Rachel D. Trainer

Rachel grew up with dogs and has been working with them for most of her life and she’s loved every minute of it! When she was sixteen she began working in a dog daycare, and then moved on to training where she focused on training dogs of all breeds and ages. When she’s not busy training, she enjoys playing volleyball, hiking, photography, and drawing. Rachel and her husband, Seth, also have a dog of their own, Maisy who is a sweet, playful 4-month old Lab Golden Retriever mix. Maisy is a great role model and all the puppies love having her around!

Dr. Nathan Crockett
Nathan is the founder of Crockett Doodles. He’s involved in everything from raising puppies in his living room to the careful selection and management of Guardian and Partner Homes. Nathan finds great joy in uniting beautiful healthy puppies with their forever homes. Nathan and Abigail have a large family, with five children and four beloved doodles.

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