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CD Featured Litter

Maltipoo Puppies

Born September 19, 2023


Maltipoo Puppy Kendra
Maltipoo Puppy Kiara
Maltipoo Puppy Kian
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Adoption Weekend

December 1-3

Greenville, SC Area
  • Crockett Doodles is proud to present to you a wonderful litter of Maltipoos born September 19th. We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity to serve you. You have trusted us, and we are committed to providing you with a beautiful new addition to your family.

    Our estimated weight range for the puppies in this litter is 8-18. This estimated range is never a perfect science but is based on the parent’s weight, the history of other litters of this breed and parent lineage. Like humans, there can be a variance between littermates that might cause one sibling to grow larger or remain smaller than the estimated range for this litter. This will have no effect on the overall health and well-being of the pup. We strive to be as transparent as possible so that you have realistic expectations and understand that we cannot guarantee the final weight of each puppy.

    Maltipoos are known for being playful, funny, cute, and loving to snuggle and cuddle with their forever family. These puppies have been a joy to raise and we believe they will make outstanding family members for a few fortunate forever homes.

  • Pickup times are subject to the home's weekend availability or you can choose one of our delivery options (according to availability in your area).

    *If a puppy is marked "Reserved" that means it has already been reserved by a family and is no longer available.

    Important Note:

    Since we're committed to providing a healthy puppy for our adoptive families, we defer to our vet's recommendations for each pup individually. If a pup weighs in at its final vet-check at 4 pounds or less, our vet may recommend that we hold that pup another week at its home so that it can gain a few more ounces before traveling.

    This means that if you are matched to a pup from this litter that our vet recommends we hold an extra week, you will be notified right away after the pup's final vet check. Vet checks are completed by Tuesday evening before the scheduled Adoption Weekend. If you are traveling to pick up your puppy, please purchase travel insurance in case changes need to be made to your plans due to the vet's recommendations for your pup.

    Our team looks forward to working with you to help match your family with your perfect pup!


    • Pricing is based on breed, coat, color and size.
    • We reserve the right to adjust the pricing of individual puppies for any reason.

    6% sales tax applies to all puppies picked up from Crockett Doodles in South Carolina.

    Pups delivered outside South Carolina do not incur a sales tax.


    Healthcare Charge: $63 — This non-taxed charge covers the cost of your puppy's microchip, vaccinations, and vet-care before Adoption Day and is added to the base price of each puppy.

    *We reserve the right to adjust pricing for any reason.

    6% Sales Tax Applies to All Puppies Picked up from Crockett Doodles in the State of South Carolina. Pups delivered outside the state of SC do not incur a sales tax.

    Backout Fee

    Our desire is for you to truly be committed as the Forever Home for the puppy you have chosen to adopt. Because of the amount of time our Team invests in matching you with your puppy and then scheduling your Adoption Day experience and/or delivery, there is a Backout Fee if you are matched to your puppy, but circumstances prevent you from following through with your adoption.

    • $100 — Before 72 hours prior to Adoption Day
    • $200 — 72-24 hours before Adoption Day
    • $300 — Anytime during the 24 hours before Adoption Day
    **We will use the date/time of your email notification of your decision to back out to determine the amount of the Backout Fee.
Reserved Puppies


Hey, I'm Kendra, the snowy white girl with a vibrant personality.

My playful energy matches my luscious coat, and I'm here to fill your days with joy and laughter. Whether we're exploring or just enjoying each other's company, I'll be your faithful and fun-loving companion.

$2,163 = $2,163 - ($300 deposit)

Price at Pick-up = $1863


Greetings, I'm Kiara, the petite Maltipoo puppy driven by curiosity.

Exploring new places and experiences excites me, and I'm eager to share them with you. With my heart full of wonder and my coat shining like sunshine, I'm ready for unforgettable adventures.

$2,163 = $2,163 - ($300 deposit)

Price at Pick-up = $1863
With 6% Sales Tax for SC pickup: $1989


Hi there, I'm Kian, the creamy Maltipoo pup, gentle as a breeze.

I'm eager to be your loyal companion and share the adventures life has in store. From quiet cuddles to playful escapades, I'm excited to be part of your journey.

$2,163 = $2,163 - ($300 deposit)

Price at Pick-up = $1863

Parent Dogs

Alisha, a 10 pound Mini Poodle Mom, is a sweet and obedient little lady who takes great pride and care for her puppies.

Dillian, a 6lb Maltese dad. Dillian is a playful boy.

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