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Puppy Training

Puppy Training at Crockett Doodles

The Importance and Benefits of Puppy Training for Your Puppy

Training your puppy is an important positive investment into the future of both your puppy and your home.

A well-trained puppy is most likely to become an excellent family member understanding your behavioral expectations, your house-rules, and healthy safety parameters.

Training can also strengthen the bond between you and your pup, as it helps create a trusting relationship between the two of you.

Many new puppy owners might find the idea of puppy training intimidating, especially if it’s their first time owning a dog. However, we offer training options for you with our own Crockett Doodles Trainers located around South Carolina, North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and California.

Puppy Training - Sit, Shake, Good Girl!

Puppy Training Overview

  • $650/per week

  • Training can last from 2-8 weeks (we highly recommend at least 3 weeks for best results)

  • Additional transportation, vaccination, food, and vet care fees may apply

What does Basic Puppy Training include?

  • Name recognition

  • Crate training

  • Socialization with people and pets

  • Introduction to potty training

  • Introduction to leash training

  • Healthy exposure to the sounds, lights and activity of various environments

  • Regular human touch – including their feet

  • Redirection of puppy-nibbling on humans or off-limit items such as furniture or rugs

  • Introduction of any personalized commands at the owner’s request dependent on the number of weeks your puppy is in training

  • Bathing/basic grooming as needed

  • On-going contact with your Trainer including pictures and videos of your puppy’s progress during training

  • Ability to add on additional training weeks as desired

  • Final puppy assessment at the end of training including the puppy’s schedule and tools for success in the transition of your puppy to your home

How do I sign up for a Puppy Trainer?

Once you are matched to your Crockett Doodles puppy, you’ll be sent an email introducing our current training options that also includes a link to our Training Questionnaire. We will not be able to match you to a Trainer until after you are matched to your puppy. 

Simply submit the requested information that asks for your input about your puppy’s living environment, your specific requests, and any special circumstances that should be considered such as training to pee pads for apartment living, preparation for other pets in your home, specific command words, etc. Our Trainers are able to customize their training to your preferences in most cases.

Please include any information that will help our Trainers best prepare your puppy for your home environment. This will help our Training Coordinator understand your goals to help match your puppy to the best Trainer to accomplish those goals. After submitting your questionnaire, our Training Coordinator will be glad to help answer any further questions you may have (like applicable fees, the Trainer’s home environment, special requests, etc.)

Healthy Expectations

At Crockett Doodles, our Puppy Trainers are excellent and experienced. That said, we need to be sure you understand that each puppy is wonderfully unique. The longer your puppy is in training, the more your puppy will retain. Please keep in mind that we cannot fully train any puppy within the number of weeks of training we offer.

Training is an ongoing commitment between you and your puppy for at least the first year of their life. We will make sure your puppy has an understanding of the commands you request, but the final success of your puppy’s training (crate, potty, leash, etc.) largely depends on your consistent follow-through with the schedules and procedures that your Trainer has been using with your puppy.

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