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Tampa Newfiedoodles

Looking for Newfiedoodles for sale in Tampa?

Best Tampa Newfiedoodles Available

Are you searching for a lovable standard Newfiedoodle (AKA newfypoo) or mini Newfiedoodle available in Tampa, FL? Looking for a loving parti, bi-colored, tri-colored, or chocolate Newfiedoodle in the “Big Guava?” For premier Newfypoos, you’ve come to the right place. Crockett Doodles is a network of families who lovingly raise F1, F1b, and occasionally Multigen Newfiedoodles and mini Newfiedoodles at our homes. We also offer other various Doodle breeds in a variety of sizes like toy, mini, medium, and standard. Our parent dogs in our network are privately owned family pets. Our Newfypoo puppies are bred, born, and raised at our homes until they are old enough to join their Forever Homes. Our Newfiedoodles have been adopted by families all over North America and several other countries and they are available for adoption in the Tampa, FL area too!

Our Newfiedoodle Puppy Deposits are refundable (minus a 9% processing fee) at any time for any reason, and we have a flexible deposit list that allows you to wait for the ideal timing on your ideal Newfypoo pup. We have many satisfied Newfiedoodle customers in Tampa, FL, so please apply below for your ideal Newfiedoodle or mini Newfiedoodle.

Available Newfiedoodle
While most of our Partner Homes are located around Greenville, SC, Corning, New York, Harrisburg, PA, central IA, and southern CA, we occasionally have a litter available in another state and our network is continuing to expand to other areas.
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Newfiedoodle Guardian Home

What is a Crockett Doodle Guardian Home?

Newfiedoodle Delivery to Tampa

Although we always love when families can pick up their Newfiedoodle (Parti, bi-colored, tri-colored, or chocolate) from one of our Partner Homes, we certainly understand that there may be circumstances that make this especially challenging or even impossible for you. For your convenience we are happy to provide our affordable Delivery Services to Tampa and the surrounding areas! We have both Ground Delivery and Flight Nanny delivery options available to deliver your puppy to you in Tampa, FL! Our Drivers and Flight Nannies receive excellent reviews and are committed to giving your puppy a safe and healthy journey to you.
You can read more about these options at this link on our website:
We Deliver
Newfiedoodles Available for Delivery to Tampa

Newfiedoodle Puppy Delivery

Crockett Doodles Ground Delivery
Newfiedoodle Ground Delivery to Tampa

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