Mini Springerdoodle Announcement


We're thrilled to announce a beautiful litter of mini Springerdoodles born Tuesday, May 9. Their mom is a gorgeous 24-pound purebred English Springer Spaniel named Piper, and their dad is Jackson our chocolate and white mini poodle with the word's most loving personality. We expect these pups to be 20-28 pounds full grown with boys being on the heavier end. They all seem to be affectionate and very intelligent. These pups have much thicker coats than a typical English Springer Spaniel, and we're starting to see the poodle influence with gorgeous coats that seem to get wavier by the day.

Springerdoodle Adoption Price

boys: $1,000 base + $200 wavy coat + $200 mini + $400 parti color = $1800 total (minus $300 deposit) = $1500 due at pickup

girls: $1,000 base + $200 wavy coat + $200 mini + $400 parti color + $100 female = $1900 total (minus $300 deposit) = $1600 due at pickup

Exception (The all white girl, Rosie, is $1400 due at pickup; she's $200 less than the others, because white is a $200 charge instead of $400 for parti colored).


Springerdoodle Boys

Bobby, pictured above

Churchill, pictured above

Comet, pictured above

Mini Springerdoodle Girls

Bella, pictured above


Callie, pictured above

Rosie, pictured above

Jewel, pictured above

Pictures of the mini Springerdoodle puppies playing together