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Jennifer R.

Jen is a wife and mom of three amazing children ages 4-10. She taught school for nine years and then “retired” to raise a family. She enjoys cooking, gardening, being involved at her church, and spending time with family. They have two dogs, Violet, an Italian Greyhound, and Clover, a medium sized mixed breed and also a large cat named Bentley. Jen has always loved all animals, especially dogs. She was involved in 4-H dog shows as a youth and had many pet sitting jobs. She’s owned or worked with dogs for 30+ years. Jen has a passion for helping people and animals. Jen says there are so many dogs in shelters because of behavior issues and believes having a well-trained dog is essential for everyone’s happiness. Jen says she feels so privileged to be able to help families start their puppies with a foundation of basic skills to put them on the road to success!

Crockett Doodles Team
We have assembled a top-notch team of outstanding professionals seeking to provide the best experience possible to forever families. Our communications team members answer pre-adoption questions and help prepare families for their upcoming match to their Doodle puppy.

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