our doorstep without an accident.

I recently posted a few pictures to my facebook page where you can see pictures of my son loving on his new puppy.

Thank you for the opportunity to make Charlotte the newest member of our household.
— Ron C., CEO (Fort Lauderdale, Florida): review

Crockett Doodles, Kristina and our family love Gus. Thanks!
— Susie S. (Penn Valley, PA) red Goldendoodle review

Our Goldendoodle Davy Jean is perfect! She has been so much fun and such an angel. She got a little tired following me around at work and found a snug corner to take a nap!
— Hannah H. (Saluda, NC) mini Goldendoodle testimonial

standard Goldendoodle
Hi Nathan

I thought I would share a picture of my amazing Paddington! I think he is going to be a big one!

We love him so much! He was formerly known as Richmond born Nov 27, 2016. Thank you!
— Kimberly W. (Martinez, GA) Goldendoodle review

Good morning Nathan,

Wanted to give you an update before heading out to church. Lucy is wonderful and a joy to our family. She is now 10 lbs. at 4 months. Long and lean. We had 2 grandkids here for 5 weeks (3 years and 18 months) and she was a delight in playing with them, protecting her from them but most importantly sending them back home without a mark on them. She was gentle with both, even when one of them fell on her.

She has many friends on this island and many have asked where we got her. We are able to take her many places with us and hear all the time about “we saw you with Lucy’. The golfers love her and she is now trained to sit quietly unless one says hi to her and Bob or I give her the ok to go say hi. We took your advice and socialized her early, but protected her from too much until she was a bit older and now has had all her shots for this year.

So here are a few pictures of our beauty. You may hear from a few families from Edisto.

May you and your family be blessed this Easter season.
— Lynn L. (Edisto Island, SC) mini Goldendoodle review
mini Goldendoodle review
best mini Goldendoodle

Hey Nathan,

I just picked up my baby girl Remi (petite mini Goldendoodle).

I just wanted to let you know how amazing the whole experience was and how satisfied I am with my puppy. She is perfect and everything was done so professionally. Thank you so much and you’ll definitely be hearing from me again!

Thanks again!
— Sarah K. (Huntington, WV) review

Hi Nathan, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you if was ok to wait until next week for Maggie’s vet visit (our standard chocolate Labradoodle from you). Our vet likes to space the vaccinations 3 weeks apart. . . Thank you!!! She is adjusting well and we just love her!

[3 weeks later] She is getting big, 12 pounds 4 oz now.

[4 months later] Maggie has gotten a bit bigger (smiley face).

I will send you a picture after her haircut (smiley). She was 37 lbs at last weigh in 2 weeks ago, and she’s been gaining 1-2 a week.

She is such a sweet girl! We love her!
— Michelle J. (Charlotte, NC) review

Our Goldendoodle Piper (from Crockett Doodles) is wonderful, I love her!
— Abby G. (Charleston, SC) Crockett Doodles Review

Just a note to say how much we love and enjoy our first-generation Goldendoodle Dapper (Jubal is his new name). He is delightful!! Thank you again for the work you put in selling quality pups!!!
— Steve and Lori B. (Rock Hill, SC) F1 Goldendoodle Review

We have had 2 nights with Tilly, our mini Goldendoodle now, and both nights she has “slept through the night”. The first night was 6 1/2 hours and last night was 9 hours. Is this okay?

I have read that puppies can’t hold their bladders for long, but as long as she is in her crate, she does fine. We take her out as soon as she whines in the morning.

I will add that she doesn’t sleep at all during the day, even when she’s in her crate, so I’m thinking this is why she sleeps so much at night.

We’ve only had two nights, so maybe she was just really worn out from playing with our four kids.

She is doing really, really well. She had some accidents yesterday, but hasn’t had any today. She stays in her crate with no issues. She really doesn’t even get into much trouble when she’s out.

We can tell that your family and her guardian family really trained her well. I feel like we’ve just been keeping it up, which is perfect for us, being first time dog owners.

Thanks again!
— Bethany S. (Charleston, SC) Mini Goldendoodle review

Crockett Doodles,

Great first night for Maeby Rea!! Gonna call her Maeby. Thx again!!
— John David R. (Lexington, SC) Goldendoodle review

Nathan, I am so delighted that things worked out for the mini Springerdoodle Rhett, aka Bobby, to become part of my family. What a precious boy! As you can see his big sister Paisley, in her Thundershirt, has begun accepting him, and he has stolen my heart!

Rhett had his first visit with my vet yesterday, and he and his whole staff were smitten! So glad to have him and I know it was truly a God thing! What a blessing!!
— Paxton Y. (Lagrange, GA) Springerdoodle review


Bella is doing well. We are crazy about her, and she is doing a good job of her training of us! She weighs 8 lbs. now.

[4 months later]

Today Bella was spayed at Foothills Vet. I have attached an invoice from them for this service. She is, of course, very lethargic this evening, and we feel for her.

She normally sleeps on our bed which she has to jump up to, but she should not be doing any jumping (we are amazed how high she can jump and how fast she is as a runner!) so Priscilla will sleep with her tonight in another room where she can’t jump or climb.

We had to borrow an air mattress so Priscilla can sleep on the floor.

She is a wonderful addition to our family, and we have just gone crazy over her.
— Bill and Priscilla S. (Greenville, SC) BestGoldendoodles review

English Creame Goldendoodle Review
I just wanted to send a follow up email to thank you for our wonderful new puppy. Carter (Amos) is adjusting well. Our vet said he was perfect in every way. We just love him.
Thanks again!
— Jennifer P. (Elizabethton, TN) English Cream Goldendoodle review

Hi, Dr. Crockett. Back on June 9 we adopted from you a labradoodle puppy named Dugan, and Rebecca, who handled the adoption, told us that you like to receive pictures now and then of the puppies you have placed in homes. So I thought I’d send you a couple of pictures of our dog before and after his first professional grooming. He seems to hate the heat of the summer, so we got a “summer cut” for him. I believe he’s now 13 weeks old; we’ve named him Moultrie, after William Moultrie, the hero of Fort Moultrie in Charleston, SC, during the American Revolution (I’m a history buff). We love him!

We enjoy Moultrie immensely! Thank you for a great adoption experience!
— Diana C. (Greenville, SC) Labradoodle review

We really enjoyed meeting Matt and Amy!!! It was the best experience ever!! They were so friendly and helpful! We are madly in love with our toy Goldendoodle Sally (aka- Minnie).

I just wanted to thank you for everything!! I’ve had about 10 people ask for your contact info already. We could not be any happier!

She is the sweetest puppy ever!!! And a good sleeper, too! She slept through the night last night! I thought I would share our sweet photos of Sally that Amy took.

Many thanks!!
— Jordan H. (Charlotte, NC) BestGoldendoodles review

Hey Nathan,

I hope you’re doing well. It looks like you guys have been busy adding some new doodle mixes to your family. They are all adorable!

I attached a few pictures of Birdie. We absolutely love her... she is really the best dog! She’s about 50 pounds full grown and is the perfect addition to our family. We’ve actually randomly met a few fellow BestGoldendoodle pups in Charlotte that we all get together to let the pups play. It’s been fun to see the similarities especially in their temperament. We are all probably a little biased, but you guys truly know how to breed the best pups.
— Jennings B. (Charlotte, NC) BestGoldendoodles Review


I have attached a picture of Finn and all her cousins! :-)

We cannot thank you enough for matching us with her.

PS she loves the water (see photos attached)!
— Megan D. (Summerton, SC) review

Jacob is the cutest puppy on earth. My family was visiting this weekend and all fell in love with him.

He and Grace have a ball playing. His personality is wonderful.

We love the Crockett Doodles. Thank you, he’s very happy with his family. Have a great day.
— Bennie S. (Bolivia, NC; BestGoldendoodles review)

Just wanted to send you two pictures of Stella, our mini Goldendoodle from Crockett Doodles!

She is doing extremely well and got a clean bill of health from the vet this week.

She also slept from 9:30 until 6:00 last night in her crate without getting up! We just couldn’t believe it!

We are so in love and are enjoying her so very much. I will keep you posted periodically. Thanks again!
— Bridgett B. (Georgia) Crockett Doodles Mini Goldendoodle Review

Hi Nathan!

Sad to have missed you when we picked up our Aussiedoodle girl Sunday. We’ve changed her name from Callie to Apricot, and we just love her to pieces. Matt was wonderful giving us all the information and the photos.

Thank you so much again. We adore her! I’ve attached a great photo I caught of her yesterday :)
— Whitney S. (Durham, NC) Best Aussiedoodles review

I thought I sent this a while back about our mini Goldendoodle Cooper, but turns out I accidentally saved it as a draft. Here is a receipt from Cooper’s neuter! He’s doing great and I’m so thankful to have gotten such an amazing dog from you!
— Katie C. (Clemson University) Mini Goldendoodle Review

Hi Nathan,

Thought you’d like to see an update photo of our sweet puppy, Rosie (formerly Lily)! She has adjusted well & is SO much fun...sadly, our 13 yr. old dog hasn’t gotten ‘on board’ with her new sister, yet. Keeping our fingers crossed & saying our prayers!

Thank you!
— Becky S. (Longboat Key, FL) Crockett Doodles review

Hi Nathan,

We love Wallace, our cream Standard Labradoodle! Thanks for all your help during this process!
— Kristin and Jim B. (Greenville, SC) review

Dr. Crockett,

Our standard Aussiedoodle Savi (short for Savannah) is getting along wonderfully, even with my other two dogs.

[one week later]
Savi is fabulous. Already housebroken, sits on hand commands and (sometimes) comes when called!! I have had to adjust to everyone stopping me to play with her and telling me how cute she is. I can live with that.
— Holly K. (Columbia, SC) review

Hello Nathan!

Bailey, now renamed Abby, has made it to New Jersey this morning. She is absolutely loving, beautiful, soft and so amazing.

Her flight was uneventful, and she was a great traveling companion for us. We are in love. Thank you for working with us and bringing us so much joy!
— Erin K. (Wayne, New Jersey) BestGoldendoodles review
mini Goldendoodle review

I thought you might like to see our Goldendoodle Maggie in her new home. Jim and I have decided that she’s actually a fuzzy golden bear with a pinch of badger mixed-in. We call her Commando Maggie because no leaf, stray paper, or a shadow can get past her attention. She has brought us laughs, snuggles, and puppy bites. House training is coming along with only night accidents. This picture is after she crawled through the morning dew and tried to dig a hole to China.
— Kathy and Jim H. (Hazelhurst, GA); Crockett Doodles review

Hi Nathan,

Hope all is well! Our cavapoo Tucker has adjusted well to our family and is a joy!

We took him to the vet last Thursday for his first puppy exam and orientation and he did great. . .

He’s done great with crate training . . . and with potty training. Wonderful little puppy.

Take care! Thanks for the book of Psalms!
— Brian and Juliet H. (Cornelius, NC); review)

Thank you so much for our new puppy, “Charlotte”, we named her Lucy. She is such a great dog with a great personality. She is getting along great with our children and 2 cats! She got a clean bill of health at the veterinarian today. He just loved her and said what a great dog she is! Thanks again!
— Lydia S. (Jackson, TN: Goldendoodle review)

We just want to say how much we love and adore our mini Goldendoodle Sophie (was Greta), from Crockett Doodles.

Sophie is so spoiled; she loves her sister the Rottweiler, Bella. Sophie jumps and plays like she is grown—already potty trained with the bell—super, super smart.

We will purchase another pup from you one day down the road.

Thank you so very much 😉 enjoy your day!
— Jennifer A. (Southport, NC: mini Goldendoodle review)

We love our mini chocolate Labradoodle from Crockett Doodles!
— Megan Riley D. (Clemson); mini Labradoodle review

Facebook Review: We picked up our goldendoodle Aug 11. She weighed 11 lbs today she weighs 22lbs. They called her Sadie we changed her name to Lexi; she is going to be a medium size. She is such a sweetie.
— Mary Jo B. (Darlington, SC); BestGoldendoodles review

Crockett Doodles, I wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new Newfypoo puppy, Porter!!! He is awesome and settling in perfectly. Thank you!!!!!
— Kristi D. (Cincinnati, OH; review)

Super breed and breeder! Love my petite Goldendoodle from Crockett Doodles!
— Bridgett B. (Atlanta, GA); Facebook review of mini Goldendoodles from Crockett Doodles

Hey there. We are in love with our little guy we bought from BestGoldendoodles.
— Dawn B. (Darlington, SC): Best Goldendoodles Review

Our petite/mini Goldendoodle, Ellie is such a happy dog!! When I get home from work, she is so excited to see me that she smiles huge but I always make her sit before she gets pet! (see video)
— Helen H. (Charleston, SC): Crockett Doodles review

Just wanted to say thank you for Tolstoy (formerly Rudy), our red mini Goldendoodle from Crockett Doodles.

We are so blessed to have this little guy be part of the family. So sweet, so good. Had a great check-up at the vet, and he is adapting well.

Sharing a photo of him watching puppies on Animal Planet for a few minutes. Adorable.

Oh, Jack got to pick from the litter and Katie got to name him. War and Peace is her favorite book. Big name for a little guy, but he wears it well.

Thank you again!
Blessings to you and family.
— Tracie L. (Greer, SC): Red Mini Goldendoodle Review

Life with Paisley Grace, our petite Goldendoodle! Formally Molly.

We love her so much!!! Thank you SO much for our wonderful dog!

She has blessed our lives.
— Chelsea R. (Lenoir, NC): Petite Goldendoodle Review

Our beautiful girl at 17 weeks and 12.6 pounds. She’s amazing! ❤️
— Kim (New Jersey): Crockett Doodles review

Hi Nathan!

Had Mango our mini Goldendoodle two weeks today and what a joy she is; I am blessed…She did very well on our trip back to BHM and then to Ft. Worth. She never did whimper for the litter mates, seems very happy with her new home and can go in and out the doggie door by herself. . . . loves her backyard and romping in the bushes. She is much loved and I think she feels the same way about me!!

May you and your family have a wonderful fall and holiday season.

Most sincerely,
— Marilyn L. (Ft. Worth, TX): BestGoldendoodles review

Our standard Golden doodle Tucker, all dressed up & no where to go!! Thank you Nathan. We love our Doodle Bug!
— Jane P. (Charlotte, NC): BestGoldendoodles review

HI Nathan,
I wanted to let you know everything is going wonderful with mini Goldendoodle Paxton! He has been so easy to crate and potty train.

He had his first check up yesterday, and he is perfectly healthy. He weighed in at a whopping 6.25 pounds :)

Anyway, we will keep you posted and send pics often .. we all loved this pic it will be on the screen saver at Rex UNC Hospital (they were doing a pet holiday photo entry) and they LOVED Paxton ...

Thanks for making our family feel complete again!
— Lori C. (Raleigh, NC): review

Our cockapoo Reggie from is doing great at his forever home!!!

We are having a blast with him! He is truly the perfect puppy for our family!

Thank you so much!

We love him!! Thanks Nathan Crockett!

His new name is Heisman!
— Olivia Kate M. (Pauline, South Carolina): review

This is Linda. Ed and I absolutely adore Stella (formerly Bristol).

We could not be happier. She is just Perfect in every way!

Adjusting very nicely. She is so fun, funny, cuddly and smart.

Thank You for your time with us and all you did to make the smooth transition.

We highly recommend CrockettDoodles!
— Linda T. (Spartanburg, SC): Petite Goldendoodle Review

Words cannot adequately describe our pleasant experiences with our little furry boy Oliver.

He is a great companion. We owe you a lot of thanks.
— Fred K. (Columbia, SC): BestGoldendoodles review

Nathan, we are just in love with Alice, our mini Goldendoodle. She is the sweetest and smartest little puppy!!!!!

She is completely potty trained if we are on time .She has had only one accident in front of the door and she goes the second her feet touch the ground.

We’ve never had one that young to get the idea so fast. She loves Mulligan and the children.

Mulligan thinks his job is herding her and he even tolerates her sleeping with him for a short nap .

I wanted to thank you for the book of Psalms. I will love using it, and will even share it with Ben sometimes :)

I could go on about puppy tales but you get the picture. She is perfectly at home now as she doesn’t cry at all at night anymore.

Her crate is right next to our bed and she just goes right in.
— Dianne and Ben L. (Kiawah Island, SC): Crockett Doodles review


Attached, please find the receipt from Neutering Enzo, birth name was “Charleston”, along with a current photo, and rabies vaccination certificate. We picked him up from you on 12/30/2016.

He is such a good boy! We are so grateful to be able to share our lives with him. He is super intelligent and a great companion. I thank god for leading us to you for Enzo, we love him so much! I hope you are still doing this when the time comes for another puppy. It was well worth the drive from South Florida!

If you have any questions, or need anything else from us, do not hesitate to reach out.

All the best to you and your family,
— Chris, Jenny, Nicole, Archie & Enzo P. (Boynton Beach, Florida): ChocolateLabradoodlePuppies review

[in March]
I just wanted to give you an update on our dog that we got from you after Christmas. He is such a complete blessing to our family. He is extremely smart, sailing through all of the tricks and commands he was taught and level one training. He struggles a little bit with submission in heeling and sitting on command when he is not feeling like it. We have a great coach helping us and our goal is still to have him be a service dog. He already has a different demeanor with Abbie than everyone else. He seems to know and is very gentle with her. He is truly such a blessing to us and we are so grateful you allowed us to adopt him. He is happy and playful and runs circles around the other goldendoodles at training. We truly got the best of both temperaments – the poodle and a golden.

[in October]


Paws is still doing well. I am taking him this weekend to be tested to become a service dog!
He is an amazing part of our family and we love him so much!

We are looking at adding a puppy to our family!
We need a petite mini that wouldn’t exceed 30 lbs (but preferable smaller than that and under 20).

I filled out an app for labradoodle, goldendoodle and cavapoo. We would love to be considered.
— Rachel J. (Atlanta, GA): Crockett Doodles review


Hope all is well. I wanted to share an update on Cooper.

Our chocolate Labradoodle Cooper’s been with us a month now, and he is growing like a weed. He’s doubled his weight, from 7 pounds and his first vet check in to 15 pounds today. I can’t believe how much he’s grown in four weeks!

He starts puppy classes this weekend, and he has all of his basic commands down.

I also wanted to let you know we passed along your information to Elizabeth and Brian R. They are friends of ours from Charlotte and are considering adopting as well.

Take care-
— Michele P. (Charlotte, NC) Best Labradoodles review


I hope all is well. Thanks for giving me a call back earlier.

In just the short 5 days that I’ve had Chaka, I’ve grown to love her already! She’s AMAZING!! And such a fast learner! She’s definitely the highlight to my day.

Thanks for everything, Nathan. You’ve been awesome and so has Chaka.
— Justin M. (Atlanta, GA) Crockett Doodles review

Dr. Crockett,
We love her color and for me, the lighter the better but my girls didn’t really care about color either.

We wanted a Greystone puppy for its head start on socialization and crate training - but also needed one that was non-shedding. So Hazel was perfect no matter what.:-)

And she definitely has an amazing temperament as you can tell from photo.
— Julie B. (Chicago, IL) Labradoodle review


Daisy is doing well and started puppy obedience school today! She and her hair are both growing and she continues to get cuter!

[months later]

Here is proof of Daisy’s spay! She’s doing great.

Things have been pretty crazy here-we are expecting our 4th child in January, and we are moving to GA next week!

She can sense change in the air but I think she will adjust well.

Here’s a before and after picture of her first big haircut as well!
— Brandon and Holli L. (St. Louis) Goldendoodle testimonial

Our sweet Lola in the motel and at home with our daughters
— Nancy and Eric E. (Bentonville, VA) mini Goldendoodle testimonial

Dr. Crockett,

I want to let you know that we are so in love with our puppy and we are spoiling her pretty good.

We gave her dog ice cream after her first vet visit.

I have attached some pictures :)
— Amanda V. (Hilton Head Island, SC) BestGoldendoodles review

This is Princess, aka “Libby”! We picked her up just before Halloween and she is fitting in with our family like she’s been here forever. Our lab Chuck plays so well with her and they get along great! She meditates and workouts with me in the mornings and snuggles with my boys in the afternoons. She is a doll!
— Maggie M. (Charleston, SC) Goldendoodle Review

Hi Nathan!

Just wanted to update you on our cream standard Labradoodle, Wallace.

He is about 50 lbs and growing. Loves his big brother and sleeping with his legs in the air. We are so happy to have him as part of the family!
— Kristin B. (Greenville, SC): standard Labradoodle review

[note: It is unusual for us to have a straighter coated puppy, since we specialize in f1b; maybe 5% of the time we get a pup who takes more after the Golden Retriever of the Lab and doesn't have the typical curly/wavy doodle look. These pups still are wonderful dogs and are some people's preference. Here's an email from a family who got one of those straight coated pups.]

Hey Nathan,

Just wanted to send you some updated pictures of George (since renamed Bear). He’s a great looking dog and has been exactly what we were looking for!

He sheds very little yet looks mostly like a golden retriever.

My wife and I are interested in getting a second puppy from you. Do you have any English Cream golden retrievers in your breeding program?

— Stephen B. (Lakewood Ranch, FL); Florida Goldendoodle review

I just love dogs from Crockett Doodles!! Here’s a recent pic of my Goldendoodle Sophia Greta Mae at 5 mths from Nathan.
— Jennifer A. (Best Goldendoodles review)