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Which Breed of Doodle is Right for Me? 4 Great Questions to Ask Yourself

April 1, 2023
Which Breed of Doodle is right for me?

There are so many amazing Doodle breeds to choose from that it may be overwhelming trying to decide which one is right for you and your family. As you consider which breed of Doodle will best fit your home and lifestyle, we encourage you to ask 4 questions: 

What size of dog do I prefer?

  1. Do I want my dog to be able to cuddle up on my lap and travel easily with me?
  2. Do I envision big bear hugs with a large dog running around the backyard with the kids?
  3. Would a medium sized Doodle be the best of both worlds?
  4. Considering the size of my living space, what size Doodle would be most comfortable in my home?
  5. Does my home and yard meet the exercise requirements of this Doodle breed?
  6. Knowing that a larger dog means higher food/grooming/vet expenses, which size of Doodle best fits my budget?
  7. Scroll down on the Goldendoodles page on our website to check out this Doodle Size picture for a visual of the difference between a petite mini, traditional mini, medium, and standard Doodle at 8 weeks of age. 

How about activity level – both mine and the Doodle’s?

  1. If your lifestyle is more chill and sedentary, choose a Doodle breed that is more laid-back.
  2. If you are an active family, choose a Doodle that loves joining in on your activities with you!
  3. All Doodles need regular exercise, but some breeds definitely have more energy and require more exercise and activity to channel their energy in a positive way.
  4. Special Note: The puppy stage of every breed is active. You should be prepared for a higher level of activity from your dog during their puppy stage no matter which breed you choose.
  5. Check out our blog article about Doodle Activity Levels for more information.

What do I want my Doodle to look like?

  1. Keep in mind that all Doodles have a Poodle as a parent or grandparent.
  2. Which coat type do I prefer? Depending on how genetics play out, Doodle pups can have straight, wavy, or curly coats. Typically, the curlier the coat, the less shedding that pup will experience as an adult, regardless of breed This also means curly-coated pups tend to be the most hypoallergenic. As you consider which coat you prefer, we encourage you to look over our article discussing the different coat types with pictures of each: Doodle Coat Types
  3. What color do I prefer? You’ll also want to check out our most popular colors for each breed: Popular Doodle Colors
  4. Do I prefer my pup be furnished or unfurnished? Furnishings refers to the presence of facial hair on a pup. Furnished pups tend to take after their Poodle parent in look and coat. Unfurnished pups tend to take after their non-Poodle parent. For pictures and further explanation of the difference please check out our article about Furnishings.

What kind of personality am I looking for?

Overall, our Doodles are known for their sweet, affectionate, and friendly traits!

  1. Am I looking for a calm, quiet companion?
  2. Am I looking for a playful energetic buddy?
  3. Am I looking for a dog that is highly social?
  4. Do I have other pets in my home?
  5. Do I have young children in my home?

Spend time considering the personality needs of your home before choosing a breed. This will enable a good match between you and your new puppy.

Final Thoughts – Which Breed of Doodle is Right for Me?

We encourage you to look over our helpful Breed Comparison chart that compares our breeds in each of the areas mentioned above:

Crockett Doodles Breeds 

On our website, you’ll also find breed specific articles on each of our breeds and many comparison articles.

Check out our social media sites where you can follow some of our growing pups on Facebook and Instagram!  You can also read feedback from our Forever Families who send in photos and reviews, and this will help you identify the look and breed that you prefer.

We hope you’ll find all these resources helpful to you as you choose just the right Doodle breed for you! As always, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at [email protected]

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