Crockett Doodles Giving Back


Responsible Stewardship

At Crockett Doodles, we recognize that you work very hard for your money. When you make the decision to adopt a forever family member, there is a financial cost associated with that decision. We want to be wise stewards of any financial resources that are given to Crockett Doodles.


It is expensive raising quality pups. Much of the cost of a puppy is related to veterinary care and time taking care of puppies. Purchasing quality adult dogs and getting them properly bred can also be very costly. Because we believe in family raised doodle puppies, we work with a network of partner homes, and much of your adoption cost is passed along to our partner homes. We pay our partner homes well for lovingly raising a litter of pups at their house.

Additionally, Crockett Doodles has a good sized team to handle communications, client experience, and logistics. So some of the adoption cost of a puppy goes in to adequately compensating that team.

Giving Back

For any financial resources that are acquired by Crockett Doodles, we want to give to worthy causes. Here are some of the causes that we have chosen to support.

  • Elijah’s Harbor

    • Crockett Doodles is a financial supporter of Elijah’s Harbor, which is a Christian retreat center nestled amidst the mountains on nearly 200 beautiful acres in Greenville, TN. Bordering the gorgeous Nollichucky River, the Elijah’s Harbor retreat has ministered to thousands of needy families through the years. It is specifically geared for Christian pastors, missionaries or other families who desperately need rest. Statistics show that many pastors are ministering at the point of burnout, and often their marriages and families pay the price. Elijah’s Harbor offers wonderful accommodations to minister to those who need it most. The Harbor is also a sanctuary for families who have gone through times of sudden loss (the tragic death of a child, a spouse who unexpectedly dies in an accident, a teenager diagnosed with cancer, and the list goes on). Elijah’s Harbor is a haven for families in need. Learn more by visiting

  • Study Bibles

    • Through the years, Dr. Nathan Crockett has given away thousands of nice study Bibles to university students at Bob Jones University. Read more here.

  • Greenville Humane Society

    • Greenville, SC is blessed to have a wonderful local humane society, and we’re happy to have the opportunity to give. We are also thrilled to refund a deposit any time a family is able to adopt from a humane society. To find out more about the Greenville Humane Society, one of the largest no-kill facilities in the Southeast, visit their website here.

  • Bob Jones University Timothy Fund

    • In addition to trying to help individual BJU students with school bills, mission trips, etc, Crockett Doodles has enjoyed the opportunity to support the BJU Timothy Fund which allows students from various countries to receive a world-class education at BJU, then return to their birth country as a Christian leader. Read more here.

  • Greenville County Youth Orchestras

    • Crockett Doodles has enjoyed giving toward the GCYO through the years. Many of our partner homes have young people who excel at music, so we’ve been excited to have multiple representatives in the Greenville County Youth Orchestras from the Crockett Doodles family. Abigail Crockett comes from a family of talented musicians, and it’s a natural fit for us to support the arts through music.

  • Summer Shakespeare

    • Crockett Doodles has enjoyed supporting the local Greenville arts community through Summer Shakespeare. Our friends, Jeffrey and Kim Stegall have done a remarkable job of making Shakespeare accessible and enjoyable to all age groups through Summer Shakespeare since 1995. If you’ve never seen one of their productions, you’re sure to enjoy it (even if you don’t normally like Shakespeare). Bella, the beautiful Crockett Doodles Bernese Mountain Dog, was recently a star in Summer Shakespeare.

  • Free Music Lessons

    • Dr. Nathan Crockett currently has plans to invest in a web structure and quality music teachers to make free music lessons available worldwide to any one with an internet connection. YouTube performers have already done this to a large degree, but a formal platform is still lacking. Several companies have invested in online music lessons, but currently each of those companies also still charge a fee (to the best of our knowledge). Crockett Doodles would like to be an innovator in making free music lessons available to anyone in the world with an internet connection. If interested in helping with this endeavor, please contact We plan to start with piano, guitar, voice, cello, violin, and oboe.

  • Word Whiz Club

    • Nathan envisions starting a platform for national Word Whiz Clubs. This is an effective means for 6th graders to help 1st graders with their reading skills. Bob Jones Academy in Greenville, SC has pioneered this brilliant idea. BJA writes, “Weekly Word Whiz Club meetings encourage leadership and reading as sixth graders partner with first graders to encourage a love of language arts and reading. Students participate in writing activities, race each other in competitive language games, share books together, and use creative projects to increase their enjoyment of words and books.” The Crockett’s first grade daughter LilyAnne has greatly benefited from her 6th grade friend/mentor. We would love to invest some funding from Crockett Doodles to create a nation wide platform to encourage elementary schools (Christian, private, charter, and public) to copy a platform like this that teaches 1st graders to be readers and 6th graders to be leaders through collaborative learning. If you’re an educator or philanthropist and would like to contribute to this platform, please contact