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Doodle Haircut Styles

Doodle Hair Styles

July 8, 2022
Labradoodle Haircut

Doodle Haircut Options

When taking your pup to the groomer, it can be difficult selecting which haircut you want for your sweet Crockett Doodle! There are many options for haircuts and styles as a Doodle’s curly, beautiful fur can be easily shaped to fit different “looks”. There is no right or wrong option when it comes to selecting the hairstyle you want for your dog, but here are some options to help make your decision a little easier when you arrive at the groomer. We recommend that you bring a picture of your desired hairstyle to your groomer so they know exactly what you want.

Doodle Teddy Bear/Puppy Cut

The Teddy Bear or Puppy Cut is the most popular Doodle hairstyle. This style is typically the same length all around the body of the dog, has slight feathering around the face and layering around the legs and feet of the dog. This cut creates the “Teddy Bear” look in dogs with tighter curls and is usually the cut that comes to mind when one thinks of Doodles. This cut is ideal for all Doodles with wavy to curly fur, helps prevent matting or tangles and is an adorable look!

Poodle Cut for Doodles

The Poodle Cut was originally used for Poodles – hence the name! This cut is short in the face and body of the dog with accents of longer, fluffy fur on the legs and tail. This classic style takes a bit more maintenance than the Teddy Bear cut but gives your Doodle a very chic look!

Doodle Summer Cut / Kennel Cut

The Summer Cut is also known as the Kennel Cut. The Summer Cut is a very short cut around the entire dog. Some of the benefits of the Kennel Cut are that it requires very little maintenance, it’s a great way to keep your dog cool during the hot summer months and it helps your pup stay clean for longer.

Doodle Mohawk Cut

The Mohawk Cut is exactly what it sounds like! It’s one of the most unique, fun cuts your Doodle can have! The Mohawk Cut is a Summer Cut around the entire dog, with a Mohawk strip left on the back of their head and neck. This cut is really fun because you can decide on both the length of the Mohawk and the color!

Doodle Lion Cut

The Lion Cut is very fun if you have a red/golden colored Doodle pup because your Doodle really will look like a Lion! This cut is very short around the body of the dog while a full mane is left. The mane, feet and tail of the dog are left long and fluffy to give your pup an awesome “lion” look. We love this one for visiting family and friends as it is cute and can easily be reverted back to a Teddy Bear/Puppy Cut.

Doodle Lamb Cut

The Lamb Cut originated with Poodles but looks incredible on all shapes and sizes of Doodles. This stylish cut is quite easy to maintain as it is a Teddy Bear cut length around the body with about an extra inch of length on the legs. This extra length gets bouncy when your dog runs and adds a very eye-catching element to the original Teddy Bear Cut. Whereas the Doodle Lion Cut is a fan favorite for standard sized Goldendoodles and Labradoodles, the Doodle Lamb Cut looks adorable on mini Goldendoodles, mini Labradoodles, Cavapoos and Cockapoos.

Your Doodle’s Cut Is Your Choice

Ultimately the choice is yours. We find that the vast majority of our Doodle Forever Homes opt for the Doodle Puppy Cut (aka Teddy Bear Cut). It’s cute and convenient. It’s probably just the most daring among us that would give their pup a Mohawk, Lion, or Lamb cut, but sometimes it’s fun to make your Doodle’s haircut just as unique as you are!


Dr. Nathan Crockett

Nathan is the founder of Crockett Doodles. He’s involved in everything from raising puppies in his living room to the careful selection and management of Guardian and Partner Homes. Nathan finds great joy in uniting beautiful healthy puppies with their forever homes. Nathan and Abigail have a large family, with five children and four beloved doodles.
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