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Saint Berdoodle

A mix between a Poodle and a Saint Bernard

Saint Berdoodles Breed

Saint Berdoodles are a cross between the St. Bernard and Poodle breeds, resulting in a lovable, large hybrid dog that captures the best characteristics of both breeds. They are known for their gentle nature, intelligence, and playful demeanor, making them popular companion pets. Due to their affectionate and loving temperament, Saint Berdoodles thrive on being highly involved in all family activities.

Physical Traits

One of the most noticeable traits of Saint Berdoodles is their size. They can grow up to 30 inches in height and weigh between 70-100 pounds, depending on the size of their parents. Their coats are typically long and curly, often coming in a variety of colors such as black, brown, white, or a combination of these.


Despite their large size, Saint Berdoodles are gentle and affectionate dogs. They make excellent family pets as they are patient and loving with children, making them a great addition to households with kids. They also have a calm and relaxed demeanor, which makes them suitable for apartment living.


Both Poodles and St. Bernards are known for their intelligence, and Saint Berdoodles inherit this trait. They are quick learners and excel in obedience training, making them easy to train for basic commands and even some advanced tricks. They also have a keen sense of observation and can pick up new skills quickly.

Exercise Needs

Due to their large size, Saint Berdoodles require regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. Daily walks or runs in a fenced yard are recommended to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. However, they are not very active indoors and can adapt to a more relaxed lifestyle if needed.

Potential Health Issues

As with any hybrid breed, Saint Berdoodles can inherit health issues from their parent breeds. Some common health concerns for this breed include hip dysplasia, eye problems, and bloat. It is essential to ensure that your Saint Berdoodle receives regular check-ups and proper nutrition to prevent these issues.


Saint Berdoodles are a lovable and intelligent breed with a gentle nature, making them ideal family pets. They require moderate exercise, have minimal grooming needs, and can adapt well to various living situations. If you are looking for a loyal and affectionate companion, the Saint Berdoodle may be the perfect dog for you. So, consider adding this wonderful breed to your family and enjoy all the love and joy that a Saint Berdoodle has to offer. Happy pet parenting!

So, if you are looking for a new furry friend to add to your family, consider the gentle and loving Saint Berdoodle. With their charming personality and exceptional traits, they will make a wonderful addition to any household. Remember to do your research and choose a reputable breeder when getting a Saint Berdoodle puppy. And with proper care and love, you can expect many happy years with this lovable hybrid breed. So go ahead and welcome a Saint Berdoodle into your life – you won’t regret it! Happy pet parenting!

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Sable Saint Berdoodle Puppy

Common Questions About Saint Berdoodles

What is a Saint Berdoodle?

A Saint Berdoodle (aka St. Berdoodle) is a mix between a purebred Poodle and purebred Saint Bernard.

Do Saint Berdoodles shed?

Overall, Saint Berdoodles are a good breed choice for those who want to avoid the added mess of excessive dog hair in their home, as they tend to be low-shedding and hypoallergenic. This does not mean they don’t shed at all, but it’s certainly significantly less than their purebred Saint Bernard parent.

Typically for those who deal with allergies, we encourage you to consider adopting a curly-coated pup since the curlier the coat, the less shedding that pup will experience as an adult. Saint Berdoodles have coats that tend to be wavy to slightly curly. It’s still important to brush them regularly to reduce any normal puppy shedding and keep their coat looking healthy and beautiful.

With a little extra care, you can enjoy the many benefits of owning a Saint Berdoodle without worrying about excessive shedding.

How big do Saint Berdoodles get?

Standard Saint Berdoodles grow to be over 55 pounds. Saint Berdoodles are known as Gentle Giants because of their large size and gentle temperaments. Since each pup is a beautiful and unique blend of their genetics, this range is simply an estimate and not a guarantee.

How big do Mini Saint Berdoodles get?

Traditional Mini Saint Berdoodles typically grow to be between 25-40 pounds. Since each pup is a beautiful and unique blend of their genetics, this range is simply an estimate and not a guarantee. Toy/Petite Mini Saint Berdoodles are not available.

Are Saint Berdoodles Hypoallergenic?

See our answer above about, “Do Saint Berdoodles shed?”

Are Saint Berdoodles Good with Children?

Yes! Saint Berdoodles are excellent family dogs with big hearts and loyal, affectionate temperaments. They are gentle with children and get along well with other family pets.

What are Saint Berdoodles Known for?

Saint Berdoodles are gentle, alert, friendly, loyal, and calm. They are protective of their people and get along well with other pets. While not great jogging partners, they love a good walk and sharing life with their people. They are also intelligent and easy to train. Saint Berdoodles are an excellent choice for families with children or more sedentary homes.

Do Saint Berdoodles Need Training?

We highly recommend Saint Berdoodle owners incorporate formal training early in their pup’s life to establish good home and social habits. Their intelligence makes them easy to train and they love to please their owners.

What Colors are Saint Berdoodles?

• Black/White (most common)
• Black
• White
• Multi-colored

What are the Advantages of the Saint Berdoodle Breed?

• They are healthier due to Saint Berdoodle hybrid vigor.
• They are usually hypoallergenic and have far less shedding than their purebred Saint Bernard parent.
• They are intelligent and easy to train.
• They have a gentle, calm disposition making them amazing family dogs.
• They are non-drooling.
• They are one of the largest Doodle breeds.

Saint Berdoodle Discounts

$100 puppy discount for military, veterans, firefighters, EMTs, police officers, pastors, teachers, and home school parents

$100 puppy discount for anyone who was referred by a Crockett Doodles Forever Home who adopted a puppy from us

All discounts must be requested and processed BEFORE the Puppy Adoption is completed on Adoption Day.

Advantages of Saint Berdoodles

(These advantages are typically the case, but cannot be guaranteed to be true of each individual doodle puppy.)

  1. Gentle Giants
  2. Typically Calm
  3. Affectionate
  4. Healthier due to hybrid vigor
  5. Hypoallergenic
  6. Non-drooling (much less likely to drool than a purebred Saint Bernard)
  7. Highly loyal

Pricing of Saint Berdoodles

Price Range: $1400-$2800

  • Pricing is based on breed, coat, color and size.
  • We reserve the right to adjust the pricing of individual puppies for any reason.

6% sales tax applies to all puppies picked up from Crockett Doodles in South Carolina.

Pups delivered outside South Carolina do not incur a sales tax.

Saint Berdoodles Sizes

Traditional Mini, Standard
Pups shown above are Goldendoodles (8 weeks old) – Sizes listed are full-grown estimates.
Saint Berdoodle

Saint Berdoodles Colors

Saint Berdoodles and mini Saint Berdoodles puppy colors include black/white and multicolored

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