Best Aussiedoodles is pleased to announce...

A gorgeous litter of standard Aussiedoodles. These pups were born on Saturday, December 16. Based on their parents, we expect these pups to be 35-45 pounds fully grown. Their mom is a 32 pound Australian Shepherd and dad is a gorgeous 48 pound phantom poodle. They seem to very devoted and very intelligent. They are quick learners and should be easy to train. They are all confident, loving, and very quick to learn.

Enjoy the Pictures below


Duke is a beautiful standard Aussiedoodle with an insatiable love for life. He is so much fun to be around. He is also gentle and very sweet. The white flame down his forehead is super cute, and Duke will certainly receive a ton of complements. We are confident he will make a wonderful furry family member!

$1700 for two-colored (black and white) - $300 deposit =

Price at pick-up = $1400


Dart is a gorgeous black/tan Aussiedoodle with a thick wavy/curly coat. He is super smart and has already started learning a few of the basic skills. He is also friendly and very sweet! We will miss him for sure.

$1700 for two color - $300 deposit =

Price at pick-up = $1400


Moxie is a beautiful tan/cream female Aussiedoodle with a thick, curly/wavy coat. She is our little princess, and she loves to be held and petted. Moxie is great with kids and will be a joy to have as a family member!

$1400 - $300 deposit =

Price at pick-up = $1100


Star is a pretty black/tan female Aussiedoodle. She has a thick, curly coat that we think will continue to get thicker and curlier. Star loves to play outside, and she is sweet and compassionate.

$1700 for black/tan - $300 deposit =

Price at pick-up = $1400


Ginger is a sweet Aussiedoodle with a wavy coat. She is super gentle and very compassionate. She is very smart as well, and we know that she will be a breeze to train! It is difficult to tell if Ginger's coat will stay dark or fade to a blue/silver which is a gorgeous color.

$1000 price for Ginger - $300 deposit =

Price at pick-up = $700