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We sincerely believe that all life is beautiful and all puppies deserve a loving, caring Forever Family – even if they were not born perfect. Puppies born with a health challenge may need a little extra tender loving care from their Forever Family, but still have so much love and joy to give their humans.

Our Love Pups are happy, beautiful, family-raised puppies with a health issue that is usually non-life threatening that was discovered during their final vet check before Adoption Day. These pups are ready for immediate adoption by a loving family. Since your long-term relationship for the care of your puppy is with your personal veterinarian, we encourage you to consult your veterinarian regarding the puppy’s health challenge before making a final decision to adopt one of these Love Pups.

Our Love Pups are sold with our Health Guarantee with one exception: the stated health issue of each Love Pup is not covered now or in the future by the Crockett Doodles Health Guarantee. We want to be as open and forthright as possible about each health issue so that you can provide the best possible care should you decide to adopt one of our Love Pups.

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  • Penn
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  • Penn

F1 Cockapoo - Penn

* Penn has a $150 age discount *

Total Price = $1,863 $1,513 - $300 Health Discount + $69 (6% SC sales tax) = $1,282

Healthcare Charge: $63 — This non-taxed charge covers the cost of your puppy's microchip, vaccinations, and vet-care before Adoption Day and is added to the base price of each puppy.
* Total Price reflects a Promo Discount

Pick-up location: South Carolina

Breed: F1 Cockapoo

Birthdate: July 7, 2023

Gender: Male

Greetings, fellow humans! I'm the black and white furball with a heart full of mischief. They call me Penn. My puppy eyes might say "innocent," but my love for creating delightful chaos is unparalleled. Let's paint the town with laughter!

Penn was born on July 7th. He weighed 6 pounds 3 ounces at his final vet check and based on his parent’s weight, we estimated the litter to be 14-28 pounds fully grown. Penn is available for delivery or can be picked up this weekend in Greenville, SC.

Health Issue: Unilateral Cryptorchid - Cryptorchidism is the medical term that refers to the failure of one or both testes (testicles) to descend into the scrotum. Most times the testicle will descend on its own by time of neuter surgery; however, every now and then it does not descend by that time. The Forever Vet will be removing the testes during the neuter surgery anyway. Once neutered, this condition does not cause any long-lasting health concerns.
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Our puppies are meant to be family pets and not used for breeding. We only accept applications from families that agree to honor our spay/neuter agreement to have this procedure completed by the time their puppy is a year old and who agree to the Health Guarantee.
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